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7 Best Resveratrol Supplements (2023) | #1 Effective BRAND!

Julia StearnsYou certainly remember all that buzz about resveratrol and wine a few years back in all the popular health publications and journals.

It was everywhere that wine is an antioxidant, and that as an anti-inflammatory it can help with longevity as well as heart health.

What you may not remember is that the reason red wine was showing these positive results was due to resveratrol.

Many people started drinking wine every day after those findings. Researchers recommended having one glass of red wine a day.

Resveratrol SupplementHowever, it seems that in the whole bottle of red wine there is only 0.2 – 5.8mg of resveratrol.

So it would appear that you’d need to drink almost 40 liters of wine daily to get 500 mg of Resveratrol.

I don’t know about you, but that’s a few too many bottles of wine for me.

But here’s the good news: you can now get supplements of resveratrol.

They will provide you with all of the health and longevity benefits of red wine, but without the toxic effects of the alcohol.

With the barrage of resveratrol supplements available online, it’s hard to find the best choices for buying resveratrol.

We have compiled some of our top picks to review in the hope of helping you select resveratrol supplement for you.

We also looked into all the new information and research about the benefits of taking a resveratrol supplement. We wanted to see if they are credible. However its potential to help with healthy aging may come from its ability to defend against free radicals as well as add some longevity and protection to our skin.

We hope this article can help you navigate through the information available on resveratrol and help you find the best resveratrol brand to have in your cabinet.

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Best Resveratrol Nutritional Supplements to Buy (2023 Update)

After a quick Amazon search, we discovered that there are almost 400 products available to buy. A Google search yielded even more results.

With resveratrol supplements, like any supplement, it’s important to find a brand you can trust. The source, the refining process, testing, and the ethics of the company should all be taken into account. It was recently found that some sketchy companies have lied about what’s in their supplements.

It’s more important than ever to look for a company that offers a product that you can trust. We have gathered a few of our top choices for resveratrol supplements that hold up to our scrutinization. We list them below along with some information about their product.


Throne Research


RESVERACEL is a four-in-one supplement for longevity and anti-aging. This capsule, made by Thorne Research, is called ResveraCel.

This is an excellent choice for an all-around supplement for longevity, cardiovascular health, blood sugar maintenance, and athletes. It contains four known longevity supplements.

All of their ingredients are naturally derived and are gluten, GMO, and nut-free.

ResveraCel has 150mg of Trans-Resveratrol. This type of Resveratrol is claimed to be the best form of the supplement.

Throne NR CapsulesResveraCel also contains 300 mg of nicotinamideriboside.

NicotinamideRiboside, or NR, has been clinically proven to increase Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide or NAD+.

There have been several human clinical trials on NAD+ that have shown remarkable results, including outstanding anti-aging capabilities.

The NR in this product comes from the only trusted supplier of NicotinamideRiboside: TruNiagen (read my review here).

Niagen is the only producer of NR that has been proven to provide the healing and restoring capabilities of the cell’s powerhouse: the mitochondria.

Some researchers (such as David Sinclair) also recommend anti-aging compounds such as NMN.

ResveraCel is third-party tested and also packs a potent dose of 250 mg of QuercetinPhytosome.

Quercetin is similar to resveratrol because it is another antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

It is found in berries and other natural sources. It has been shown to reduce inflammation, help prevent heart disease, kill cancer cells, and control blood sugar.

Throne Top1 RatedThe results from several studies have shown that Quercetin may be a fantastic supplement for anyone to take especially someone looking for longevity and athletes.

The last supplement that Thorne has included in ResveraCel is 50 mg of betaine anhydrous.

Betaine is a naturally occurring chemical in our bodies, but it is also found in wine, vegetables, fruits, and grains.

Betaine anhydrous has been shown to help improve athletic performance as well as cardiovascular health.

Another benefit of Betaine is it may be a  powerful anti-aging supplement.

It can help reduce and reverse wrinkles. It is used in many products because of its ability to smooth and soften skin.



Squared Nutrition 100%

Unlike a few other choices on our list, this supplement doesn’t contain any other ingredients.

It is 100% resveratrol.

The resveratrol capsule contains 500 mg of trans-resveratrol each. T

he bottle contains 180 capsules.

This is an excellent buy if you are looking to add resveratrol to your supplement routine. Some other brands combine their resveratrol with one or more supplements.

Squared BenefitsI recommend getting this if you are already taking other antioxidants, antiaging, and anti-inflammatory supplements such as NR.

Squared Nutrition stands by its product and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This is a premium, high potency supplement that is sourced from natural polyphenol-rich ingredients.

Their sources for resveratrol include grape skins, berries, and Japanese knotweed.

Squared Nutrition guarantees that its formula has no unnecessary fillers or preservatives.

Their product is also GMO-free. This resveratrol is manufactured in the USA and is GMP compliant.

Overall, this is a trusted company that offers a pure product with red grapes.

If you are looking to add resveratrol to your supplement routine or you just want to try it out, then this may one of the best choice for you to go with.


#3 Life Extension Optimized


Life Extension Optimized Resveratrol comes with 60 vegetarian capsules containing 250 mg of Trans-Resveratrol.

The resveratrol is produced from the Japanese knotweed root.

Life Extension BenefitsThis root also supplies a dose of glycosides.

The company manufactures, produces, and tests their supplement in the USA under a strict code of conduct.

Optimized Resveratrol also comes with added flavonoid extracts to enhance it.

Life Extension has added a wild berry blend to add extra levels of quercetin, trans-pterostilbene, and fisetin.

In each capsule, you will find 60 mg of Quercetin, 85mg of trans-pterostilbene, and 10 mg of Fisetin, as well as 0.5mg of Trans-Pterostilbene from the company PTeroPure.

All of their ingredients are sourced from natural extracts and ingredients.

These flavonoid compounds help to support healthy gene expression and can aid in slowing down the aging process.

They also help with overall and cardiovascular health.

LIFE EXTENSION Nutrition Facts

This could be a great product if you are looking for a resveratrol product that can give you optimal results.

Life Extension is a trusted producer of supplements, and they take care only to offer the best.



Jarrow Formulas

Jarrow Formulas Resveratrol is a high-quality supplement from a trusted and well-received brand.

Jarrow can be found in many health food stores and comes highly recommended for their attention to detail and purity of products.

This formula contains 100 mg of Trans-Resveratrol extracted from the tiger cane root. The capsules are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and contain no shellfish, soy, or nuts.

Supplement Facts Jarrow Formula'sJarrow Formulas Resveratrol also has 100 mg of vitamin C. Ascorbic Acid commonly known as vitamin C is the most well-known antioxidant around the world.

Not everyone is aware of the fantastic antiaging benefits that have been found in recent years.

Vitamin C has been found to protect the skin against damage from UVA and UVB radiation.

It can also aid in improving the appearance of sun-damaged skin and reduce Hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin C also will fight wrinkles by boosting your body’s collagen production and help firm the skin.

Because vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, it will fight off free radicals and help with longevity.

Overall, Jarrow Formulas is an excellent choice for someone looking for a trusted company and a dose of vitamin C.



BulkSupplements Powder

This is a great purchase if you are looking to buy in bulk.

In this loose powder form, it can be added to a shake or smoothie.

BulkSupplements offers the purchasing choice of anywhere from 10 grams up to 250 grams.

BulkSupplements Supplement Facts

This company also makes capsules to purchase in bulk orders.

If you are looking for a significant amount of resveratrol at a great price, here it is.

This product is completely clean and pure. It contains no fillers or additives.

If you buy this product, make sure you reseal it thoroughly after each use.

The pure resveratrol has the tendency to gel up due to the absence of anti-caking agents.

BulkSupplements always lab-tests every batch for quality and purity before it is shipped out.

This is an excellent buy if you are looking to save money and time by adding resveratrol to your morning smoothie.



Purest Vantage Brand

The Purest Vantage Resveratrol Supplement has 60 capsules in a bottle. Each two-capsule serving contains 600 mg of trans-resveratrol extracted from the cuspidatum root.

The pills also have 300 mg of green tea extract, 200 mg grape seed extract, 200 mg açaí fruit extract, 20mg red wine extract, and 80 mg quercetin. This is a fully-loaded supplement that packs a wide range of well-known antioxidant sources into its pills.

Resveratrol Supplement Facts

This company takes care when choosing their ingredients; they are always GMO-free and vegan. They contain no soy, gluten, sugar, fillers, or additives.

They source all of their ingredients from high-quality vegetables to ensure an excellent and effective product. All of their supplements are made and packaged in the USA under strict GMP guidelines.

If you are looking for a reputable company that takes care of its choice of ingredients, this may be a good choice for you. The Purest Vantage Resveratrol Supplement is also a great all-around supplement that can offer the benefits of açaí, green tea, and grape seed oil.

It provides all the healing benefits of resveratrol as well as quercetin and would make a great addition to any supplement routine.


#7 Nova Nutritions

nova nutritions

This is a great powder that contains some impressive amounts of antioxidant resveratrol in each dose. The hardiness of the product means that it’s not going to be your last step in skincare, but rather a product that’s going to be part of a more holistic skincare routine. For this reason, we’d suggest blending this with a moisturizer to make the most of the benefits.

  • Contains Red wine, Grape Skin, Quercetin
  • Antioxidant
  • Antiaging property
  • Cardiovascular Health

More information and review on this supplement are coming soon!!!

#8 Purely Beneficial


To make a difference in the fight against cancer, SIRT1 needs to be enhanced by nutrients that stimulate the metabolic pathway and reprogramme the cellular machinery. In particular, vitamin A is needed for the conversion of low-energy fatty acids into high-energy long-chain fatty acids that are known to be good at mobilizing energy. Vitamin A also changes the behavior of the cell, turning off the SIRT1 gene so that cells stop using fat as fuel.

what was truly surprising were news reports this week that scientists have for the first time detected the compound resveratrol in human retina cells and are able to feed it to lab mice. Resveratrol is a natural molecule extracted from red wine, grapes, and various other sources, and the aim was to investigate its potential to prevent the loss of vision that leads to RP, says Thomas E Engelhardt of Washington University in St Louis, US. As well as hinting at resveratrol’s potential to treat RP, the findings raise the possibility of a new treatment for the loss of sight that happens in advanced age. “These findings are exciting because we can now probe the activity of an investigational therapy in vivo,” says Engel

What are the Health Benefits of Resveratrol Supplement?

Resveratrol has been heavily researched due to its discovery as being the reason red wine can be healthy for the heart. Resveratrol is part of the polyphenols group of compounds.

Researchers believe they act as antioxidants. They may protect your body against damage; specifically, damages that lead to higher risks of cancer and heart disease.

It is considered by some to help with inflammatory diseases. It is prescribed by doctors to help patients with heart conditions and other ailments.

Besides the numerous studies that found resveratrol can help with aging and weak hearts, it has also been linked to many other exciting cognitive health benefits.

Exercise Impairs Benefits

Resveratrol may aid in protecting brain function, lowering blood pressure, and has been shown to have antiaging capabilities.

Along the lines of longevity, it has also been shown to have great results on aging skin, helping to reduce and minimize wrinkles.

Resveratrol achieves all these things by neutralizing free radicals in the body. It also affects the activities of the enzyme sirtuins.

Sirtuins are known to control the biological pathways involved in aging processes.

By activating the enzyme sirtuin, the body can slow down the aging process and begin to heal. It is one of the natural ways of activating the sirtuin compound.

Although many of the studies on resveratrol have been done on animals, there is no reason to believe that the benefits wouldn’t be the same for humans.

Diabetes / metabolic syndrome prevention: Resveratrol is showing to help and prevent insulin resistance. It is a condition where the body shows less sensitivity to the hormone insulin. This can lead to diabetes.

Brain protection – it interfere with protein fragments, beta-amyloids, that are vital to creating the plaques that are a indication of Alzheimer’s disease (source).

Breast Cancer – Some Studies showed that it stops breast cancer cells growth (source)

Is There Any Effect On Weight Loss?

Besides the anti-aging and heart health benefits, many people have started taking resveratrol because it may help with immediate and long-term weight loss.

Weight Loss

Does Resveratrol help you lose weight?

In a study, it was shown to help protect against the harmful effects of an unhealthy diet like insulin sensitivity, diabetes, and weight gain.

Resveratrol appears to have an impact on adiponectin. Adiponectin is made by our fat cells and has the same effect as calorie restriction to help shed fat.

Safe Resveratrol Dosage

There is no set rule on how much resveratrol humans should be taking a day.

Safe Resveratrol Dosage

More research is needed into how much is optimal for human longevity and performance.

In animal studies, they were given a human equivalent of 2,000 milligrams of trans-resveratrol twice a day.

This is much higher than most supplement company’s suggestion of 300 mg twice a day.

We recommend you don’t go overboard; see how your body takes to the recommended dose.

When you feel ready, you can talk to your doctor about trying more.

Resveratrol Testosterone Effect

Low testosterone is linked to many issues in men, especially as they age. Doctors are now prescribing testosterone hormone therapies for men of all ages.

Improved testosterone levels have been shown to help men feel younger and more energetic as well as help with several other issues. Taking a supplement of resveratrol could help with raising resveratrol levels.

When performing a study on mice, it was found that resveratrol may improve blood testosterone concentration.

The researchers reported that after 28 days, testosterone levels increased by more than 50%.

Does Resveratrol Reverse Aging?

Resveratrol is touted as the miracle anti-aging supplement, hailed as the fountain of youth. However, it turns out that it is actually much more complex and intriguing than anyone expected. The compound is a complex one, with some scientists concluding that it can do more than just reverse the aging process. Resveratrol is known to reverse cell damage caused by oxidative stress. But this is just one of its many properties. According to Scientific American, some scientists have turned to study the molecular structure of the compound in order to uncover its many powers. The first step of the study was to determine how the substance was unique and how it was different from other substances that possess similar properties. According to a report from Science Daily, the structure of resveratrol suggested it had a unique structure.

The results suggested that there was an abundance of hydrophobic groups in the compound which inhibited oxidative stress in the body. The antioxidants present in resveratrol also play an important role in the anti-aging effects of the compound. With these studies, scientists were able to conclude that resveratrol has the potential to rejuvenate the aging cells. The cells that were treated with resveratrol showed significantly reduced oxidative stress and aging effects. The researchers also noted that resveratrol not only improved the aging process but it also sustained healthy tissues.

Are There Any Side Effects?

In very few people, taking resveratrol supplements has caused an allergic reaction. Side effects have been reported from large clinical studies, but none have been severe.

Any Side Effects?Mild side effects of upset stomach and tummy troubles to dizziness and headaches were reported in a few participants in the studies.

Users can try to mitigate these effects by consuming resveratrol supplements by taking it with food.

It is advised if you take a blood thinner like Coumadin, an NSAID medication, or a regular aspirin you should speak to a doctor before taking a resveratrol supplement.

This is due to the fact that resveratrol may thin your blood and could increase your chances of bleeding.

Is Resveratrol Bad for Kidneys?

As I mentioned earlier, resveratrol’s anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties could be great for the kidney. For this reason, I think it’s important to keep in mind that we need to be cautious about these new studies. The unfortunate fact is that we’re dealing with human beings and we cannot rule out the possibility of contamination in our laboratory settings. If a study comes out that we’re quite certain is invalid, I’m sure you’ll see numerous quotes from skeptical individuals who cite the research as proof of what they want to be true (i.e. that resveratrol has bad side effects).

The really hard question is whether the studies being presented have any relevance to humans. In other words, do they have relevance to the way we, as humans, function in our daily lives? If you’re a transplanted human being and you’ve had your kidney taken out and you’ve received a healthy new kidney, then you don’t have to worry about any of this. For this reason, I think it’s possible that this research will be extrapolated to human beings.

What is the Purest Form of Resveratrol?

Several studies have found that resveratrol may have health benefits. Some of them state that the compounds are associated with cancer prevention and brain function. Other studies have found that resveratrol can help fight the disease-causing substances known as free radicals. One study found that resveratrol appears to treat acute heart failure caused by chronic hypertension, which is considered a major cause of death in the U.S. Several pharmaceutical companies have tested resveratrol in the treatment of disease. But the studies have been small, and they do not yet show consistent results. In addition to potential use in health supplements, the compound has been identified in an anti-inflammatory pill, called brilacidin, which also appears to help prevent heart disease.

When to Take Resveratrol

Most of the companies suggest taking one or two capsules in the morning with food and again at night with food.

It may not be the best idea to take a resveratrol supplement before you are going to work out.

A study found that it may mitigate the beneficial effects of a good workout.

Is Resveratrol good for your liver?

Recent studies showed that resveratrol has therapeutic effects on liver disorders. Resveratrol increased survival significantly after liver transplantation, decreased fat deposition, apoptosis, and necrosis which induced by ischemia in Wistar rats.

What Is The Best Natural Resveratrol Sources?

Many foods contain resveratrol: grapes and grape skins, peanuts, pistachios, red and white wine, berries, raw cocoa, and dark chocolate. The amount of trans-resveratrol in these foods is not enough to give you the reported advantages of taking high amounts of resveratrol.

According to the latest research on resveratrol, you need to take at least 600 mg a day.

Contains Peanuts

That’s a lot of berries. If you want to get the most from this supplementation, then we suggest getting a supplementation that is sourced from natural foods like the ones on our list.

When you are looking for a resveratrol supplementation, we recommend staying away from a liquid version. It was found that liquid supplements lose their potency over time.

Because of how long some resveratrol supplements take to ship to us or where they’re stored, it may not be wise to invest in a liquid version of any supplements.

Is Resveratrol Worth Taking?

For all of the great things, Resveratrol may do for the human body, and without research to back up its claims, there is a small bit of doubt about its safety. This is primarily because Resveratrol is derived from grapes and, as such, it contains many of the things that go into making grapes. As such, it might be difficult to get those things out of it if your body does become sick from taking too much of it.

In a study done at the University of California San Francisco, scientists gave nine rats 200 mg of resveratrol every day, for nine weeks. The rats performed normally on most of the tests they were put through, but on the final day of the study, seven of the rats suffered and had to be euthanized. The scientists in charge of the study speculated that the rats suffered from a condition known as endocrine metabolic syndrome (EMDS). They believe the rats’ high levels of resveratrol caused them to either develop diabetes or a condition known as fatty liver. There is still very little data about Resveratrol, but it could make a great addition to your daily diet if you can get it. It is also important to note that you might have to eat your grapes, or use grape seeds, to get the resveratrol.

What is the Purest Form of Resveratrol?

The purest form of resveratrol is known as trans-resveratrol. Trans-resveratrol is the bioactive form of resveratrol found in plants and is considered the most potent and effective form for human consumption. It is a natural compound present in various plant sources, including grapes, berries, and peanuts.

Resveratrol exists in two different structural forms: trans-resveratrol and cis-resveratrol. Trans-resveratrol is the more stable and biologically active isomer, meaning it is the form that exhibits the desired health benefits. Cis-resveratrol, on the other hand, is the less biologically active form.

When it comes to dietary supplements or resveratrol products, it is important to look for those that specifically mention “trans-resveratrol” on the label or in their ingredient list. This ensures that the product contains the purest and most effective form of resveratrol.

Pure trans-resveratrol can be extracted and purified from plant sources using various methods, such as solvent extraction, chromatography, or advanced purification techniques. These processes aim to isolate and concentrate the trans-resveratrol compound while removing impurities.

However, it’s worth noting that the purity and quality of resveratrol products can vary depending on the manufacturer and production processes. It is advisable to choose reputable brands or products that undergo third-party testing to ensure the purity and potency of the trans-resveratrol content.

Ultimately, when seeking the purest form of resveratrol, it is crucial to look for products that explicitly state the presence of trans-resveratrol and consider factors such as product reputation and third-party testing to ensure the quality and efficacy of the resveratrol supplement.

What is Nuzena Resveratrol Rapid +?

According to Charlie J, a Nuzena customer, taking Resveratrol Rapid + and Berberine Pure + has made them feel amazing. Nuzena Resveratrol Rapid + is a formula developed by healthcare professionals to support healthy blood pressure, and insulin sensitivity, and provide antioxidant support for anti-aging and longevity. It contains scientifically backed ingredients, including resveratrol, which is a plant compound known for its antioxidant properties.

Resveratrol acts as an antioxidant and offers several health benefits. It protects brain function, supports anti-aging effects, helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and may lower blood pressure. Resveratrol is commonly found in the skins and seeds of grapes and berries, and it is highly concentrated in red wine due to its presence in the fermentation process.

Scientific research has indicated a link between resveratrol and the potential to lower blood pressure. Resveratrol induces protein oxidation during oxidative stress, a mechanism that may be shared by other antioxidant molecules.

Resveratrol also supports healthy blood sugar levels. In a study involving 66 participants with diabetes, those in the resveratrol group showed significant improvements in blood pressure, blood glucose, and insulin resistance compared to their initial levels.

Furthermore, resveratrol is recognized for its ability to support longevity and anti-aging effects. It acts as a powerful antioxidant, neutralizing free radicals and protecting cells from damage. Resveratrol also influences the activity of sirtuins, enzymes involved in various biological pathways and known to play a role in the aging process. Resveratrol is just one example of the many natural and synthetic compounds that activate sirtuins.

Please note that while these statements highlight potential benefits, individual experiences may vary. It is essential to consult with healthcare professionals and consider scientific evidence when making decisions about dietary supplements.

Final Words

When you are looking for supplementation for resveratrol, it’s important to keep in mind its bioavailability.

There are two different types of resveratrol: cis and trans.

Trans-resveratrol is what’s found in natural foods, but when it’s exposed to air, it turns to cis-resveratrol.

When in the cis form, resveratrol has less bioavailability.

The effects of resveratrol seem immense, but the science behind it looks solid.

We are still waiting for more research on humans to be done, but in the meantime, there are great options for starting this supplementation.

Because it’s naturally occurring and taking high doses doesn’t cause many adverse effects, it seems like it’s an excellent choice to add to your supplement routine.

Out of all the resveratrol supplements we mentioned above, the one we recommend the most is ResveraCel.

It packs four of the best supplements for longevity into one capsule.

The clean and pure compound inside comes from a natural source and is made by a trusted company.


By adding in the TruNiagen product NR compound, it also gives you the benefit of raising your NAD+ levels.

If you are interested in learning more about Niagen I recommend learning more about it.