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My Name is Julia Stearns. I am a professional massage Therapist and specializing in Human Movements and athletic Performance. Health Irony is all about Health, Massage, Massage Therapy. I have many year of of experience as massage therapist and working with school kids and professional athletes.

Julia focuses on physical therapy, massage therapy, orthopedic injuries and post-operative rehabilitation. Julia’s approach is a physical therapy, which she uses in combination with right exercise precisely personalized to meet the goals of each athlete and client.

Julia’s belief is to combine an atmosphere of empathy and understanding with evidence-based action to meet her client’s goals and to help to improve physical function and quality of life.

She considers it is just as important to provide clients with all the tools to continue their progress and to improve physical, mentally and emotionally.

Julia has finished training in running biomechanics and analytics.

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 50 Fountain Plaza #1200, Buffalo, NY 14202

 (716) 566-2422

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