Anti-Aging and Metformin

The Science of Metformin: Why It’s the Latest Anti-Aging Craze

Let’s get right to the point. The results of metformin as an anti-aging drug are optimistic but still under investigation. We cannot yet confidently suggest taking this medication simply for its anti-aging effects. If you are using it to treat other conditions, then there is a possibility that you might gain additional benefits from it … Read more

Metformin and Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight Fast on Metformin

Metformin has long been prescribed to treat type 2 diabetes, yet recently it is increasingly being recognized as a successful weight loss aid – even for those who aren’t diabetic. Metformin stands apart from other weight loss medications due to its ability to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce glucose production in the liver, leading to … Read more

Metformin Alternatives

Metformin Alternatives for Managing Blood Sugar Levels

Metformin is an oral medication prescribed by doctors to treat Type 2 diabetes, a condition that has become increasingly common in the U.S., with 34 million people living with it and 88 million more having prediabetes. People suffering from this chronic disorder are also likely to have additional health issues like hypertension, high cholesterol levels, … Read more


The Comprehensive Guide to Metformin: Benefits & Side Effects

As we strive to remain healthy and prolong our lifespan, it’s essential that we examine the medications used to sustain our health. Metformin is one such medicine prescribed for type II diabetes but recent studies suggest more benefits beyond its original purpose. With proper use of this medication, not only can people manage their sugar … Read more