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Is it Safe to Use a Massage Chair During Pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe. A few massage chair manufacturers recommend that women who are pregnant not use massage chairs due to concern that pressure point stimulation causes premature labor. But there’s no real evidence that can support this claim.

Think about it this way: What can be better for you and your baby than a soothing, relaxing massage during your pregnancy time?

A pregnant woman follows specific guidelines to keep herself and the baby safe.

The doctor emphasizes the need to abide by these guidelines and precautions. She is advised to avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, eat nutritious and healthy foods to create a healthy growing environment for the baby.

Often, pregnant wonder how safe it is to use during pregnancy.

Massage During PregnancyCan pamper your body with a shiatsu massager bring harm to the fetus or mother?

Pregnant women are advised to do light exercises, go for gentle walks.

The soothing vibrations from a good designed best massage chair have a lesser impact on the fetus than exercise or walking.

Having a prenatal and postnatal massage has relaxing and therapeutic benefits.

It is one effective way to reduce stress and lift your spirits during pregnancy.

A shiatsu massage chair will reduce neck pain, lower back pain, headache as well as fatigue associated with pregnancy.

It lowers blood pressure, swelling of the feet and hand as well as enhances posture.

Using during pregnancy is safe and highly beneficial; it is advisable you purchase a shiatsu model to reduce the rigors of pregnancy.

The shiatsu massage chair uses sweeping, pressing, patting, rolling, and rotating movements to help you feel better.

Is it Safe to Sit on a Vibrating Massage Chair During Pregnancy?

A massage can bring heavenly feelings, but what benefits does it offer during pregnancy?

Relief Leg and Back Pain

Back PainMany women experience leg and lower back pain during pregnancy.

The fetus is developing and needs plenty of space for growth, thereby putting pressure on your body.

Getting a vibrating back massager can relieve this pain to a large extent.

Lowers Stress

A prenatal massaging helps lower anxiety, stress, depression and manage hormonal levels

Makes Labor Easy

Studies have shown that massaging therapy helps reduce the chances of postnatal depression as well as ensures shorter labor.  Labor duration is also reduced by almost 3 hours.

Eliminate the Risk of Having a Premature Birth

A vibrating body massaging helps reduce the risk of having your baby prematurely contrary to belief.

The Need for Medication is Reduced During Pregnancy.

Mood Enhancement

The lower back and leg pain associated with pregnancy brings discomfort which can put pregnant in a bad mood.

You are taking a few minutes in the vibrating back massager while pregnant will soothe the pains and aches and lift your spirits.

Use of Lotions

Women develop a keen sense of smell during pregnancy.

The therapist employs the use of lotions, oils, or creams for therapies, using a massaging recliner does not require any of these ointments.

Massage Chairs Boost Your Immune System

Boosts Your Imunne SystemStudies have shown getting a massage can boost your immunity.

Massage therapy stimulates the production of lymphocytes which are responsible for defending the body against harmful foreign bodies.

Women who love massage chairs will receive these therapeutic benefits right in their homes.

When the unpleasant feeling of pains, aches, or associated symptoms sets in, taking a few minutes to relax in your massaging chair will bring you great relief.

When is it Unsafe for Pregnant Women to Use the Massage Chairs?

The Pregnancy period is a difficult period. This time is characterized by emotional as well as hormonal changes in the body; the pregnant woman is in a state of flux.

Peculiar health conditions and other specific concerns make it inadvisable to use a vibrating chair without approval from a qualified health professional.

Read this guide if you are a tall woman!

These Conditions are as follows:

  • Obesity and a hard time fitting into the massage chair, avoid using it
  • Suffering from a medical condition called preeclampsia, avoid the massage recliner
  • Women having high-risk pregnancies should be cautious with the use of the massage recliner
  • She having extreme swelling or edema should avoid the massaging recliner
  • Patient with a documented history of miscarriage or preterm labor should avoid it
  • If you are experiencing severe headache, restrain from using a massage recliner
  • When you are suffering from shooting or acute lower back pain, also avoid the use of the massaging recliner
  • Time spent on it should not be more than 15 – 20 minutes, no matter how soothing the experience, don’t be tempted.
  • Don’t apply too much pressure on your growing belly during the third trimester. If you are too big for the massage recliner don’t squeeze in, don’t use it.
  • Avoid all stress in whatever form generated from using the massage chair at all cost.

Are Massage Chairs Safe In Early Pregnancy?

Some spas don’t give massages to pregnant women in early pregnancy for liability reasons.

Nevertheless, highly skilled therapists will provide massages to pregnant women as the benefits outweigh the risks.

Early Pregnancy And Chair

However, the therapist avoids working under the lower pelvic area near the uterus of women in the first trimester, as well as avoid deep tissue massaging; the risk outweighs the benefits at this stage.

A massaging chair is a piece of tech that is unable to make the necessary adjustments and precautions.

The first three months is the most delicate and the easiest of the trimesters to lose a child.

Your body is not configured to handle the increased stimuli at this stage.

If you are planning on getting a body massage or you already have one, use it under supervision in the first trimester.

Common Misconceptions About the Massage Chair

Getting Massages Can Cause Miscarriage

No MissariageThere is no scientific evidence that shows a correlation between miscarriage, pregnancy, and vibrating massages.

The Heating Modules In a Massage Chair are Dangerous

There is a widespread belief that heating modules can cause hyperthermia, a precursor to other congenital disabilities.

Heat Therapy In ChairHealth advisors advise pregnant women in the first trimester to stay away from hot baths and saunas.

However, massage heat modules pose no threat of inducing hyperthermia.

When you sit on the massaging chair, the heat is directed to your calves or back.

The heat produced by these modules is not high enough to increase your overall body temperature, you stand no risk of overheating.

Can I Use a Neck Massager While Pregnant?

When I was pregnant with my first son, I had a friend who was only 24 weeks along, and she asked if I’d consider her getting a neck massage. Of course, I said yes. You just never know, right? Who knew it would be a life-saving gesture? Just days before my son was born, she came over and lay down on my couch while I massaged her neck. I remember looking at her thinking: “Really? This is it?” —and she was so grateful for my help. I was too. She went into labor and gave birth three days later. Now, I do neck massages for people all the time. Some health experts argue that physical therapies like massages, yoga, pilates, and acupuncture are still safe for pregnant women, especially when done on a recommended schedule (before delivery, during pregnancy, and at birth). For some, massage therapy is as beneficial as vitamin D supplementation. A 2010 study published in the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists found that people who received at least two sessions per week during pregnancy had lower levels of fatigue, depression, anxiety, and stress.

It’s good for the baby, too, according to another study published in the journal Reproductive BioMedicine Online, which found that regular therapy can improve the newborn’s oxygen levels and movement. As for neck massages, they may not be right for everyone, but they can be very beneficial, says Dr. Loralei Thornburg, an OB-GYN at the Yale University School of Medicine, because it helps babies turn more often. “Because the baby’s skull is still malleable at that stage, one of the best ways to facilitate a baby to turn during a cervical descent is by applying gentle pressure to the head and neck,” she says. For some pregnant people, a specific type —called the FysioTherapy method—can help with pain relief and relaxation during labor, says Thornburg, but there’s no hard-and-fast evidence that any of the specific types are better than others for easing labor pain.

Can Vibrations Hurt a Fetus?

Fetal movements are considered normal and good because they encourage the fetus to develop faster and regulate the temperature of the uterus. Most healthy fetuses will move some during the first half of pregnancy and continue to move up to the third trimester. But sometimes a fetus will move more than normal, causing concern. Here are some things to watch out for when it comes to your baby’s movements. Excessive movement.

If your baby is not practicing normal movement patterns, then it’s a sign that something is wrong. This could be a sign of fetal distress, said Dr. Kathleen G. Dunn, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Michigan and a spokeswoman for the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. If you are experiencing mild to severe contractions, your doctor should see you in person or recommend an emergency ultrasound to check for abnormalities in the placenta, the baby’s brain, and the amniotic sac.

Is a Vibrating Bed Safe During Pregnancy?

Enlarge this image toggle caption noamgrubb/Getty Images noamgrubb/Getty Images. The latest generation of dopplers, which look like pacemakers, are used to keep tabs on an unborn child’s heartbeat. They’re accurate to within a tenth of a beat, and if a problem occurs, a doctor can take the sound from the fetal monitor and listen to the fetal heartbeat with headphones on a nearby screen to diagnose the problem. Now researchers have developed a doppler for fetuses that helps parents listen to the heartbeat during pregnancy.

Their invention, called the HeartTalk Doppler, takes a different approach to fetal monitoring, one that could help women who, for medical reasons, want to spend more time with their babies in the womb. The device works by sending a low-power pulsed radiofrequency into the mother’s abdomen, and then the pulsed signals are transmitted to a monitor nearby, where a woman can see them on a screen and hear the heartbeat.

The Chair’s Magnetic Field Can Harm Your Baby

Many home appliances generate an electromagnetic field when in use.

The magnetic field is often used in alternative medicine for healing purposes.

Magnetic Field Massage chairSome models come with magnetic field therapy; there is no scientific evidence showing the detrimental effect of magnetic fields on fetus health.

The fetus is fortified with layers of fat, tissue, and muscles while in vivo, any minuscule effect is countered by these barriers.

Final Words

Go ahead, pamper your body, the massage chair is safe and healthy during pregnancy.

You will get great benefits when used during this period.

Quite many women have attested to the benefits of using the shiatsu massage chair during pregnancy, and none reported complications.

They have had healthier pregnancies, reduced stress, reduced back pain, and of course a lovely baby.