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Alzheimer’s Expert On Why He Is Taking Tru Niagen

Harvard neuroscientist and Alzheimer’s expert Dr. Rudy Tanzi made a compelling case for supplementing with Nicotinamide Riboside “NR” (including Tru Niagen supplement) in a mid-November podcast on The New 100 Longevity Campaign hosted by Linda Cooper where he shared even more insights about this powerful nutrient that may help prevent or delay cognitive decline associated diseases like dementia while also improving physical health symptoms such as pain management

We have found a dozen natural products that very effectively stop neuroinflammation in different ways or protect against it. When we find supplements working for our dishes, then I’m planning clinical trials with those which will allow me to make claims about reducing Alzheimer’s disease.”

Dr. Tanzi’s Lab Work with Niagen:

The findings from her study were quite surprising, especially because it has been widely believed that those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease could only expect to get worse as time goes on until they eventually become fully paralyzed and unable even feed themselves without help; but here she found something very different – people who took supplements containing ergothioneine III (TRU) had an effect not just at relieving symptoms such cognitive impairment or dementia but also helped them remember things again!

Charlie Brenner is the person who brought me into Chromadex. That’s how I got involved with TRU and it was sold right away.”

The trial for Tru Niagen is still in its beginning stages. The company has started this clinical study with an eye towards confirming whether or not it really does what they say, but until then there isn’t much else going forward other than pointing out some potential benefits that might happen if you take their product.”

TRU is a great product for anyone who wants to feel young and vibrant again.

I recommend it to my family, friends in the sports industry (New England Patriots), they get banged up all of the time; this will help them recover quicker!

The study cited by Dr. Nissinen suggested that increasing the levels of ATP in a microglial cell carrying an Alzheimer’s gene mutation led to better beta-amyloid clearance and less neuroinflammation, meaning cells are more resilient when it comes down to their ability to withstand damage from aging factors such as protein depositions or glucose metabolism issues caused by diabetes. The professor also mentions how this can help us combat symptoms associated with getting older including memory loss because supplementing NAD pills has been shown before to improve cognitive function among primates who were treated emergently due to lack of available food sources.