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Top 6 Massage Chairs for Tall Person (Over 6’2″): Pick the Right Model!

If you are taller than the average Joe, you might find it harder to choose a massage chair that accommodates you comfortably.

If you’ve already given up on your search for a massage chair for taller people, don’t worry because we have got you covered! Let’s go through this article and select the most perfect one to take home.

1. Inada DreamWave

Inada Dreamwave

Inada massage chair DreamWave model is a new, updated version of its precursor Inada Sogno DreamWave.

It is a Japanese model and is recommended for taller people because its Ottoman has an extendable module, which allows the chair to accommodate users in height up to 6’5’’. It is one of the top-rated chairs in my massage chair review guide.

Important Features

  • S-Track Design: It includes quad rollers that follow the curve of your spine; thus offering you a therapeutic massage.
  • 3D Body Scan: This chair locates your pressure points and regulates the rollers accordingly, in order to give you a more localized and extensive massage. The amazing benefit of using the Inada DreamWave is that you can manually regulate these rollers and use them on your pressure points as needed.
  • Zero Gravity Seating: Inspired by NASA, Inada DreamWave offers Zero-G Seating, but only in one position. This seating arrangement provides a reclined posture to the user, such that their knees are elevated slightly above the heart. The maximum bodyweight presses down in this posture and allows for a deeper, more relaxing and more penetrating massage.

The Benefits

  • Made in Japan
  • Extendable Ottoman Module

The Drawbacks

  • No MP3 Support
  • A short length of S-Track
  • Only one Zero-G Seating position.


2. Ogawa SMART 3D

Ogawa Smart 3D Chair

The Ogawa Smart 3D massage chair includes smart features, such as mechanical foot rollers, 3D roller technology, 17 auto programs, built-in quick touch user controls, a Samsung Tablet, a SmartSense airbag pressure control, and much more.

In addition, it is a great recommendation for taller and bigger people since it allows an extension of two inches to accommodate big and tall people of up to 6’5’’ in height.

Important Features

  • Roller Technology: The smart roller technology allows the massage rollers to move in a sophisticated manner, and it also offers 12 effective massage techniques to users.
  • Double Body Scan: The chair performs two body scans to find out the location of the shoulders and the unique s-curve of the user to make certain that the roller moves in all the right locations.
  • Smart Air Compression: The chair includes about 64 airbags that are strategically placed so that they massage your entire body at once. These air chambers also assist the chair to support the body for stretching.

The Benefits

  • Foot extension
  • Chinese made (cheaper), but great quality control

The Drawbacks

  • Wifi connectivity issues
  • No rollers for massaging the arches of the feet


3. Luraco iRobotics 7

Luraco i7

The US made and assembled the chair, Luraco iRobotics 7 is an extremely popular and high-end massage chair. It is the best option for all between 4’7 to 6’7 and can suit all needs of taller people, and satisfy an even more demanding user.

Important Features

  • 3D Massage Roller Technology: 3D rollers allow extensive massages for the lower neck and back where the spine curves.
  • Double Foot Massage Rollers: the chair includes two in each footrest that both offer penetrating massages to the soles of your feet. This feature is great for individuals who are on their feet all day at work.
  • Full Body Heat Therapy: Numerous heating elements are incorporated at the back, on the seat, and on the footrest of the chair to help loosen up sore muscles.
  • Advanced Air Cell Massage: The addition of 80 air cells in the chair makes sure to relax your muscles and ease joint pain.

The Benefits

  • Made in USA

The Drawbacks

  • Relatively low-quality speakers
  • Not good if you are over 6’7″


4. Infinity Iyashi

Infinity Iyashi Chair

The Infinity Iyashi massage chair is geared towards taller and bigger users and has something for everyone!

If you are tall and you suffer from chronic pain, this is the best massage chair for tall, and it will help make you feel better.

Important Features

  • 49’’ Roller Track: It features a 49-inch massage stroke, which is the longest on the market today. It lets the body experience a deep, penetrating, and fulfilling body massage and it alleviates stress, tension, and
  • Zero-G Seating: It is available in two positions and further increases the basic great massage experience for users.
  • Airbag Pressure Massage Technology: This smart technology helps you experience full body massage relaxation and healing by offering a deep, kneading motion in various parts of the body simultaneously.
  • Compact Design: If you are looking for a space-saving design, Infinity Iyashi does the trick as it doesn’t need much space in the room to fully recline!
  • 6 Massage Programs: These best massage chairs come equipped with six automatic massage programs, such as Relax, Recover, Refresh, Extend, Upper Massage, and Lower Massage, and it includes six different massage techniques like the combination, knocking, tapping, kneading, Shiatsu, and synchronic.

The Benefits

  • Great for people with chronic back pain
  • Leading reliable brand

The Drawbacks

  • Weak massage in the shoulders and neck
  • The chair is quite heavy
  • No memory function

5. Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair

Infinity IT-8500 Brown

The Infinity IT-8500 is the perfect massage chair to help with the relief of chronic pain. It will easily accommodate users up to 6’4’’.

The maximum chai massage weight limit for this chair is approximately 265 lbs.

Important Features

  • S- Track Design: The S-Track with quad rollers can track the S-shaped curve of your spine for a precise massage.
  • Body Scan: It traces the pressure points of users and offers a more deep and relaxing massage. It also comes available with a remote to find out any missing massage points and enhances the massage quality.
  • Mechanical Foot Rollers: It comes equipped with three massage rollers that locate the acupoints on the soles of your feet and it offers a thorough tissue massage.

The Benefits

  • One of the best neck massage
  • Best stretching function

The Drawbacks

  • Intense foot massage
  • No electronic intensity control


6. Human Touch Novo XT

Human Touch Novo XT Chair

The Human Touch Novo XT is a great fit for bigger and taller people up to a height of 6’9”. It includes a smart 9-height settings system that offers an extensive and deep massage to users.

It is a luxurious, chic, zero-gravity chair with heat functioning, 34 automatic programs, and many other functionalities.

Important Features

  • L-Track Design: The unique L-track works to massage a wide area of your back, extending from the neck and shoulder area to your thighs.
  • Foot and Calf Massage: Reflexology massage foot rollers offer a rejuvenating massage and much relief to the sore feet.
  • Cloud Touch: It is an air pressure technology that offers an air pressure massage to important areas of the body. You can manually activate one of the Cloud Touch massage areas and regulate their intensity according to your liking.
  • Human Touch Warm Air Technology: It continuously provides heat to the lower back, thus considerably decreasing muscle pain and tension.

The Benefits

  • Can fit someone as tall as 6’9″-

The Drawbacks

  • It lacks memory function
  • Loud airbags


How Long Should You Be in a Massage Chair?

WHETHER or not you use one at your local mall or your office, your back may benefit from getting a massage. But before you decide whether to jump in, there’s a right way and a wrong way to be in the best massage chair. The Express website found that the right way to be in a chair is to sit on the back of the chair, not on your knees. If you sit on the back of the chair you can put your feet flat on the floor, or bend your knees. On the flip side, some people just like to sit in a chair and put their feet up. However, we’d suggest at least using a back pillow, to avoid the pain in your back and a sore neck. But before you decide which way is the right way, the most important thing is that you get a professional massage at least once in your lifetime.

Did you know that the ideal length for a massage is 55 minutes? And don’t forget that for a proper massage it’s best to book a masseuse and book an appointment. Linda Jones, senior lecturer in massage therapy at Bond University, said that although massages weren’t the most popular exercise in Australia if someone wanted one, it was best to get it done in a professional setting. She said when someone first comes in for a massage they will usually start with a two-minute exfoliation session, followed by a 60-minute deep tissue massage, which is where the blood flow to the deep tissues is broken down. Ms. Jones said people often asked if they needed an electric chair during their best massage, but most chairs were actually electric to break down any muscle knots.

Can I Use Massage Chair Everyday?

To truly use a massage chair for an entire day, you would need to set a consistent schedule, like a job, and have someone do it for you. That is not an option for everyone. The first thing we did was provide our custom machine, the LaMia massage chair, and a basic setup kit, and gave it to four model-driving, Model S owners to see if they could meet the daily recommended usage for the chair (4,500 miles). The first three did it, and the fourth had an unexpected emergency, but overall it was encouraging.

It shows that you can really use a massage chair around the house for an entire day and feel little to no strain after; almost like you have been massaged in a chair yourself. Here is the good news: If you are a Model S owner, or if you know someone who is, you should probably consider purchasing your own massage chair to have on hand for when the need arises. We put the chair through the paces, and you can, too, in the video below. The hardware and motor of the massage chair aren’t quite as good as the hydraulic setup, but the remote and app are fantastic.

Can Massage Chairs Hurt You?

Back pain affects an estimated 25 million people in the United States every year. Surprisingly, most people get through their whole lives with the pain without realizing it’s due to muscle tension, poor posture, or even some healthy habits that aren’t being practiced. We often become so preoccupied with the discomfort that’s gripping our muscles that we never stop to think of treatment. I’ve lived with back pain for years and the conventional treatments simply didn’t work for me.

It was time to think outside the box and try a different way of tackling the problem, so I decided to investigate the role of massage chairs and if they actually pose any threats to the human body. Massage Chairs And Your Back. As massage chairs have become more popular, a new question has arisen – “are massage chairs causing back pain?” People have reported experiencing terrible back pain after spending an hour or two sitting in a massage chair with their back and neck in a contorted position.

Experience the Best Spa Treatments from the Comfort of Your Home!

We hope that these recommendations help you in finding the perfect massage chair in accordance with your height. If you are pregnant, check out the guide here to find out if it is safe to use massage chairs in the pregnancy period.

Keep in mind that these are not just chairs to rejuvenate and loosen after a long day at work, but are highly trained personal masseuses! So, find one that offers you an all-around body massage experience.

Some other good models, not mentioned here are Infinity Presidential, Titan Jupiter XL, Johnson J6800, and Cozzia Qi.