What Supplements The Rock Uses

Dwayne Johnson Supplements | What Does “The ROCK” Using?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is an icon in action movies. There are many effective methods that celebrities use, get ripped, and grow bigger, but The Rock didn’t get his muscles by rehearsing for action movies.

Did you know he was a successful professional wrestler for 10 years? The Rock’s career and the nickname itself originated in WWE wrestling. He keeps building those muscles by following a strict workout plan and carefully designed diet. The man eats twice as much as the average American male!

He’s an inspiration for many in bodybuilding and other areas, so I decided to research and review all the supplements The Rock takes.

That way, you’ll get a better idea of how he gained so much lean mass! Many of these products you can use as well to get bigger and stronger.

Who is Dwayne Johnson? How Did the Rock Gain So Much Muscle?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is an American-Canadian actor and producer. He used to be a professional wrestler for the World Wrestling Federation before he began focusing on his acting career.

Dwayne JohnsonHe’s built lean mass in a number of different ways, and we’ll have a look at some of these below.

It’s important to know that he used to be a professional wrestler and a football player before that, so he’s spent a lot of his life in the gym.

But the most important thing that got him far and helped him stay the beast we know is the positive attitude and the mindset.

He trains to progress and reach new levels, not just to maintain lean mass.

What’s more, there is nothing mysterious about how he’s built lean mass.

He follows the same routine as most athletes: regular exercise; he still goes to the gym a lot. Dwayne Johnson weight is 118 kg.

He also believes cardio is a great way to burn fat, especially first thing in the morning. He also pays attention to his diet; he allows himself one cheatday a week and follows the rule strictly. 

Summary: A former football player and a wrestler, he is a famous actor who has built lean mass with a positive attitude, clear focus, regular Dwayne Johnson workout routine with cardio, training every day of the week, and following a carefully planned diet 6 days a week.

Diet + Workout. Is Dwayne Johnson Vegetarian?

The Rock works out and eats well, and he works very hard for it. Let’s examine his diet a bit closer before moving on to his exercise system.

He isn’t a vegetarian, he loves lean protein, and he’s a big fan of fish, especially cod. Overall, he eats about 4,165 calories a day. That’s twice the average recommended for men! You can have a look at all that he eats in a day here.

He eats between 5 to 7 meals a day, and you can have a look at his diet, which he shared with Muscle and Fitness magazine.

Hugh JackmanMost of his meals consist of protein, carbs, and vegetables. It is a healthy balance that provides complete nutrition and support.

For an extra kick of nutrients, he also relies on supplements.

He even helped Hugh Jackman to prepare for the role of Wolverine with The Rock intermittent fasting routine and his diet.

Jackman was able to bulk up and stay lean at the same time for that role!  

Combined with a tough exercise and regular gym times, you can see the results of hard work every time he appears in a blockbuster.

If you think his meals are intense, think again. He trains like a beast and eats like one to keep pushing forward and reaching new goals.

The Rock workout routine looks something like this:

He wakes up at about 4 in the morning and goes for an early run. Then, he has breakfast. Then, he goes to the gym.

He trains every day, six days a week. He has one rest day with a cheat meal.

He has a strict exercise plan, which you can see here. There are insane clips and videos of The Rock bench press exercise, and not many can match that!

When he works out, The Rock has a special playlist that he loves to listen to. That way, he can focus on his exercise completely without being distracted. You can find the complete playlist on Spotify.

Summary: Johnson swears by an exercise routine and a carefully-planned meal system. He trains daily for several hours, and he eats from 5 to 7 meals every 24 hours. He looks the way he does because he’s disciplined and persistent. 

The Rock Supplements:

Let’s have a look at the products that get The Rock all the nutrients and support he needs to build lean mass and maintain a healthy body function.

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy

Amino Energy supplement is a versatile powder that can be used in the morning, as a pre-workout or a post-workout supplement. It is also great for an afternoon pick-me-up since you can choose how many servings you want to use!

This supplementation packs aminos, proteins, and caffeine, so it improves muscle regeneration and provides you with an energy boost that will get you through the exercises and the day.

I can tell you it’s an effective thing to keep around even though I tried it to see what the ROCK was using.


Increases focus and mental clarity

Increases endurance


5 calories per serving

Contains artificial ingredients and sucralose

Not vegan

For best results, take it in the morning and just before you hit the gym. It’ll kick-start your day and give you a mental energy boost.

I recommend it to clients who need an extra push through their workouts. You’ll recover faster but start with small servings if you’ve never tried it before.


Glucosamine As Natural Pain Relief


With a blend of effective ingredients and a very high amount of glucosamine, this NutriRise brand is very important for bodybuilders and other athletes who know that it is equally important to build lean mass and to give their bodies complete support at the same time. You sometimes find it in products along with chondroitin and both of these are vital to joint health.

Glucosamine is crucial for joint health since it helps to restore the fluid around them and reduce the friction, among other things.

This supplementation helps to boost collagen production, improve joint flexibility, and stiffness, and prevents clicking joints.

Acts quickly

Supports cartilage

Reduces inflammation

Increases joint mobility

Natural formula

Non-GMO, gluten-free

Not vegetarian-friendly (contains shellfish)

If you’re looking for natural support to your active body, this supplement will help you notice the difference after two weeks. It is especially recommended for those who put a lot of pressure on their joints daily, and for those who have back and knee issues.


Optimum Nutrition Platinum HydroWhey Protein

Whey Protein

This ON packs aminos as well as leucine and isoleucine. That means that it helps to increase muscle growth, and I can confirm it does it effectively! He typically drinks one protein shake a day.

The Rock is your best proof of results, though. It is perfect for taking as a preworkout supplement or postworkout to increase muscles regeneration!

After all, it contains the purest form of WHEY protein that the market has to offer. It’ll help you build lean mass, and it is easy to digest.


Digests easy

No side effects

More flavors available


Poor taste

The supplement mixes easily, and it contains high-quality ingredients that cause no side effects. It’ll help build muscles and get stronger, maintain your weight, and pack muscles with regular use.

While the taste isn’t a strong point for everyone, but it could be much worse.


Glutamine For Immune And Digestive Health

L-Glutamine 1000 mg

L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid, and it is responsible for a number of important processes.

Glutamine helps to support and promote healthy function of the immune system and gastrointestinal health while improving muscles recovery after exercises.

It helps to preserve lean mass tissue and regulate pH balance. What’s more, it is a vital energy source for many different cells in the body.

Supports the immune system

Supports metabolic processes

GMP certified

Free of dairy, gluten, soy, and nut


Take up to 5 capsules a day for the best effects. They’re easy to take, though, and you should start seeing results quickly. Having a healthy body is important when you’re working out as it can help you build and maintain muscles and achieve your athletic goals with normal body function.


BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids)

BCAA by Transparent Labs

With a clean formula and no nasty fillers and artificial ingredients, Transparent Labs deliver they BCAAs for maximum muscles repair and recovery.

The servings are effective due to a clinically designed formula that contains vitamin C, and fermented vegan BCAAs: leucine, isoleucine, valine, with L-glutamine and a bit of coconut water powder.

Apart from that, this supplementation supports muscle-growth after a workout.


Improves glucose uptake

Improves immune system

Reduces fatigue and soreness

Clinically effective dosages

Clean formula (no prohibited substance)

Poor taste

For best effects, drink one serving before, during, or after an exercises. Make sure to stay hydrated, and you’ll notice how much further you can push yourself and train more intensely and often.


Casein For Diversity

Elite Casein

A unique protein, Casein, increases satiety and provides amino acids to build the muscles. What’s more, use this supplement if you want to prevent muscles protein breakdown.

It combines micellar casein with BCAAs and leucine. The blend promotes muscles regeneration, and helps to build muscle mass. It’s low in carbs, and you’ll feel less hungry in the morning.

Supports lean mass building

Increases muscle regeneration time

Minimizes soreness and fatigue

More flavors available

GMP certified

Poor flavor

Contains artificial flavors

 For best effects, take this supplement before bed or between meals to increase muscles regeneration; it’s also great to use on the go when you have to wait until your next meal, and you’re on a tight schedule.


Fish Oil

Omega XL Fish Oil

Another supplement that provides micronutrients that are crucial for a healthy and active body. Don’t focus only on the things that build muscle; your organism needs components that help to run it smoothly.

Green-lipped mussels are farmed sustainably for a safe and effective supplementation that boosts your omega-3 intake, which supports joint health and minimizes aches and pain.

What’s more, it helps to relieve inflammation and even support people who have problems with arthritis.

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids

Improves joint health

Minimizes inflammation

Easy to take

No fishy aftertaste


Since it’s better to get nutrients in a natural form, this supplementation is important as it’s safe and potent. It contains more than 30 different fatty acids, all based on clinical research. The product is pricy, though, especially since it’s a proprietary blend.


Source Naturals Wellness Formula

Wellness Formula

For days when you need a serious support for the immune system and for the times when you feel any cold or sore coming on, Wellness Formula provides your body with take this supplement to boost antioxidants, prevent free radical damage and inflammation, soothe stress, and keep the system ticking like a clock.

The formula is a blend of herbs, vitamins, and nutraceuticals, such as Echinacea, beta-carotene, vitamins A &C, goldenseal, zinc, and much more.

Works fast

Supports the immune system

Increases antioxidant levels

Increases body’s defense

Reduces stress

Natural ingredients

Not suitable for vegans

Poor aftertaste

Whether you’re an athlete or a casual gym-goer, this supplementation will help you stick to your schedule and stay on top of your game.

Take it to boost your immune system whenever you feel under the weather! Keep in mind that tablets are much more effective than capsules.


Speed Stack

Speed Stack

Johnson is a big fan of Speed Stack. This is a preworkout drink that’s loaded on caffeine; it’ll power you up on energy and help you get through the morning or afternoon exercises easily.

It also gives a skin-tearing pump you can’t ignore and clear focus that will help you get through the workouts even after a long day at work.

Improves pump

Increases energy

Improves focus

More flavors available

Zero sugar

Contains artificial ingredients

If you’re looking for an effective preworkout, you can bring with you and drink on the go; Speed Stack provides all that you need to stay focused, boost the pump, and wake up just in time for the gym. You’ll feel alert on the busy, work, study days, no matter how tired you feel.


 Animal Pak Multivitamin

Animal Pak

For those who want to keep it simple, Animal Pak combines more supplements in one package: multitude of multivitamins, minerals, antioxidants, bcaas, and more.

It targets athletes and bodybuilders who need regular support for their immune system and recovery so that they can stay on top of their game at all times.

The supplement is packed conveniently; throw one pack into your gym bag and take it on the go.

Boosts muscle growth

Improves performance

Designed for athletes and bodybuilders

More flavors available

Pills are difficult to swallow

Pills smell bad

With a complete combination of nutrients, Animal Pak contains a lot of pills to swallow, but they are effective.

With regular use, you’ll be able to notice an improvement in recovery as well, apart from more energy and complete nutrient support. Users report that they even started sleeping better!


What Supplements Does Chris Hemsworth Use?

Hemsworth has recently stated in an interview with Men’s Journal that he likes to eat dark green vegetables, like spinach, and lots of leafy green vegetables. In terms of vitamins, I’m a big fan of greens. I’m a big fan of spinach, kale, bok choy, collard greens. I’m kind of just a vegetable type of guy. I’ll have a lot of those at mealtimes.

Hemsworth also does a workout in which he does “lots of cardio and lots of weights”. He mentions that he often does weight training and cardio. The former Aussie Home Video actor states that he was keen to tone up after his son was born with three children, noting that the feeling was particularly keen with his son Tristan. But, you know, in the first three months, with my son, I kind of just slept all day and worked out at night. You know, I’m not sure how long that’s going to last, but I have to wake up at four or five in the morning, so it.

What Products Does The Rock Endorse

Over the weekend, there were reports that “Fate of the Furious” star Vin Diesel was upset with his co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson after they recorded an Instagram video rapping about each other and their upcoming new movie. The video, which showed off the Rock’s sexy flow, wasn’t a fluke. As it turns out, Johnson, who is already an Oscar winner, began rapping on-set and has recorded several routines for the big screen. In an interview with Total Access, Johnson explains his skill set, especially after growing up in a family of performers. When I was a kid, my brother’s voice was my favorite,” he says. “So to have him start rapping, I was like ‘This kid’s got it.’ It really showed me, this is fun.”

But how long does the Rock do this? We’ll do a movie for three months, and then it’s back to the gym,” he explains. “It’s the best way I could ever get my workout in. I love music, and it’s so cool to get on stage and start making beats. The fact that we can share this form of music, makes me feel like I’m in a club, a car, and my sis and my nieces are jamming. It’s a hip-hop family, and I think it’s cool.”.

Final Thoughts

The fact is that The Rock trains like a beast and eats like one to maintain that amount of mass and to grow even stronger.

The RockSince a proper meal plan can only do so much, he also relies on products for additional support for his muscles, health, normal body function, and other properties to keep him on top of his game.

While supplements can make a huge change in a workout routine, you have to know that he has years of practice behind him, knows his body well, and also consults professional trainers and dieticians.

You can get bigger, stronger, build muscle, and remain lean if you want, but it takes persistence and loads of hard work.

Success doesn’t happen overnight, but you can reach your body and athletic goals with the right mindset and a killer playlist that keeps you pumping!

AMPK Activator Reviews

7 Best Ampk Activators (2021) | Metabolism-Bosting Supplement

AMPK has documented health properties, but there are over fourteen thousand articles and almost fifteen thousand user reviews on AMPK Activators.

I’ve read most of these reviews and articles. I can’t compromise when I make professional recommendations to clients daily. Now, you have access to all that research on today’s best supplements.

Life Extension AMPK Activator is the best overall in today’s market because it’s based on numerous clinical trials.

Life Extensions is medically proven to improve your health. However, there are other worthwhile supplements that address specific purposes.

Read the article below to find the best AMPK activator for your needs. You will learn how these supplements work and how to use them. You will find all their benefits and side effects and discover real consumer results.

Review Summary:

  • 1. Life Extension#1 Strongest Ampk Activator
  • 2. Takenutritionx
  • 3. Luz
  • 4. LA-3
  • 5. Berberine HCL
  • 6. Dr. Kardashi Premium Berberine
  • 7. Berberine 1200mg HCL Plus Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules

What is an AMPK Activator?

They are compounds that activate AMPK, and AMPK is short from adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase.

This enzyme is essential in stabilizing energy homeostasis, so your metabolism works well.

Niacin AMPK helps burn the calories you need according to the energy demand.

What is AMPK

People with metabolic issues or cancer sometimes burn too many or too few calories.

AMPK is a therapeutic target that helps keep chronic metabolic illness or even cancer in check. Ampalive supplement reviews show these results.

AMPK can be obtained from food or quality supplements available on reputable websites like Amazon. You’ll find how to get these options below.

SUMMARY: AMPK Activators trigger the production of AMPK enzymes, which heighten your metabolism. Use those supplementation to ensure your cells are in their best health.

7 Best Ampk Activator Reviews (List for 2021)

The supplements below are strong and thoroughly tested. They kickstart your metabolism and address a wide range of issues.

As each person has different needs and medical difficulties, I’ve selected the best supplements for each purpose. I’m sure reading below will help you find the right AMPK supplementation.

1. Life Extension – #1 Best AMPK Metabolic Activator

Life Extension AMPK Metabolic Activator

Life Extension AMPK Metabolic Activator is the best choice because you can trust it works. It has the most positive reviews, it’s made by a reputable company, and it is backed by a lot of research.

Each bottle contains 30 easy-to-swallow pills, which:

  • Are made with quality ingredients. The mix of Calcium carbonate, Hesperidin, and Actiponin gynostemma extract is a reliable AMPK activator. Your aging cells will receive new life to better remove old cells, fight infections, and produce more energy. This supplementation is clean, vegetarian, and contains no GMOs. However, you may dislike the addition of thickening agents.
  • Help burn fat. The product makes a false claim of burning belly fat, but that is scientifically impossible. Life Extension AMPK helps you burn fat from all over the body. Once your cells’ metabolism is working faster, they will burn more energy. Besides, calcium is known to accelerate fat loss.
  • Improve your immune system. As your cells’ metabolism is hastened, they’re able to fight inflammation better, to replicate faster, and to eradicate sick cells. The result is you’ll lower your risk of chronic illness or infection.
  • Easy-to-swallow capsules
  • No GMOs
  • Fat loss
  • Rejuvenation of your cells
  • Illness prevention thanks to increased AMPK levels
  • Trustworthy (proven to work in many clinical trials)
  • Doesn’t target belly fat specifically as advertised

Summary: Life Extension AMPK Metabolic Activator is a quality mix of balanced ingredients that improve your cellular metabolism. Get this supplement and your body will be able to fight illness and burn fat.


2. TakenutritionxTakenutritionx AMPK Activator Boost

Takenutritionx AMPK Activator Boost has many happy Amazon customers. Chances are you’ll see the same progress with your fat loss and testosterone levels as they did.

Most people agree that taking this supplementation increases your stamina. The probability of it working for you is at least 70%, considering the product has a 3.5-star rating on Amazon.

The brand also claims its supplementation produces and breaks down sugars, which helps you prevent and manage symptoms of diabetes.

As TakeNutritionx Boost hastens cell metabolism, it also stabilizes your blood circulation and improves cardiovascular health.

  • Gynostemma Pentaphyiium Leaf Extract (450 mg) is clinically proven to boost your energy and strength. This ingredient works well in pre-workout supplements.
  • Quercetin Dihydrate (100 mg) effectively eases diabetes, gastric issues, inflammations, and tiredness. This enzyme is an antiviral, it can prevent cancer, and it also increases your athletic endurance.
  • Berberine HCL (100 mg) controls blood sugar levels, accelerates fat loss, and keeps your heart healthy.
  • Increased stamina thanks to berberine quercetin and gynostemma
  • Good for diabetes control
  • Energy booster
  • Reduces tiredness
  • It takes a few weeks to see weight loss results

Summary: Takenutritionx Boost’s mix of ingredients can increase your stamina and diminish fatigue. Although it’s not excellent for weight loss, get this if you need more energy.


3. Luz

Luz AMPK Activator

Luz AMPK Activator is great if you need a powerful, natural AMPK supplement to reinvigorate you. As your ketone levels increase, you can lose weight faster and keep your diabetes in check.

This product contains the complete dose of all the four supplements you need each day, with high concentration.

The clinical dosage ensures a bullet-like action for your problems.

  • Clean product. Luz contains vegan ingredients, free of gluten, GMOs, and pesticides. Other safe ingredients for you are cellulose and microcrystalline cellulose. These are used to envelop the capsule and for anti-caking.
  • Improves health. The mix of ingredients benefits your mental health, gives you increased energy, and lengthens your lifespan. All the ingredients have clinically-effective dosages for maximum results:
    • Gynostemma 80% on energy
    • Berberine 99% on heart health and diabetes
    • A-Lipoic Acid 99% on brain protection
    • Resveratrol 98% to reduce your age-related cognitive decline and your insulin sensitivity.
  • Clean ingredients, with no GMOs, allergens, or toxic substances, that are safe for you
  • Backed by quality research
  • The clinical dosage for all ingredients ensures maximum results
  • For health and longevity
  • Vegan
  • Increases your ketone levels
  • Not best for weight loss if you don’t change your diet
  • Mild GI distress the first couple of days

Summary: Luz AMPK Keto has clinically-effective ingredients to improve your health and increase your energy. Get this supplementation if you want to lose weight slowly but surely because it will increase your ketone levels.


4. LA-3 – Boost Energy and Promote Longevity

LA-3 AMPK Activator

LA-3 AMPK Activator has a 3.4-star rating on Amazon, so there’s about a 70% chance this supplement will also work for you. Just like most customers, you will feel more energetic, increase your libido, and notice glowing skin.

  • Increased energy and health. It has the same ingredients and concentrations as Takenutritionx Boost:
    • Gynostemma leaf extract for energy
    • Quercetin dihydrate to reduce inflammation and to increase your stamina
    • Berberine HCl 100 mg for cardiovascular health and lower blood sugar

So just like Takenutritionx Boost, LA-3 AMPK Activator is best for increased energy and sex-drive.

However, other ingredients include Rice Flour, Stearic Acid, and Hypromellose. These are not the best options.

Rice flour is packed with carbs, so it’s not a keto-friendly option. Stearic Acid might have a laxative effect and interferes with the absorption of the activators.

  • Good reviews prove it works for most people
  • Quality mix of AMPK for safety and good results
  • Increased energy
  • Increased libido
  • Not for keto dieters (added rice flour)
  • Possible laxative effects, especially as you have to take two capsules on an empty stomach
  • Lower absorption rate than other products

Summary: LA-3 AMPK Activator is not the #1 supplement for keto dieters. You will notice moderate weight loss effects if you restrict your calories. Get this supplementation if you need to improve energy and libido.


5. Berberine HCL


Berberine HCL 500mg by Double Woods is best for stabilizing your sugar levels and heart health. That’s thanks to a high dosage of 1,500 mg total of Berberine every day.

Berberine is an alkaloid used for millennia in Chinese medicine. Western medicine has also proved its significant effects on insulin-resistant people. This means the supplementation is an effective AMPK activator that will most likely work for you.

This supplementation is:

  • Increased metabolism. Berberine activates AMPK and stabilizes your blood sugar because it helps your body metabolize glucose faster. This product is good for people with PCOS, diabetes, high cholesterol, and those on keto.
  • Weight loss. Berberine stops the production of fat cells at molecular levels. The result is people on a dose of 1,500 mg of Berberine per day can lose a big chunk of their fat weight.
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Heightened metabolism
  • Stabilized blood sugar
  • Proven weight loss benefits

Summary: Berberine HCl is best if you have high blood sugar, cholesterol, or obesity. Berberine has shown to improve these conditions, so it will likely work for you.


6. Dr. Kardashi Premium Berberine

Dr Kardashi Premium Berberine

Dr. Kardashi Premium Berberine works if you have high blood sugar levels. However, it’s not as effective as Berberine HCL 500mg by Double Woods because:

  • You will get a lower daily dosage aka 1200mg instead of 1500mg
  • You’ll ingest more carbs because it uses rice flour as a thickening agent
  • You may not absorb it completely. This product uses Magnesium stearate which prevents the absorption of dietary supplements
  • GMO-free
  • GMP-certified
  • Stabilizes high blood sugar
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Keeps weight in check
  • Not very effective if you are already obese or with full-blown diabetes

Summary: Dr. Kardashi’s Premium Berberine has quality ingredients, but moderate dosages. Get this product if you want to stabilize your weight gain and stop your pre-diabetes from evolving.


7. Berberine 1200mg HCL Plus Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules

Berberine 1200mg HCL Plus

Berberine 1200mg HCL Plus Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules has an excellent 4.7-star rating on Amazon, so there are 94% chances it will work for you.

Most people agree this supplement helped them control their blood sugar in a natural way, with no artificial ingredients. The probability is high to also get these results. You’ll appreciate the affordable price and high-quality berberine.

Each capsule has 450mg Berberine HCL and 150mg Ceylon Cinnamon. The daily dosage is a maximum of two capsules per day, which means:

  • You’ll get less Berberine than with the previous two supplements, so these pills are best for diabetes and obesity prevention, not treatment.
  • It’s effective. Ceylon Cinnamon increases absorption. This ingredient is also known to improve the health of your digestive system, immune system, heart, and metabolism.
  • Maximum potency
  • Third-party testing to ensure it works
  • Stabilized blood sugar
  • Increased absorption through the use of Ceylon Cinnamon instead of Magnesium Stearate
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Active PK FDA and GMP-certified facility
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Not very powerful

Summary: Berberine 1200mg HCL Plus Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules is good if you have slightly high blood sugar or if you’re slightly overweight. If you don’t need immediate medical interventions, try this nature-inspired supplement first.


SUMMARY: The brands in this review address different purposes and needs. Some supplements are better for weight loss; others are best for energy and sex-drive. Some supplements can treat diabetes and high cholesterol, while others can simply prevent these problems. Keep your purpose in mind and consult your GP before choosing your AMPK-activator supplement.

AMPK Activator Ingredients

The supplements above include different ingredients. Choose the one that fixes your thing. Research the ingredients and dosages of all the supplements before deciding. It’s even better to discuss things with your GP.

Main Ingredients

Some of these ingredients include:

  • Calcium carbonate is best for your bone and heart protection, but it also helps your body burn fat stores.
  • Hesperidin has anti-inflammatory properties and improves your blood circulation.
  • Gynostemma Extract is a natural extract that increases your stamina and endurance.
  • Quercetin Dihydrate stabilizes your blood sugar and helps you fight fatigue.
  • Berberine HCL is best against your high sugar levels and high cholesterol.
  • A-Lipoic Acid protects your skin from aging, improves symptoms of diabetes, including neuropathy, improves your cardiovascular health, and reduces your obesity.
  • Resveratrol improves cellular metabolism and rejuvenates your cells. This compound keeps you healthier altogether, plus improves your mental health and clarity.

Pro tips:

  • If your goal is to lose weight, choose a supplement that includes Gynostemma Extract and Quercetin Dihydrate.
  • Choose a Berberine-based supplement if your sugar levels are high.
  • If you’re on keto, make sure your supplement doesn’t include extra sugar.
  • A supplement with clinical dosages can increase your ketone levels.

SUMMARY: Choose your AMPK supplement depending on your needs. Read the ingredient list and their dosages before deciding, and consult your GP.

How to Take. What Does AMPK Do?

Each of the supplements above has different recommendations on how to take them. Some supplements require up to three dosages, like Berberine HCL 500mg by Double Woods, while others require one dosage.

You might be required to take the supplementation on an empty stomach, or with your food.

  • Consult your GP and read the label carefully.
  • Don’t take more than the recommended daily dosage.
  • PharmacyIf you take the supplement correctly, the AMPK activator will do its job. AMPK is an important enzyme that regulates your energy balance, making sure you’re burning the right amount of energy and metabolizing all your calories.

Is Active PK a gimmick? Not at all. Here’s how it works:

  • AMPK is found throughout your body, from the brain to your muscles, liver, and fat cells.
  • AMPK enzyme contributes to the birth of ketones, aka ketogenesis. The result is that your body metabolizes sugar faster to reduce insulin sensitivity, and hastens your metabolism.
  • AMPK inhibits the synthesis of cholesterol, triglycerides, and lipogenesis. AMPK, therefore, reduces bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol levels.

SUMMARY: AMPK increases your cell’s metabolism so they can do their job called homeostasis. Cells stay younger for longer, but they can also identify and fight attackers aka pathogens and their effects. AMPK regulates your hormones and makes sure sick cells are killed faster.

What Are the Side Effects of AMPK / Major Benefits From Taking

If you’ve read this far, you already know a bit about the benefits and side-effects of AMPK. Remember, though, that all these advantages and possible inconveniences depend on the ingredients and their dosage.

Not all AMPK activation supplements behave the same, but most have only mild side-effects.

From that point of view, they’re much better than Phenocal, which acts fast against obesity but causes severe vomiting and pain.

Benefits include:

  • Reduces your cholesterol
  • Increases your fat burning process to lose weight faster
  • Improves your stamina and energy
  • Increases your sex drive and testosterone levels
  • Stabilizes your blood sugar levels to avoid or reduce diabetes
  • Improves your circulation, which lowers your risk of cardiovascular issues
  • Decreases chances of diabetes and obesity
  • Helps you control your weight
  • Lower your risk of chronic illness like cancer or inflammation
  • Help to reduce the effects of aging (anti-aging properties)
  • Heightens your metabolism
  • Stabilizes your hormonal system

AMPK Supplement side-effects include:

  • You may notice slight GI distress depending on ingredients and dosage.
  • PPAR gamma and alpha proteins’ suppression in the long-term. These proteins are involved in stabilizing your blood sugar levels and liver health. They might also decrease your body’s ability to actively prevent atherosclerosis.
  • If you eat unhealthy fats and lots of sugar, absorption is repressed, so the supplements might not work as well.

Some supplements have more intense side effects, which require you to consult with your GP. For example, Sletrokor Diet Pills reviews show that not everyone can take this product safely.

SUMMARY: Most of them are marketed as fat-burning, weight-loss miracle pills. Although AMPK has many benefits for your general health, it can also trigger some GI side effects in the short-term.

What Foods Are High in AMPK? Activator Alternatives

If you want an AMPK activator alternative, consider eating more AMPK-rich foods, which are all-natural. Eating clean is always a good idea but might not be enough if you already have serious health issues or if you’re older.

Foods Are High in AMPK

Diet is a good prevention measure but can ease existing symptoms only in combination with doctor-prescribed medication.

That said, AMPK foods are:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Bark extract
  • Bilberries
  • Blueberries
  • Cinnamon
  • Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
  • Fish Oil
  • Ginseng
  • Grapeseed
  • Green Tea
  • Red Grapes
  • Soybeans
  • Turmeric
  • Vitamin E

SUMMARY: Good alternatives to AMPK Activator supplements include foods rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, and substances such as resveratrol. These foods have been used in homeopathic and Eastern medicine for millennia. However, quality supplements like the ones above have higher dosages. This means they’re more effective for curing rather than prevention.

Does AMPK Work for Weight Loss?

Some studies show that AMPK can assist in weight loss because it increases your metabolism. You’ll burn calories at a faster rate and burn more fat because it promotes ketogenesis.

For instance, Nucific Deep Cell Activator reviews show this is effective for your weight loss.

Burn Calories Faster

AMPK doesn’t help you lose weight unless you eat a balanced diet of healthy foods:

  • Trans fats and processed sugar prevents AMPK absorption
  • Stepping too much over your daily caloric limit means some of those calories will be stored as fat

Exercise activates AMPK even more. Use your extra energy and endurance to burn off those extra pounds, or you’ll become agitated and have sleep issues.

SUMMARY: AMPK heightens your metabolism and helps you lose weight, but it’s not a metabolic magical bullet pill against obesity if you don’t eat healthily.

How Can I Increase My AMPK Naturally?

Below is a simple method I use to increase my AMPK naturally, but remember that I’ve optimized it in several ways to maximize my results. I’ve given this AMP Diet a very simple structure – with a number of primal macros for every food group (though every food group would be eaten as well, such as eggs, grass-fed butter, and bacon). While I could’ve used a slightly more complex system, I wanted to make sure that I built my diet with a mix of food groups, like for the paleo diet. So this structure allowed me to pull from all the food groups and use it to my advantage, which is why I’ve left it simple in the blog post below.

As an overall exercise buff, I definitely understand how detrimental being sedentary can be for your health. AMPK allows you to get an extra dose of energy if you’re resting. Studies show that burning up to 60 percent of body fat in just one month with a meal plan that’s focused on proteins, veggies, and healthy fats (like avocados, olive oil, and nuts). Plus, the buzz it gives you from exercising is just the cherry on top. Eating Avocado. It contains a lot of health-promoting nutrients, like Vitamin C and potassium. Researchers have shown that avocados could work wonders to regulate blood glucose levels by improving your insulin sensitivity (yes, that is a thing). They’ve also found that the fat in the fruit could prevent fat build-up and lower cholesterol.

Does Fasting Activate AMPK?

A study published in Cell Metabolism in May 2017 used imaging to show that glucose and fat metabolism was dramatically improved after 18 days of intermittent fasting in mice. The authors concluded that fasting may activate AMPK, the process by which cells conserve energy as they undergo cellular metabolism. In a January 2018 interview, lead author Jason Block, Ph.D., described their initial observation that three of the five mice fed a high-fat diet lost weight and had increased insulin sensitivity, in contrast to their low-fat counterparts.

Block said that the single gene that was changed by the dietary change caused a subtle rise in AMPK, which lead to a reduction in the glucose level in the animals’ blood and less fat deposition. Block’s team published the mouse study along with several human studies in Science, one of which observed that in people who fasted for 12 hours a day for five days, cellular energy expenditure increased by 20% and decreased fat oxidation. Additionally, fasting for 12 hours a day decreased the mice’s cholesterol levels and altered a signaling pathway involved in fat metabolism, a process known as adipogenesis.

When to Take AMPK Metabolic Activator?

If you are not taking an AMP receptor supplement, you should start. AMP or Amminocyclitol is a metabolic product produced by the body that allows you to increase your performance and stamina. It will increase your energy level and give you an extra boost of energy when you are working out. AMP is an excellent anti-aging health supplement. People who are 65 years and older will develop a distinct set of lifestyle diseases that decrease the quality of their lives. To slow the aging process, they must take AMP. It is well known for being an excellent muscle-building supplement.

When is it best to take AMP? The best time to take an AMP product is after a workout. By taking an AMP supplement, your body can produce more AMP so that you can sustain your fitness level and increase your stamina. AMP acts as an energy booster. It contains powerful nutrients that are vital to your physique.

Consumer (Customer) Reviews & Results

Amazon and other forums are filled with divergent customer reviews and results with various supplements.

These people have tested at least one AMPK supplement before writing their opinion. Unsurprisingly, some say AMPK Activators work, while others say they don’t.

AnnaDisgruntled customers claim they see no effects, but you don’t know their diet plans or the severity of health issues. Some LCR Active PK reviews from people like Mary A. Cleaves and Anna show you also have to diet and exercise.

Customer reviews show that:

  • The supplements reviewed here have 3.5-4.5 star ratings.
  • Most people who’ve reviewed these supplements negatively either:
  • Some supplements are indeed low-quality because:
    • They don’t have the necessary dosages to work.
    • They contain ingredients that mess with its absorption.

That’s not the case with my list of products. Read a Sletrokor diet pills review to see how much people disagree.

  • Some supplements like LCR Health Active PK don’t have enough reviews on Amazon to decide if it works or not.

SUMMARY: Consumer reports and user reviews are often contradictory to supplements. If you want a good supplement, ensure it has at least a 3-star rating on Amazon. Ensure the people who speak badly of the supplement have taken correct dosages and purchased the right supplement for their needs. Users do not have the same results all the time because of different body structures, so get a proven supplement like Life Extension.

Final Words. Which AMPK Activator to Choose?

Choose the AMPK Activator that fits your profile and needs; otherwise, chances are it won’t work. Each of the products in this review is best for a certain purpose, and all of them have good ratings.

  • Takenutritionx Boost’s mix of ingredients can increase your stamina and diminish fatigue, but it’s not excellent for weight loss. South Beach Sciences Ampalive reviews show this supplement is better for losing pounds.
  • Luz AMPK Keto has clinically-effective ingredients to improve your health and increase your energy. As the ingredients stabilize blood sugar and increase ketone levels, this product can help you lose weight slowly.
  • LA-3 has moderate effects on energy and libido.
  • Berberine HCl is best for people with high blood sugar, cholesterol, or obesity
  • Dr. Kardashi Premium Berberine prevents you from gaining weight and is good for people with pre-diabetes.
  • Berberine 1200mg HCL Plus Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules is good for people with slightly high blood sugar or slightly overweight, who don’t need immediate medical interventions and want to try a nature-inspired supplement first.


Life Extension AMPK Metabolic Activator is the best choice because it has the most positive reviews, it’s made by a reputable company, and it is backed by a lot of research.


Choose this supplement because it can alleviate a multitude of your symptoms, such as tiredness, neuropathy, and weight gain.

Take advantage of its properties and order it now!

Best NAD Supplement Reviews / nicotinamide riboside

Best NAD Supplement Reviews (2021 Update): Legit or Not?

  • If you are someone who curious about Nicotinamide Riboside (NAD precursor that is proven to increase NAD levels) and wondering which of the two available NAD supplements you should be taking. There are only 2 Legitimate Choices: It Is Tru Niagen from ChromaDex and Elysium’s Basis?
  • Two companies are in a patent war with each other, but what you need to understand is that as of now Elysium used to get NR from ChromaDex, and now due to Elysium Health lawsuits they are getting it from unknown sources.
  • It doesn’t mean it’s bad, but if you want the same patent substance used in Nicotinamide Riboside research studies, you will be better off with TRU Niagen (Up to 40% off Right Now). Considering it is also a slightly cheaper route to go.
  • Subscribing into True Niagen seems to be the only viable option (cheaper and more reliable) based on this review (current data).

Let’s find out which is the best NAD supplement…

NAD+ Supplement Review / What is the Best Anti-Aging Supplement?

Now you know everything there is to know about NAD and its precursors. Let’s see if we can get you the best supplement:

#1 Tru Niagen Nicotinamide Riboside

NR from ChromaDexTru Niagen Nicotinamide Riboside is currently the best & most researched product. Let me explain why:

Tru Niagen Ingredients

Each capsule contains 150mg of nicotinamide riboside chloride, and you should take two capsules per serving.

Tru Niagen Nicotinamide Riboside SupplementsAs you know, Nicotinamide Riboside is the most effective NAD precursor, so it has the best chances of being transformed into NAD inside the body.

This supplement is vegetarian; it has no gluten, no nuts, no caffeine, and no artificial colors or flavors.

According to data from the FDA regarding nicotinamide riboside solubility, Niagen is soluble in water.

Other ingredients include microcrystalline cellulose (anti-caking agent, and fat substitute) and Hypromellose (thickening agent and binder).


Science Behind the Supplement

This supplement has a lot of science backing it up.

There are four different clinical trials published in peer-reviewed magazines which show that NIAGEN® is a safe, effective supplement.

The FDA is On BoardThese clinical trials are based on over a hundred preclinical studies at famous universities like Dartmouth Medical school or the University of Iowa.

The FDA is on board with NIAGEN® too, plus the GRAS certification is there.

ChromaDex, Tru Niagen’s company, has over 20 licensed patents for making and distributing this product.

Besides, there are over 140 research collaborations between this brand and Top US universities, which aim to improve this supplement to make it true youth supplement .

IS There Any Discount Available?


Currently, you have the chance to save up to 40% if you buy Tru Niagen. This TOP supplement can cost as little as $30, plus you have free shipping in the US.

#2 Elysium Basis Supplement

I’m not really on board with Elysium Basis, and I’ve explained most of my reasons above.

I’ll summarize them here so that you can compare this supplement with Niagen.

Elysium Basis Ingredients

There are two main ingredients in Elysium Basis: 250 mg NR and 50 mg pterostilbene.

Other ingredients include thickeners and anti-caking agents like Microcrystalline Cellulose, Hypromellose, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, and Silica.

Elysium SupplementThe 250 mg Nicotinamide Riboside are good for their anti-aging effects. But the 50 mg of pterostilbene still makes me want to avoid this product.

Although I took pterostilbene a few years back, before the studies started piling up against it, I wouldn’t recommend it today.

Elysium Health still states that pterostilbene protects you from cellular stress and can improve your metabolism because it activates sirtuins.

Pterostilbene has a similar chemical structure as Resveratrol, plus Resveratrol and coenzyme Q10 have proven beneficial effects against normal aging.

However, pterostilbene also increases bad cholesterol levels. So if you already have cholesterol issues, I wouldn’t recommend this supplement. Otherwise, you could probably take it after talking to your GP about it.

RECOMMENDATION ( For Longevity & Daily Energy)
Even David Express His Doubt Regarding NMN Effectiveness. He Mentioned on a Podcast That Nicotinamide Riboside May Do The Job Better and That is Where . Comes In.

There are only a Few Leaders in this Market Segment ( . & .). . is the ONLY Legal Distributor. The product has been Tested for Safety & Efficiency.

According to Anecdotal Evidence & In My Personal Experience – It Provides Energy Boost Throughout The Day & Scientifically Shown to Increase NAD Levels. Now. (.).

  • 100+ Preclinical Trials
  • 20+ Licensed & Owned Patents
  • NIAGEN was successfully reviewed under the FDA’s new dietary ingredient notification program (NDI)


Science Behind the Supplement?

This supplement features many studies on its official website to emphasize that it works.

Effects of Normal NAD Levels

A few of them aim to show that pterostilbene is a safe ingredient.

However, these studies have few participants and are short-term.

Other studies show the beneficial effects of normal NAD levels, like better mitochondrial and stem cell functions, along with reduced anti-aging effects.

The downside is that most of these studies are on mice.

Bottom line: the science behind this supplement shows that NAD is beneficial and that NR works, but didn’t convince me about pterostilbene.

Is There Any Discount Available?

Various discounts are depending on your purchase plan. One year prepaid deliveries allow you to save 33%, six months prepaid save you 25%, and a paid monthly delivery saves you 17%.

#3 Life Extension NAD+ Cell Regenerator Nicotinamide Riboside

Life Extension NAD+ Cell Regenerator Nicotinamide Riboside

This is another supplement that many people are referring to, but it is not even worth mentioning. It’s just 100mg dose and cost can go higher compared to other 2 supplements considering the same dosage.


Elysium Health Include Pterostilbene, Should You Subscribe to It?

Pterostilbene is a compound that makes your body think you’re on a calorie-restricting diet.

As we’ll discuss later, caloric restriction and NDA go hand in hand.

If you take a supplement with pterostilbene, you’ll lose weight faster and accelerate the effect of NDA.

Elysium Health was on board with this levels of NAD+ research from the start, so originally they were the only brand that mixed NR and pterostilbene.

Elysium Health

However, a recent study showed that pterostilbene increases your bad cholesterol levels.

ChromaDex has also stopped commercializing pterostilbene after it’s been shown to increase LDL.

Taking that into account, I wouldn’t recommend any supplement which uses this substance.

Besides, Elysium has had various other problematic ingredients, like trace residue of toluene.

While this isn’t the most toxic artificial ingredient, it’s still a problem that Elysium didn’t disclose it’s manufacturing process to the FDA.

Nicotinamide Riboside Research! Do NAD-Boosting Supplements Have Anti-Aging Effects?

Low NAD lvls in the body are known to impair our mitochondrial function.

With age, our NAD lvls decline, so does the mitochondrial functionality.

Scientists suggest that increasing NAD lvls may delay aging and all the bad diseases that come with it.

What I’m interested in discovering if it is really true and if NAD really may help to delay aging and make us more energetic right away. Is there any product that can help? Possibly!

Anti-Aging Effects

Public interest in NAD has grown in the last few years as research started to pile up looking at the role of mitochondria decline that you can find in numerous age-related conditions and diseases, including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cancer.

Researchers are reviewing enzymes that are dependent on NAD, particularly sirtuins that seem to be vital in aging.

Nicotinamide riboside (NR) is a form of vitamin B3 (niacin) that is a NAD precursor. It boosts NAD levels and increases mitochondrial function. Some small amounts of NR can be found in some foods, that contain whey or yeast.

Nicotinamide RibosideResearchers into NAD precursors got a surprise when a study by famous scientists, printed in the Cell journal, discovered that injections of different precursorsrejuvenated mitochondria in old mice.

NR is marketed as a supplement called Niagen by a company that has licensed patents from the universities that discovered how to synthesize.

Also, a Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry is on the company’s advisory board.

The existing research shows some convincing results on animal trials.

These supplements are known to increase NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) levels in test animals.

Afterward, NAD helps the mitochondria release more energy.

In turn, more energy leads to enhanced DNA repairs and your body working better.

NAD lvls decrease with biological age, so that’s why NAD supplements are becoming more popular.

NAD and sirtuins appear after prolonged calorie-restrictive diets, and they’re also linked to Resveratrol.

This molecule is found in the skin of dark grapes and has a potential beneficial effect against aging.

Tru NiagenThat’s why Niagen can sell NR as well as other supplements.

The brand organized a small 6-week trial study you can find in Nature Communications.

The results show that NR can increase the NAD lvls in the bloodstreams of healthy older adults.

The catch is that the doses taken by the subjects were double the ones indicated on the label.

While this doesn’t show causation between increased NAD lvls and anti-aging, the company awaits FDA approval for its product, which they think can treat Cockayne syndrome.

This genetic disease is rare and determines children to age prematurely.

What Are the Benefits of NAD?

To answer this question, imagine all the risks of decreased NAD levels in the blood.

One consequence is neurodegeneration. Conversely, increased NAD levels can make you more alert, improve your memory and mental clarity.

Decreased NAD levels are also linked to vascular inflammation, increased fat storage in your liver and your adipose tissue, insulin resistance, fatigue and decreased muscle strength.

In turn, normal NAD lvls improve the health of your blood vessels, so you’re at less risk for heart issues.

NAD BenefitsNAD decreases the dangerous production of fat cells so that you can avoid illnesses such as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

With a normal production and deposition of fat, you can also avoid the risks of extra belly fat.

Normal NAD lvls allow your body to consume the extra blood glucose, so you have steady blood sugar levels.

With NAD activating your energy production in the mitochondria, your body will burn more fatty acid, giving muscles an excellent source of energy.

Instead of feeling fatigued, you’ll feel rested and strong.

NAD helps you fight the usual health problems associated with old age so that you can feel, think and act better.

Other NAD Precursors?

There are four NAD precursors you may have heard of:


NiacinNiacin is vitamin B3 you can find in flour and fortified milk.

Niacin improves overall cholesterol levels and raises good HDL cholesterol.

This is a safe and affordable product – so what should you be wary of?

Firstly, Niacin can give you flushes. Secondly, Niacin can’t increase NAD lvls in your brain or muscles, thus depriving you of certain health benefits like cognitive health.

Nicotinamide (NAM)

Nicotinamide, also known as Niacinamide, doesn’t lead to flushing, it’s been around for a while, and it’s not expensive.

Besides, it can increase NAD lvls in all tissues.

NicotinamideBut there are two issues with NAM. Firstly, it inhibits sirtuins – remember them from above?

Your body can’t repair your DNA or overhaul your cells without these proteins.

Basically, NAM defeats the purpose of NAD because your cells have more energy, but they can’t use it to repair themselves.

Another issue is that NAM’s results are poorer for older people and obese people.

It can even increase neurodegeneration and can’t reduce bad cholesterol levels.

Nicotinamide Riboside (NR)

Related to B3Your cells can use this molecule that’s related to vitamin B3 to create NAD.

The more stressed or battered your cells are, the more useful NR is to them.

You can find NR in milk, but you’d need to drink 75 gallons for just a dose.

That’s why Nicotinamide Riboside products are a good idea. NR doesn’t have any of the side effects above; no flushes, no sirtuin inhibition, and no limited availability in your body.

The studies aren’t extremely conclusive, though, and the price is a bit high.

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN)

NMN is NR with an extra phosphate molecule. However, this molecular addition means that NMN is too big to get into your cells so that it can increase NAD.

Nicotinamide MononucleotideThat’s why your body transforms NMN into NR, which can then replenish NAD levels.

Mice test trials show that’s possible, but the downside is that this process takes longer.

Besides, who knows if your kidneys can effectively get rid of all the extra phosphate?

The extra molecule leads to a price increase, seeing as it’s more expensive to make NMN than NR.

So an NMN supplement costs double than an NR supplement, though it’s five times less effective.

Is Nicotinamide Riboside Safe?

The short answer: yes. The longer answer is eponymous to the name of this article here: Chronic nicotinamide riboside supplementation is well-tolerated and elevates NAD+ in healthy middle-aged and older adults.

This study above is extremely clear to the benefits and safety of taking NR, but there is other research that shows the same thing.

Improving Brain Health

NR can actively increase NAD levels; it improves brain health, makes you livelier, and gives you more energy.

It works for older people; it’s effective and well-tolerated.

Pro tip: The best time to take NAD supplements is in the morning, on an empty stomach.

Nicotinamide Riboside Side Effects

Some people have reported mild to moderate side effects, such as fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, headaches, diarrhea, stomach discomfort and indigestion.

The dosage of 1000mg of NAD+ supplement to 2000mg daily for humans has no dangerous effects. Animal test trials show no harmful effects either.

The only issue is that these human studies are short-term and involve few subjects.

There are no warnings against the use of nicotinamide riboside supplements.

I would like to see more extensive tests with plenty of participants observed throughout a few months or longer.

That said, the current studies show that NR can cause a bit of nausea, headaches, stomach discomfort, and tiredness.

Besides, NR doesn’t cause facial flushing like niacin.

How Can I Increase My NAD Naturally?

Sulforaphane is an antioxidant that helps protect our cells from cellular damage and boosts our antioxidant defenses. There are many different ways to boost our NAD levels naturally. Here are some tips to get you started: It’s just a matter of finding out which ones are the best for boosting your NAD lvls. Elevate your Sulforaphane intake: As mentioned earlier, it’s possible to boost your Sulforaphane levels by eating celery, dandelions, parsley, and leeks.

As mentioned earlier, it’s possible to boost your Sulforaphane levels by eating celery, dandelions, parsley, and leeks. Supplement with Sulforaphane: Sulforaphane is also available as a supplement, but is currently not approved for use in the UK. It is available in the US, but you can read more about it in our expert view on low-dose Vitamin D3. There are a few natural ways that can help increase NAD+ supplements, boosters precursors naturally but it is really very little compared to the number of nutrients that can be taken to increase this nutrient in the body. The best way to improve your NAD lvls is by using the ketogenic diet. It is full of high-quality fat which will help you burn fat faster. You can also eat certain foods that have the ability to strengthen your vitamin D and B-12 levels, which will help you build your NAD naturally.

Can NAD Reverse Aging?

Aging raises the level of the metabolism-suppressing molecule NAD in our blood. A daily supplement of NAD or NAD+ reduces the signs of aging. In 2006, Dr. Dongsheng Cai and his colleagues from the University of Texas investigated the molecular pathways in the cells of the fruit fly, Drosophila, that are affected by the increase of NAD+ levels. They observed that a gene called Bcl-2 was expressed more strongly in old flies. This gene is a key factor for the survival of aging cells in our body. When they increased NAD+ levels in old and young flies, they found that the expression of Bcl-2 decreased, suggesting that this protein is important for the survival of cells.

Moreover, they investigated which biological factors also affect the expression of Bcl-2. They found that an amino acid called methionine plays a crucial role in regulating the expression of the Bcl-2 gene. In a similar manner, scientists from the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIB) observed that the reduction of NAD+ levels impairs the biosynthesis of the coenzyme Mp-1, which is also essential for the survival of cells in our body. In such a way, we should not ignore the quality control of our bodies. NAD+ level must be monitored to keep our body in shape and to stay healthy.

Does Niacin Increase NAD?

Yes, but only in your liver and it is not known how much is getting into a cell.

Therefore, niacin supplements – or vitamin B3 – can help reduce bad cholesterol levels.

Niacin doesn’t have other anti-aging results, like improved memory function, more cellular energy, less muscle fatigue, or improved cardiovascular health.

Which is Better Resveratrol or Pterostilbene?

Pterostilbene, which is what anyone can purchase from Vitamin World or any drug store, has many important biological activities, including protection of DNA, wound healing, and limiting inflammation. It also reduces blood pressure and seems to block the high levels of hormones that have been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Resveratrol on the other hand is a natural compound in red wine, and grapes in general, that has been extensively studied for its health-promoting properties. And it does have powerful anti-aging and cancer-fighting effects. Researchers in Japan also have found that resveratrol, when consumed in combination with the body’s own antioxidant supply, can greatly slow the aging process and even reverse the signs of aging. Some of the more well-studied effects of resveratrol are helping prevent cancer.

Which is Better Nmn or NAD?

Though nothing is going to replace the health benefits of a regular detox diet, if your body is getting lazy you can rest assured that it will eventually take action and start putting the carbs back into the system. For most people, although their bodies want a higher level of carbs, they don’t actually crave it. It is actually their body’s natural process to put the excess fuel right back into the body.

So the way to reverse it is to simply remove the extra fuel from your system and see the result! This is actually pretty easy to do, and you only need to do this once or twice a year to see the results. For maximum results, I like to drink 2 liters of detox water per day. Each day, I will drink 1 liter of water, then one of alkaline water.

How to Increase NAD Levels Naturally

If you don’t think there’s such a thing as a miracle pill, here are some ways to increase NAD+ levels:

You can start a ketogenic diet, which is high in fat and low in carbs, to improve your energy metabolism.

When your body burns fat instead of glucose to get energy, you’re in ketosis.

Increase NAD Levels NaturallyIn ketosis, your NAD+ levels increase, so your body can fight free radicals and slow down the effects of aging.

Intermittent fasting increases NAD+ because you’re restricting your caloric intake, which leads to increased sirtuin production.

Intermittent fasting is a cell regenerator and boosts your metabolism, unlike traditional calorie-restrictive diets.

Oxaloacetate is another way of increasing your NAD levels because it transforms into malate in your body. Malate increases your energy and acts much like caloric restriction on your NAD.

That said, I strongly vouch for Tru Niagen from ChromaDex as the best Nicotinamide Riboside supplement. It’s the best NAD supplement out there, with proven effects, and a Nobel laureate in Chemistry helps manufacture it.


Best Curcumin Supplement

7 Best Curcumin Supplements (2021) | Which Form Is Effective?

Julia StearnsCurcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric. It has been known for some time that curcumin can provide amazing benefits. There are a lot of supplements on the market today that claim to offer a large dose of curcumin.

With hundreds of options to choose from, how do you determine the best curcumin supplement?

We took a look at the top choices for curcumin in hopes of helping you find the best choice for your supplement routine.

One of the biggest problems with curcumin is that it has poor bioavailability.

Turmeric curcuminIt found naturally in turmeric is not readily absorbed by the human body. Many companies simply take the curcumin out of turmeric and curcuminput it in a pill.

While you will get some pros from eating turmeric, there are better ways of consuming curcumin to maximize its effectiveness.

Some companies have found ways to increase the bioavailability of curcumin by combining it with another substance.

When you are looking for a supplement to take, we recommend one that has utilized natural ways of increasing bioavailability.

In this review, you will find an overview of a handful of supplements that have done just that, as well as some useful information on curcumin and its benefits.

Best Curcumin Supplement Products (Bioavailable Forms)


1. Thorne Research Meriva SF

Meriva SF

Thorne Research’s Meriva SF compound is one of the best curcumin supplements. Thorne Research has to lead the way in understanding natural compounds and how to make them more available to the human body.

With over 30 clinical studies on Meriva SF, you can trust that it has a proven track record of success.

Meriva is 20% curcumin and 80% phospholipids. The phospholipids are there to bind with the curcumin and make it absorbable in the body.

The phospholipids in this supplement are unique to the company and were designed for maximum bioavailability.

Meriva Supplement Facts

They have named this ingredient Phytosome. Phytosome improves the ability of the body to keep and use curcumin.

One of the research studies for Meriva was done with 9 participants with an average age of 35. Each participant took a small dosage of Meriva, a large dosage of Meriva, or a placebo mixture.

The findings from the study showed that lower dosages of Meriva improve the bioavailability of curcumin compared to other curcumin supplements.

The Meriva form supplement is the best organic turmeric supplement, primarily because of the encouraging research findings and overwhelmingly positive consumer reports.

This product is absolutely one of the best on the market in 2021. It is my #1 choice. If you have been looking for a bioavailable supplement from a trusted company, then Meriva SF products are an excellent choice.


2. Jarrow Formulas

Jarrow Formulas

Jarrow Formulas Curcumin products also use the Meriva compound and Phytosome in the supplement. Meriva is a patented compound that is shown to increase the bioavailability of curcumin.

Jarrow Formulas leased that compound for their supplement. It is free of gluten, wheat, egg, dairy, fish, and peanuts. It is also vegan-friendly.

When comparing the two companies, both will provide you with an excellent source of bioavailable curcumin.

With Thorne Research, you are getting the same product from a better reviewed and established company.

Jarrow Formulas Curcumin Phytosome is a good choice if you are already buying products from them and you want to add the Meriva form to your supplement routine. However, the same product is also available through an extremely trustworthy brand -Thorne Research.



3. CurcuminRich by Natural Factors

CurcuminRich by Natural Factors

CurcuminRich by Natural Factors supplement products uses Theracurmin to increase the bioavailability of their curcumin. This compound is 10% curcumin and 90% other curcuminoids.

Theracurmin was patented by Theravalues Corporation, a Japanese company. This compound is new to the supplement market, but large amounts of clinical research studies have been conducted on Theracurmin and found to increase the bioavailability of curcumin.

CurcuminRich by Natural Factors is the best choice if you are looking for an all-natural way to take curcumin that uses Theracurmin.

These capsules contain 60 mg of Theracurmin curcumin each, and they are vegan-friendly and non-GMO. The company, Natural Factors, puts its supplements through rigorous testing.



4. 1MD Advanced X285

Advanced Turmeric Curcumin X285

1MD products use the compound Longvida in their Advanced Turmeric X285. Longvida is 80% phospholipids and 20% curcumin. It’s similar to BioPerine because producers use the same turmeric supplements with curcumin.

However, the BioPerine formula does not contain curcumin, whereas Longvida does. It was designed and patented for two reasons; to make curcumin easier for the body to retain and help treat specific health conditions.

There has been a considerable amount of research on the effectiveness of Longvida.

The company 1MD is a trusted supplement company that prides itself on quality and purity. If you are looking for a curcumin supplement that uses Longvida, then this is a good choice.

The 285 in the name represents the turmeric supplement’s proven ability to be 285 times more bioavailable than turmeric. The pills are vegan-friendly and non-GMO. Each capsule contains 400 mg of Longvida.



5. Vita Balance Turmeric Plus

Vita Balance Turmeric Plus

What is the most potent turmeric supplement?


The Turmeric Curcumin Plus formula made by Vita Balance includes BioPerine. BioPerine was designed to be taken with a curcumin supplement.

The specific percentage of BioPerine that should be used with curcumin is around 1%.

BioPerine has gone through many clinical research studies, which have proven that taking BioPerine improves the safety and efficiency of other supplements.

A variety of supplement producers use it in their products including Vita Balance.

This supplement is an excellent choice for a clean turmeric supplements that includes the BioPerine agent to make it more bioavailable.

Vita Balance products are from a trusted company that only uses 100 percent natural ingredients made in the USA. Each two-capsule serving has 1200 mg of turmeric, 100 mg of curcuminoids, and 10 mg of BioPerine.

6. TC With Bioperine by Vimerson Health

Turmeric Curcumin by Vimerson Health

One of the best brands in this space is Vimerson Health. Its researches and manufactures turmeric curcumin with the BioPerine supplement.

Consumers can feel safe when purchasing their products. A good sign for consumers purchasing this compound is that it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if there is no joint pain relief or discomfort relief.

The product is made with an organic formula, which is GMO, gluten, dairy, and soy-free. Also, all products that are made by VH products do not contain hormones, preservatives, or antibiotics.

Turmeric Curcumin with BioPerine is manufactured in the United States, so customers can feel confident that the product was produced with the highest level of care, quality, and safety.



7. Purity Labs Organic Supplement with Black Pepper

Purity Labs Organic Turmeric Curcumin Supplement

For thousands of years, turmeric extract and curcumin have been used to improve joint, cardiovascular, and liver health. This curcumin supplement with pepper piperine from Purity Labs has been considered as the best turmeric supplement with black pepper extract.

As discussed previously, turmeric is quickly metabolized within the liver and intestines; in other words, your body cannot optimally absorb the compound.

Black pepper extract can be added to supplements to increase the body’s absorption of turmeric. This supplement may help with the following symptoms and conditions:

  • Help joints pain and back pain
  • Improve cardiovascular well-being
  • Increase energy
  • Lower levels of inflammation
  • Digestion disorders
  • 120 capsules
  • At least 95 percent of curcuminoids
  • Improve neurological function


Purity Labs promise that the following ingredients will never be found in any of their organic turmeric supplements: Trans fats, preservatives, soy, sugar, dairy, artificial colors or flavors, gluten, GMOs, and wheat.

Purity Labs is so confident in their product that each purchase comes with a one-year, 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. It’s not very often you find that kind of guarantee in a supplement or dietary product.

The superior formula of Purity Labs Turmeric Curcumin Supplement and Purity Lab’s proven track record of manufacturing useful products has led to this supplement being named the top turmeric supplements with black pepper extraction on the market in 2020.

A1 Vitality – Bonus


As a nation, we don’t get the credit we deserve for our health and well-being, but we’re pushing ahead. And as things stand, turmeric is up there as one of the jewels in our crown.

While our strength training/weightlifting techniques may not always have the requisite support from science and research (somehow, an effective and exciting way to challenge yourself in the gym is lost on a lot of gym-goers) turmeric has it in spades. In fact, according to the current evidence, it seems to be doing so much more than that. And you only have to look at this fabulous drink for proof.

It’s no secret that turmeric powder has a huge amount of well-being-boosting properties. It contains several bioactive compounds, including curcumin, the active constituent of turmeric (also known as the golden spice). This compound is well-known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. These include, but aren’t limited to, treating various ailments, including arthritis, cataracts, Alzheimer’s, and HIV/AIDS. At A1 Vitality, we’re not the only ones in town – plenty of commercial brands (under other names) make this very drink. So how do you choose?

The key to choosing the best turmeric product is the potency and formulation of the supplement. In order for the turmeric to activate and provide its healing properties, it needs to be at a concentrated level, so some products contain curcumin at 100% concentration. Others contain even more powder. This is fine, as it means there is an even greater focus on the medicinal pros of turmeric, but the downside is you don’t get the pros of extra potency.

Products not includedin this review:

  • Garden of Life mykind Organics Extra Strength Turmeric

What is Curcumin?

It is a yellow compound that is produced by specific plants like turmeric. It is manufactured and distributed in the form of a supplement. It is also an ingredient in cosmetic products, flavoring, and food coloring.

The compound has been known to have antioxidant properties. It has also been shown to treat and dull pain, as well as improve levels of depression.

Dietary Supplements that are composed of curcumin are thought to have several benefits. It helps with the human body’s manufacturing of three specific antioxidants.

CurcuminThese antioxidants include superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione. Research has indicated that curcumin has several beneficial applications.

For instance, the chemical may decrease the pace at which some forms of cancer develop which can make it potentially useful to take curcumin supplements for cancer prevention (talk to your doctor first to find out what the doctor recommended). It may also improve cognitive function in individuals with deficiencies related to aging.

This unique compound may be capable of improving cardiovascular well-being. It also may be able to lower the likelihood of developing diabetes.

The mixture can also help heal some medical conditions related to diabetes. It has been shown to have poor bioavailability when consumed orally. In other words, when you consume curcumin orally, it is not well-retained by the body.

Thus, curcumin must be made more bioavailable. The chemical’s bioavailability can be increased by combining it with piperine.

Turmeric vs Curcumin vs. Cumin

The comparison of curcumin, turmeric, and cumin can be troublesome. First, let’s examine the differences between curcumin and cumin.

Curcumin vs Turmeric vs Cumin

The two have different features and present unique benefits to users. Curcumin is a component of turmeric.

Turmeric belongs to the ginger family of plants. It most often used as a spice to change the color of foods into a yellow-ish or gold-ish hue.

Benefits of Curcumin

Ancient medical experts from Asia have been using it as a healing agent for hundreds of years.

More recently, it has been studied and researched in a broad variety of settings.

The primary reason that curcumin is being investigated and reviewed is for the healing and antioxidant advantages.

When being used for its antioxidant properties, it seeks out and destroys harmful molecules.

Anti-InflammatoryThese toxic molecules, also known as “free radicals,” harm healthy cells and can cause chronic conditions.

It also has anti-inflammatory effects. Research has shown that the substance may be useful in the treatment and prevention of diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and several others.

It does have some negative features. It has poor bioavailability properties, and the human body does not retain it well.

Research studies show that curcumin may be most effective when it is combined with another substance, such as piperine.

Benefits of Cumin

Cumin is a plant but is often seen and used in powder form. It’s is found in chili and curry powders or on its own as a spice. Additionally, cumin possesses certain advantages.

The main component of cumin is an oil, which is known as cuminaldehyde. This oil has been known to have antimicrobial and antifungal features.

Cuminaldehyde ComponentResearch has shown that this special oil prevents the formation of certain bacteria, which also turns it into a good option as a food preservative.

Further studies have shown that cumin may be effective at slowing stomach or gastrointestinal issues.

Cumin also contains large amounts of iron. Iron is an essential and beneficial component of a healthy diet. Also, it is reported to help with weight loss, though the evidence is anecdotal.

Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric can be easily identified due to the substance’s bright yellow color. People use turmeric for different purposes all over the world.

In India, people use turmeric to help with skin, stomach, and inflammatory problems. Turmeric also contains curcumin, which provides its own unique set of advantages.

Pros of TurmericThus, most of the advantages that can be attributed to It apply to turmeric as well.

Turmeric may also have several beneficial properties that curcumin does not have. For example, research indicates that turmeric can be useful in the fight against Parkinson’s disease.

Many scientists attribute the advantages of turmeric to plant-based compounds. Studies suggest that curcumin and turmeric can decrease the growth of fungus in the body.

The same studies show that turmeric may be more effective than curcumin. More research needs to be done to determine the effects of independently using turmeric, curcumin, and cumin. Supplements are available as pill and turmeric powder form

Curcumin Bioavailability and Absorption – How to Take

When curcumin is consumed without any extra supplement, the compound is not well-retained. There are a few methods that help the body absorb and retain supplements.

  1. Creating a combination of curcumin and piperine, which is a component of black pepper
  2. Creating a mix of curcumin with specific lipids

The first method of combining curcumin with piperine is taking 500 mg. Then, take 20mg of piperine. You should take this supplement combination three times daily.

The second method of taking curcumin is by combining it with specific lipids, such as BCM-95 or Meriva.

What medications should not be taken with turmeric supplements?

  • Cimetidine (Tagamet)
  • Famotidine (Pepcid)
  • Omeprazole.
  • Lansoprazole (Prevacid)
  • Ranitidine (Zantac)
  • Esomeprazole (Nexium)


Let’s take a deeper look at the compound BCM-95 that is used in many supplements. BCM-95 is 86% curcuminoids, and around 8% essential oils.

It is made by Progressive Labs, which was founded in 1992. They focus on the research and development of well-being supplements. Like the other compounds, BCM-95 is used in many brands of supplements.

BCM-95The first unique property of BCM-95 is that is 100% turmeric. This composition creates a more natural supplement, which is unlike including other ingredients.

The website for Progressive Labs states that there have been fourteen clinical research trials, as well as two studies related to the bioavailability.

Extra research has focused on the supplement helping with specific well-being conditions like joint health, urinary tract health, mental health, and stress reduction, as well as neurological function, and breast, prostate, and liver well-being.

Research on BMC-95 tried to compare the compound to Longvida and Theracurmin.

Additionally, the study focused on bioavailability. The findings from the research state that BCM-95 may have broad medical applications.


Curcumin and Turmeric Health Benefits

Curcumin and turmeric both have components that could bring users advantages. The following are some of the known or suggested benefits that the two supplements can provide, supported by clinical research.

Research has demonstrated that both compounds are antiinflammatory. These properties help with the symptoms of Osteoarthritis.

Curcumin ProsClinical studies have shown that the anti-inflammatory of both supplements assists in regulating body fat.

Both compounds have been studied in clinical trials with an emphasis on their effect on certain cardiovascular conditions and heart disease. Research shows that they can decrease harmful LDL cholesterol levels.

Reduced LDL cholesterol can lower the likelihood of developing certain cardiovascular and heart conditions. Research studies indicate that both compounds could increase metabolism and lower blood sugar.

This finding could result in a reduction of the adverse effects of diabetes on the human body.

Research conducted on rats demonstrated that these compounds assisted in the protection of the liver from chronic damage.

LDL CholesterolThis protection is achieved by decreasing negative oxidative pressure. Clinical studies on the effect of the compound on cancer are ongoing; however, early results say that the mixture could decrease cancer cells in some regions of the body.

Studies also indicate that both supplement compounds can fight off fungus-related cells.

This finding demonstrates that the compounds could be used in combination with other fungus medicines to improve the outlook of patients with fungal conditions.

Studies show that both compounds have potent antibacterial properties. These properties could decrease how quickly health condition-causing bacteria grow.

Curcumin Benefits That You May Not Find in Turmeric for Specific Conditions

It is known to be an essential component of turmeric. Studies have begun to focus on the isolation of curcumin to figure out if it has pros without being a part of turmeric.

It has already been shown to have potent antioxidant properties.

Benefits Antioxidant

The compound can assist in healing certain wounds due to its antibacterial nature.

Research studies that involved animal subjects state that curcumin reduces the properties of diabetes better than turmeric. It may decrease the likelihood of contracting osteoporosis.

There is no debate that it has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory supplementation. This can prove beneficial to people who have diabetes and osteoporosis.

How a Curcumin Can Help you Deal with Inflammation

The main reason that people turn to curcumin supplements is for their anti-inflammatory supplementation to fight inflammation. These supplements contain many curcuminoids.

PGE2Research shows that these curcuminoids work in the human body to inhibit PGE2, the hormone that increases inflammation.

The best supplement may be one that increases curcumin’s bioavailability.

What are the most potent turmeric supplements?

Which curcumin is best for inflammation?

Unfortunately, it is really poorly absorbed. It really helps to consume supplement which contains piperine (black pepper extract), a natural substance that increases the absorption of curcumin by 2,000%;

The best supplements contain piperine, substantially increasing their effectiveness.

The complex is also fat-soluble, so it may be a good idea to take it with a fatty meal.

Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Curcumin

Inflammation is an important defense mechanism of the human body. The primary cause of inflammation is to stop foreign bodies from entering the body as well as fixing the damage.

If we didn’t evolve the inflammation defense, certain types of bacteria that are benign today could be deadly.

Does turmeric help inflammation?

Chronic Inflammation Types Research on curcumin demonstrates that its properties match the most popular anti-inflammation medications.

As an added benefit, curcumin doesn’t carry the same possibility of adverse side effects and can be used long term.

What are the side effects of curcumin?

A small number of people may experience some really mild side effects if taken at higher doses. These may include:

  • Digestive issues
  • Headache and nausea: 450 mg or more may cause some nausea & headache in a small number of people;
  • Skin rash: After taking a dose of 8,000 mg or more, some people have reported a skin rash;

Chronic inflammation (inflammatory response)  is a property of some of the most common diseases in the world. Several studies show that curcumin can decrease the number of inflammation molecules.


One of the most prominent properties of aging and several diseases is oxidative harm.

Oxidative damage comes from important molecules that react to natural substances in the body.

Antioxidant PropertiesAntioxidants are beneficial because they protect the body from the free radicals mentioned earlier.

Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant, which is used to inhibit those free radicals.

Research indicates that curcumin can increase the human body’s natural antioxidant enzymes.

Curcumin employs a two-factor approach to inhibiting harmful oxidative molecules.

It works by first inhibiting the toxic particles; then, it increases the body’s ability to use its antioxidant protection.

Some popular supplements I decided to include in this review for various reasons: Doctor’s Best Curcumin From Turmeric Root Extract, North American Herb & Spice Oregamax, Life Extension Curcumin Elite Turmeric Extract, Sports Research Turmeric Curcumin C3 Complex

Who Should Not Take Turmeric?

Studies have shown turmeric does not lower blood pressure. In fact, some research suggests it may increase blood pressure. Turmeric does not lower cholesterol levels, the mineral content of which may cause inflammation. Many have observed that turmeric has a very light coloring, so if you have a history of food allergies or sensitivities it’s best to stay away. Very high dosages of turmeric are associated with severe abdominal pains and stomach cramps. These side effects are so common that it has earned the nickname “turmerone” and was given to treat the pancreatic disorder Clenbuterol.

In one study, in which nine people were given 3 grams (1 teaspoon) of turmeric a day for 21 days, two people suffered serious side effects including diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and stomach pain. There’s also been a case of death associated with turmeric overdose. People who take the drug regularly have reported that they experience these side effects for months or even years afterward. It’s very important to check with your physician before taking turmeric or turmerone.

Is Curcumin Safe to Take Daily?

Over 90 percent of the world’s population is deficient in this nutrient, which means you need to eat large amounts of turmeric. If your body has been chronically deprived, a couple of turmeric supplements should be enough to be considered safe for everyone. Back to Basics on the Benefits of Curcumin. Cancer: Is your turmeric supplementation enhancing your body’s ability to fight cancerous tumors? According to a study conducted in Japan, at least three different types of tumors appeared to be suppressed, when taken regularly.

Diabetes: According to a Danish study, turmeric is highly effective against inflammation caused by diabetes. This increase in inflammation is key to the process of stimulating and accelerating insulin production in the body. Heart Disease: Dietary supplements have been found to decrease LDL cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterol), improving the chances of maintaining cardiovascular health. Alzheimer’s Disease: According to a study by a team of Dutch and Italian researchers, taking 100 milligrams of curcumin daily could help.

Doctor Recommended Turmeric Curcumin

The latest update of the Vitamin D Council’s 2017 Vitamin D Status Report stated that a combination of turmeric and curcumin—the chemically active component of turmeric—takes longer to reach maximum absorption than one single vitamin, but is still recommended as the highest potential of a multivitamin supplement in everyday use. Turmeric contains an impressive amount of curcumin in a relatively safe form, which could promote and maintain the health benefits of this important herb,” said the study’s author, Mignon Girault.

Whether you’re looking to get the most out of your nutrient-rich, antioxidant-packed turmeric or want to remove turmeric’s bitter taste from your life forever, the discovery of this research may just be the solution you’ve been looking for. It is reported that while it takes a little over a day for a curcumin supplement to reach maximum absorption.

Final Words on What Best Turmeric Supplements to Take

There wasn’t much suspense at the beginning of this article. The Meriva Form, Thorne Research – SF Meriva supplement, was named the best organic turmeric supplement of 2020.

Also, the Piperine Form, Organic and gluten-free Turmeric Curcumin Supplement by Purity Labs, is the best turmeric supplement that contains black pepper.

Presence of Black PepperCustomers can purchase these supplements with confidence that they will perform the function that they are supposed to.

There is no definitive answer about which supplement is better for any individual. The majority of research related to these compounds focuses on specific forms.

These forms contain large amounts of curcumin, or curcumin by itself.

The most important factor to consider when choosing turmeric supplements is to make sure there is black pepper added into the formula. The presence of black pepper will increase the body’s ability to absorb and keep the turmeric.

If you interested in longevity, read my buying guide about top anti-aging pills here.

Is It Safe to Use Massage Chair During Pregnancy

Is it Safe to Use a Massage Chair During Pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe. A few massage chair manufacturers recommend that women who are pregnant not use massage chairs due to concern that pressure point stimulation causes premature labor. But there’s no real evidence that can support this claim.

Think about it this way: What can be better for you and your baby than a soothing, relaxing massage during your pregnancy time?

A pregnant woman follows specific guidelines to keep herself and the baby safe.

The doctor emphasizes the need to abide by these guidelines and precautions. She is advised to avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, eat nutritious and healthy foods to create a healthy growing environment for the baby.

Often, pregnant wonder how safe it is to use during pregnancy.

Massage During PregnancyCan pamper your body with a shiatsu massager bring harm to the fetus or mother?

Pregnant women are advised to do light exercises, go for gentle walks.

The soothing vibrations from a good designed best massage chair have a lesser impact on the fetus than exercise or walking.

Having a prenatal and postnatal massage has relaxing and therapeutic benefits.

It is one effective way to reduce stress and lift your spirits during pregnancy.

A shiatsu massage chair will reduce neck pain, lower back pain, headache as well as fatigue associated with pregnancy.

It lowers blood pressure, swelling of the feet and hand as well as enhances posture.

Using during pregnancy is safe and highly beneficial; it is advisable you purchase a shiatsu model to reduce the rigors of pregnancy.

The shiatsu massage chair uses sweeping, pressing, patting, rolling, and rotating movements to help you feel better.

Is it Safe to Sit on a Vibrating Massage Chair During Pregnancy?

A massage can bring heavenly feelings, but what benefits does it offer during pregnancy?

Relief Leg and Back Pain

Back PainMany women experience leg and lower back pain during pregnancy.

The fetus is developing and needs plenty of space for growth, thereby putting pressure on your body.

Getting a vibrating back massager can relieve this pain to a large extent.

Lowers Stress

A prenatal massaging helps lower anxiety, stress, depression and manage hormonal levels

Makes Labor Easy

Studies have shown that massaging therapy helps reduce the chances of postnatal depression as well as ensures shorter labor.  Labor duration is also reduced by almost 3 hours.

Eliminate the Risk of Having a Premature Birth

A vibrating body massaging helps reduce the risk of having your baby prematurely contrary to belief.

The Need for Medication is Reduced During Pregnancy.

Mood Enhancement

The lower back and leg pain associated with pregnancy brings discomfort which can put pregnant in a bad mood.

You are taking a few minutes in the vibrating back massager while pregnant will soothe the pains and aches and lift your spirits.

Use of Lotions

Women develop a keen sense of smell during pregnancy.

The therapist employs the use of lotions, oils, or creams for therapies, using a massaging recliner does not require any of these ointments.

Massage Chairs Boost Your Immune System

Boosts Your Imunne SystemStudies have shown getting a massage can boost your immunity.

Massage therapy stimulates the production of lymphocytes which are responsible for defending the body against harmful foreign bodies.

Women who love massage chairs will receive these therapeutic benefits right in their homes.

When the unpleasant feeling of pains, aches, or associated symptoms sets in, taking a few minutes to relax in your massaging chair will bring you great relief.

When is it Unsafe for Pregnant Women to Use the Massage Chairs?

The Pregnancy period is a difficult period. This time is characterized by emotional as well as hormonal changes in the body; the pregnant woman is in a state of flux.

Peculiar health conditions and other specific concerns make it inadvisable to use a vibrating chair without approval from a qualified health professional.

Read this guide if you are a tall woman!

These Conditions are as follows:

  • Obesity and a hard time fitting into the massage chair, avoid using it
  • Suffering from a medical condition called preeclampsia, avoid the massage recliner
  • Women having high-risk pregnancies should be cautious with the use of the massage recliner
  • She having extreme swelling or edema should avoid the massaging recliner
  • Patient with a documented history of miscarriage or preterm labor should avoid it
  • If you are experiencing severe headache, restrain from using a massage recliner
  • When you are suffering from shooting or acute lower back pain, also avoid the use of the massaging recliner
  • Time spent on it should not be more than 15 – 20 minutes, no matter how soothing the experience, don’t be tempted.
  • Don’t apply too much pressure on your growing belly during the third trimester. If you are too big for the massage recliner don’t squeeze in, don’t use it.
  • Avoid all stress in whatever form generated from using the massage chair at all cost.

Are Massage Chairs Safe In Early Pregnancy?

Some spas don’t give massages to pregnant women in early pregnancy for liability reasons.

Nevertheless, highly skilled therapists will provide massages to pregnant women as the benefits outweigh the risks.

Early Pregnancy And Chair

However, the therapist avoids working under the lower pelvic area near the uterus of women in the first trimester, as well as avoid deep tissue massaging; the risk outweighs the benefits at this stage.

A massaging chair is a piece of tech that is unable to make the necessary adjustments and precautions.

The first three months is the most delicate and the easiest of the trimesters to lose a child.

Your body is not configured to handle the increased stimuli at this stage.

If you are planning on getting a body massage or you already have one, use it under supervision in the first trimester.

Common Misconceptions About the Massage Chair

Getting Massages Can Cause Miscarriage

No MissariageThere is no scientific evidence that shows a correlation between miscarriage, pregnancy, and vibrating massages.

The Heating Modules In a Massage Chair are Dangerous

There is a widespread belief that heating modules can cause hyperthermia, a precursor to other congenital disabilities.

Heat Therapy In ChairHealth advisors advise pregnant women in the first trimester to stay away from hot baths and saunas.

However, massage heat modules pose no threat of inducing hyperthermia.

When you sit on the massaging chair, the heat is directed to your calves or back.

The heat produced by these modules is not high enough to increase your overall body temperature, you stand no risk of overheating.

Can I Use a Neck Massager While Pregnant?

When I was pregnant with my first son, I had a friend who was only 24 weeks along, and she asked if I’d consider her getting a neck massage. Of course, I said yes. You just never know, right? Who knew it would be a life-saving gesture? Just days before my son was born, she came over and lay down on my couch while I massaged her neck. I remember looking at her thinking: “Really? This is it?” —and she was so grateful for my help. I was too. She went into labor and gave birth three days later. Now, I do neck massages for people all the time. Some health experts argue that physical therapies like massages, yoga, pilates, and acupuncture are still safe for pregnant women, especially when done on a recommended schedule (before delivery, during pregnancy, and at birth). For some, massage therapy is as beneficial as vitamin D supplementation. A 2010 study published in the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists found that people who received at least two sessions per week during pregnancy had lower levels of fatigue, depression, anxiety, and stress.

It’s good for the baby, too, according to another study published in the journal Reproductive BioMedicine Online, which found that regular therapy can improve the newborn’s oxygen levels and movement. As for neck massages, they may not be right for everyone, but they can be very beneficial, says Dr. Loralei Thornburg, an OB-GYN at the Yale University School of Medicine, because it helps babies turn more often. “Because the baby’s skull is still malleable at that stage, one of the best ways to facilitate a baby to turn during a cervical descent is by applying gentle pressure to the head and neck,” she says. For some pregnant people, a specific type —called the FysioTherapy method—can help with pain relief and relaxation during labor, says Thornburg, but there’s no hard-and-fast evidence that any of the specific types are better than others for easing labor pain.

Can Vibrations Hurt a Fetus?

Fetal movements are considered normal and good because they encourage the fetus to develop faster and regulate the temperature of the uterus. Most healthy fetuses will move some during the first half of pregnancy and continue to move up to the third trimester. But sometimes a fetus will move more than normal, causing concern. Here are some things to watch out for when it comes to your baby’s movements. Excessive movement.

If your baby is not practicing normal movement patterns, then it’s a sign that something is wrong. This could be a sign of fetal distress, said Dr. Kathleen G. Dunn, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Michigan and a spokeswoman for the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. If you are experiencing mild to severe contractions, your doctor should see you in person or recommend an emergency ultrasound to check for abnormalities in the placenta, the baby’s brain, and the amniotic sac.

Is a Vibrating Bed Safe During Pregnancy?

Enlarge this image toggle caption noamgrubb/Getty Images noamgrubb/Getty Images. The latest generation of dopplers, which look like pacemakers, are used to keep tabs on an unborn child’s heartbeat. They’re accurate to within a tenth of a beat, and if a problem occurs, a doctor can take the sound from the fetal monitor and listen to the fetal heartbeat with headphones on a nearby screen to diagnose the problem. Now researchers have developed a doppler for fetuses that helps parents listen to the heartbeat during pregnancy.

Their invention, called the HeartTalk Doppler, takes a different approach to fetal monitoring, one that could help women who, for medical reasons, want to spend more time with their babies in the womb. The device works by sending a low-power pulsed radiofrequency into the mother’s abdomen, and then the pulsed signals are transmitted to a monitor nearby, where a woman can see them on a screen and hear the heartbeat.

The Chair’s Magnetic Field Can Harm Your Baby

Many home appliances generate an electromagnetic field when in use.

The magnetic field is often used in alternative medicine for healing purposes.

Magnetic Field Massage chairSome models come with magnetic field therapy; there is no scientific evidence showing the detrimental effect of magnetic fields on fetus health.

The fetus is fortified with layers of fat, tissue, and muscles while in vivo, any minuscule effect is countered by these barriers.

Final Words

Go ahead, pamper your body, the massage chair is safe and healthy during pregnancy.

You will get great benefits when used during this period.

Quite many women have attested to the benefits of using the shiatsu massage chair during pregnancy, and none reported complications.

They have had healthier pregnancies, reduced stress, reduced back pain, and of course a lovely baby.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick Supplement

Dr. Rhonda Patrick Diet (Review 2021): What, Why & How She Eats

Just like Dr. David Sinclair, Dr. Rhonda Patrick believes that a wholesome diet and comprehensive exercise routine can delay the effects of aging.

But who is Dr. Rhonda Patrick, and why should you care what she has to say on the matter?

In the article below, you can read all her qualifications. She’s a scientist who wants to explain her findings so that everyone can understand them, and so that everyone can be their best, healthiest version.

We’ve followed her on social media, watched most of her interviews and podcasts, and so this article was born. We’ll detail the main principles behind her philosophy, and explain why she believes that food can slow down aging and keep illness at bay.

From the food she eats to the supplements she takes, we have Dr Rhonda Patrick uncovered just below.

The Dr Rhonda Patrick Diet Plan & Supplements: (Updated 2021)

Before getting to the supplements part, let’s get the wiki on Dr Patrick.

Who is Rhonda Patrick?

Dr. Rhonda Patrick is an American biochemist. She has her PhD degree in biomedical science from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Her major area of study includes cancer, aging, and proper nutrition.

Her work is impactful and innovative.

She studies the role of vitamins and minerals on people’s metabolism and immunity, trying to find whether vitamin supplements can delay the effects of aging and stabilize our immunity.

For instance, She has researched how vitamin D improves brain function and stabilizes moods and behavior.

As founder and host of Found My Fitness, she aims to educate people on matters related to health and longevity.

She believes that people should be proactive and try to prevent the damages stress induces on their bodies.

How old is she? Dr. Rhonda Patrick was born in 1978, so she’s 41 years old. She and her husband Daniel have a 2017-born baby girl, so Dr. Patrick has been giving a lot of advice on healthy pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting on her Twitter, Facebook, and podcasts.

Is Rhonda Patrick Vegan?

No. She believes in the “moderation in everything” principle, including diet. She consumes meat and eggs daily, though she limits her red meat consumption to a few times per month.

Why isn’t such an educated, brilliant researcher vegan? If you want to read an objective debate between promoters of veganism like Michael Gerber vs promoters of moderation like Rhonda, Reddit has you covered.

Where Does Dr. Rhonda Patrick Practice?

Dr. Patrick was a postdoctoral fellow at Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute, where she researched the role of micronutrients on metabolism and DNA damage.

Found My Fitness

She also worked at the Salk Institute for Biological Sciences, researching the role of insulin in neurodegenerative diseases.

In 2012, Dr. Rhonda Patrick founded her company, YouTube channel, and a website called Found My Fitness.

What Kind of Doctor is Rhonda Patrick?

When Andrew Thomas was being treated for heart failure in Orlando in May, a nurse at Florida Hospital for Women and Babies noticed he had more than one question at the bedside. He pointed to his face, then at her. At his wrist. He was wondering: What kind of doctor was she? “I was taken aback because I hadn’t even noticed,” she said, associate medical director of the inpatient department. “And then I had to ask, ‘Is he a patient?’ ”The patient was looking for more information about the kind of doctor he would be dealing with and was interested in learning about her background. Finding a physician who fits a specific patient can be a daunting task for patients. Many lack the knowledge and confidence to make a good assessment and can feel overwhelmed with medical choices. Other patients are more inclined to rely on recommendations by the doctor who delivered their child or the spouse who took them to their appointment.

Last month, the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association released the first-ever standards for cardiovascular care. Among the features in the blueprint were a number of recommendations related to what kind of doctor should treat a patient: Heart-to-heart conversations with patients and a physician’s relationships with their patients are some of the most important in cardiac care, said Dr. Kenneth Duckworth, an associate professor of cardiology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas and executive editor of the ACC/AHA document.

What Kind of Supplement Does Rhonda Patrick Use?

Dr. Rhonda Patrick takes:

  • Multivitamins and minerals to get more energy and avoid the effects of stress on her metabolism and immunity
  • Fish oil for brain power
  • Metabolism-enhancers, like PPQ that give her more energy and more cognitive power
  • Probiotics for her digestive system
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen for her joints and bones (she uses Great Lakes Brand)
  • Nootropics to concentrate better and increase her mental clarity, particularly in stressful, work-filled periods

Although Dr. Patrick takes multivitamins, minerals, probiotics, and fish oil daily, she restricts the use of nootropics to periods of high stress and huge work volume.

Pure Encapsulation Multivitamin

Pure Encapsulations

Dr. Rhonda Patrick takes these Multivitamins by Pure Encapsulations because she thinks they’re the best on the market.

One reason is, unlike other multivitamins, these have more micronutrients. These activated vitamins and minerals mean that the pills are more easily absorbed into your bloodstream, rather than peed out.

From vitamin A to a complex of vitamins B, calcium, Mg, iron, and potassium, these multivitamins have it all.

Another reason is they have boron, a trace element that favors DNA repair, and so increases healing. Boron is also involved in the mechanism that produces more plasma-free testosterone and in vitamin D’s longevity.

Pure Encapsulations Fact

Besides, Pure Encapsulation is a brand with tradition in the supplements market. They have conducted dozens of clinical studies, which they’ve published in reputable, peer-reviewed magazines.

Pure Encapsulations takes pride in working with various professionals from nutritional health, from immunology to nutrition, to mental well-being, and genomics.


  • Sourced from pure, premium ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Carefully formulated
  • No magnesium stearate, gluten, artificial ingredients, GMO’s, and hydrogenated fat
  • Vegetarian capsule
  • Well-absorbed and effective


  • Difficult to swallow


Swanson Higher Potency Vitamin D

Swanson D3

She takes 2000 iu of vitamin D every day, especially if she doesn’t spend enough time outside in the sun.

Dr. Patrick prefers Swanson Higher Potency vitamin D, which contains 2,000 iu of vitamin D-3 for each capsule.

Although that amounts to 500% of the daily recommended value, keep in mind that vitamin D-3 is difficult to absorb in the body, which is why you need a bigger dose.

The role of vitamin D-3 is to maintain the well-being of your heart, immune system, and bones.

Vitamin D-3 is involved in the mechanism of calcium absorption, which also supports cardiovascular, bone, and immunological well-being.

Swanson Supplemment facts

Other ingredients include some fillers and additives like rice flour, gelatin, modified food starch, sucrose, sodium ascorbate, silica, and dl-alpha-tocopherol.

All these are legit and safe, and you can find them in most drugs to increase shelf-life, keep the ingredients together, and make the capsule easy to swallow.

The surprise is that the capsules include medium-chain triglycerides. These are fatty acids, easily transformed into ketones in your body.

If you’re on a keto diet, these fatty acids help you maintain ketosis. However, they’re also involved in the D-3 absorption mechanism.


  • High potency
  • Safe
  • Includes MCTs
  • USA-made
  • Purity, potency, identity, microbiology, plus heavy metals testing
  • ISO-certified. Respects the FDA and FTC standards in place


  • None. Side effects like nausea and headaches are related to the over-consumption of vitamin D-3. Vitamin D-3 also interacts with conditions like kidney disease and hyperparathyroidism, which is why you should consult your GP before taking this supplement.


Magnesium Citrate Malate from Thorne Research

Magnesium Citrate Malate Thorne Research

She takes 135 mg of magnesium citrate malate, although she prefers getting her dose of Mg from eating green foods.

She prefers Thorne Research because she thinks it’s one of the best products on the market, manufactured from pure ingredients, hypoallergenic, and vegan.

Why should you take Mg? Most Americans don’t get enough Mg from their diet because they don’t consume enough leafy greens.

Supplement Facts

Magnesium improves the well-being of your heart, kidneys, and lungs, gives you more energy, and fights tiredness.

This supplement is a Mg citrate malate, meaning it’s more easily absorbed into your bloodstream. This supplement helps your body metabolize a variety of carbohydrates, including sugar, meaning it can stabilize your glycemic index.


  • Efficient
  • Easily absorbed
  • Health benefits galore
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No gluten, dairy, soy, nuts, yeast, and fish
  • Sourced from clean ingredients and manufactured with clean formulas
  • Extensively-tested
  • US-made


  • The pills are large and a little chalky
  • Possible capsule leakage


Vitamin K2

K-2 Swanson

Vitamin K2 is found naturally in organ meats and fermented foods. Along with vitamin D-3, vitamin K2 is involved in calcium absorption in your body.

Although she eats meat daily, her supplements her diet with 100ug of K2. Swanson Natural Vitamin K-2 is in Menaquinone-7 form, so it’s natural and has double potency compared to other types of vitamin K2.

K-2 Higher Potency

That means calcium absorption will be made easier, so your bones are healthy, and there’s no risk of clogging your arteries with calcium deposits.


  • High efficiency because menaquinone-7 is extremely easily absorbed
  • Natural because it’s derived from a fermented soybean product called natto
  • Bone health, cardiovascular health, and smoother skin
  • FDA-compliant
  • Purity and potency verified in their own tests as well as third-party tests


  • Contains sulfites, which may trigger severe asthmatic episodes


Fish Oil

Nordic Natural's Omega-3

She takes two capsules of Omega-3 Phospholipids by Nordic Naturals, made from herring roe.

That means it has a high intake of a phospholipid called DHA, which is the easiest absorbed by the brain.

DHA is found in a similar form in krill oil, but the pills come with the benefit of no yucky taste and texture.

Dr. Patrick has admitted to taking four capsules daily of Nordic Naturals’ ProOmega 2000. These capsules contain omega 3, a fatty acid for brain health, improved metabolism, and anti-aging.

Supplement Facts

These omega 3s are made in a process with removed oxygen, meaning the fish oil doesn’t oxidize.

These Omega-3 Phospholipids by Nordic Naturals assist your heart, brain, and cell health. They are made in true triglyceride form, not in a synthetic fat form, so they’re more easily metabolized in your body.


  • Assist your metabolism, brain, and heart health
  • One capsule contains more than the daily recommended dose of Omega-3
  • Easily absorbed
  • Derived from sustainably-sourced fish
  • Non-GMO


  • Some people find them difficult to swallow because of the gel capsule
  • Some people dislike the capsules’ smell, but that’s just because of the fish oil


VSL #3 probiotics

Visbiome Unflavored

Occasionally, once per week or per two weeks, Dr Rhonda Patrick takes VSL #3 probiotics.

This prebiotic supplement contains a mix of live lactic acid bacteria, which pass through a freeze-drying process before being mixed into the final product. VSL #3 contains high concentrations of bacteria cultures, up to 900 billion.

These bacteria can support your gut microbiota because they’re high-potency.

Visbiome Unflavored Powder Probiotic VSL

The reason they work so well is that they have a high bacterial concentration and because they use bacteria from eight different strains.

Mixing bacterial species maintains the microbial balance of your stomach and intestines. That way, your digestive system can function optimally.


  • Freeze-dried
  • High-potency
  • High-quality technology used
  • World-wide seller


  • Possible stomach bloating or discomfort


Nicotinamide Riboside

Nicotinamide Riboside

Nicotinamide riboside is a type of vitamin B3, which is easily transformed into NAD+.

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is a coenzyme aka a helper molecule that assists metabolic function by helping your body convert food into energy, repairing DNA, and improving the immune system.

No list

Thorne Research – NiaCel-250 is a Nicotinamide Riboside Supplement with ChromaDex’s Niagen.

This supplement contains a unique patented molecule. Thorne Research promises that its NR supplement will:

  • Give you more energy
  • Reduce the unpleasant effects of aging
  • Improve your endurance
  • Increase in alertness, and cognitive function


  • Effective
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Vegan
  • Additive-free
  • Sourced from top ingredients
  • Eco-friendly


  • Pricey
  • Some people didn’t see the desired effects. For some, NR doesn’t work and have taken Nicotinamide and Riboside separately. Others are put down by the long time it takes to see the effects.



Curcumin Turmeric

The Meriva Curcumin Turmeric Supplement boasts a pharmacist-formulated mix for joint health.

As such, it features the highest dose of available Meriva curcumin. Meriva curcumin reduces bone stiffness and provides joint support so you can be more flexible.

The unique formula includes, apart from Meriva, Calcium, Ginger, Chamomile, Bioperine, and Boswellia.

In fact, this product is the only one that features Meriva curcumin and black pepper extract (Bioperine) together.

Apart from its well-being properties, black pepper accelerates the absorption process.

Curcumin 550mg

Touted as three times more powerful as turmeric tea, Turmaquik is the only turmeric supplement that follows a similar process to Blue Zone cooking.

Blue Zones are five places in the world where people live active lives well past 100 years old.

They fry the turmeric in oil and mix it with other spices, which is believed to increase its potency.


  • Bone health
  • Flexibility
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Can ease the symptoms of neuropathy
  • Vegan
  • Easily-absorbed


  • It takes time to work
  • It’s of moderate assistance, especially if you have debilitating and painful arthritis


Rhonda Patrick’s General Eating Guidelines

Rhonda Patrick's General Eating Guidelines

Her diet is based on five general guidelines:

  1. Time-Restricted Feeding. She splits her day into two parts: 10 hours allotted for eating and 14 hours for fasting.
  2. No grains and sugars. She avoids foods like bread, cake, chips, cookies, pasta, and rice. As her meals contain mostly just meat, fruits, and veggies, you could say that she’s a Paleo-follower. However, she admits to eating oats and quinoa a few times per week. She has stated that cutting refined sugars out will yield the greatest benefit.
  3. Plenty of smoothies. Micronutrient smoothies are rich in micronutrients like vitamins and minerals, and they have plenty of prebiotic fibers. Vitamins and minerals keep you energized and healthy, while prebiotic fibers help your digestion.
  4. A galore of Sulforaphane. Sulforaphane is a substance found in broccoli sprouts, cabbage, and cauliflower, which Rhonda Patrick frequently includes in her smoothies. The benefits of sulforaphane include reduced inflammation, cardiovascular health, and cancer-preventing properties.
  5. Nutrigenomics. This term refers to the impact of nutrition on your genomics, aka your DNA. She believes that cancer-inducing DNA mutations are a result of certain nutrient deficiencies, such as folates or saturated fats. But we’ll get into most of that below.

About Time Restricted Eating

This is the first principle in her general eating guidelines. While the others are fairly intuitive, this one warrants an extended discussion.

How did Rhonda Patrick’s research restrict eating?

  • During her time at the Salk Institute, she has written a paper on the role of insulin signaling in protein misfolding and neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Satchin Panda, who’s also worked at the Salk Institute, has written a book on how important it is to time our meals.
  • When speaking about time-limited eating, she bases her arguments on Satchin Panda’s research. Besides, the moment when we eat certain meals influences our glycemic index, which ties nicely to Dr. Patrick’s research on insulin and neurodegenerative diseases.

Limited eating has intermittent fasting-mimicking benefits.

  • There have been some animal studies to investigate the benefits of time-limited eating. In mice, it has been found that mice who have access to food for only eight hours per day have lower body fat, lower inflammation, normal GI indexes, stabilized appetites, and are better coordinated.
  • Human studies in time-restricted feeding have shown similar benefits. The subjects have better insulin sensitivity, decreased blood pressure, and decreased oxidative stress.

You would think that restricting your meals from 8 am to 2 pm as it has been done in the 2018 study cited above leaves you feeling much hungrier in the evenings.

However, the studies show that people who restrict their meal times feel less hungry in the evening than people who don’t.

Why is time-restricted eating so good for our bodies?

Once you put food – any food, including tea or coffee in your mouth – this food activates your metabolic enzymes.

Enzymes in the liver and the gut are responsible for breaking down the nutrients in your body, so they need to work efficiently.

But humans are diurnal (day creatures), so our circadian rhythms influence when metabolic enzymes are at their peak.

Humans metabolize all the nutrients better during the daytime. At night, your metabolism is slower, so eating at nighttime increases your insulin sensitivity. This means you’re not burning nutrients for fuel; you’re storing them as fat deposits.

Time Restricted Eating

What’s the scientific consensus on time-restricted feeding?

Scientists have mixed opinions regarding time-limited eating. Although it has proven benefits on your insulin levels, weight management, and mood, recent studies show that time-limited eating is no different than limiting your caloric intake.

However, it has been shown that time-limited eating can help you to keep your muscle mass when you’re on a weight loss diet, and if you do resistance training. It’s also been shown that time-limited eating helps you lose fat weight without decreasing your muscle mass.

What’s Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s time-restricted eating program?

She eats everything in a 10-hour interval. Although not as short as a 5-6 hours interval as in most intermitted fasting programs, 10 hours is much smaller than the 15 hours’ worth of time we generally eat our meals.

Micronutrient Rich Smoothies. Why Does Rhonda Patrick Put Parsley In Her Smoothie?


She takes any chance she has to highlight the benefits of smoothies. She believes that smoothies are a good way to consume your necessary daily vegetables quickly and effortlessly, especially as most people hate eating their veggies.

Another advantage is that you don’t need to cook your vegetables in a fancy sauté; the only thing you need is running water to clean them and a blender.

She believes that all people should enjoy balanced meals but knows that our hectic lifestyles are our enemies.

So even if we eat lesser quality foods throughout the day, a morning smoothie gives us the necessary dose of nutrients we need to maintain our well-being.

Vegetable smoothies:

  • Contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals that can’t be taken from different types of foods.
  • Are filled with plant-based fibers. These fibers can’t be digested in your stomach, so they become sustenance for your gut bacteria. Fibers help good bacteria thrive so they can fight bad bacteria, which is why they’re known as prebiotic fibers. Besides, a fiber-rich diet regulates your intestinal transit and reduces the risk of constipation, diarrhea, or hemorrhoids. Fibers also help you stay full for longer, which is helpful if you’re on a time-restricted eating schedule.

Why put parsley in your smoothie?

  • It has a lot of important nutrients, such as 108% RDI vitamin A; 53% RDI vitamin C; 547% RDI vitamin K; 11% RDI folate.
  • It’s packed with antioxidants that aid your immune system, such as flavonoids, carotenoids, and vitamin C. These antioxidants reduce inflammation and help you fight all sorts of diseases.
  • It’s good for your bones. With over five times the recommended daily intake of vitamin K, parsley helps rebuild bone tissue, increases your bone mineral density, and decreases the risk of fractures.
  • Can help you fight cancer. Oxidative stress has been correlated with cancer occurrence. Oxidative stress is caused by a lack of antioxidants, which parsley has in high amounts.
  • Protects your eyes. Parsley contains lutein and zeaxanthin, which could prevent age-related macular degeneration, while beta carotene transforms into vitamin A, which promotes eye health.
  • Keeps your heart healthy. Parsley contains a lot of folates, which are associated with decreased risk for cardiovascular issues.
  • Is antibacterial. Parsley can prevent the growth of bacteria like Salmonella and Listeria, as well as Staphylococcus Aureus, though its properties have been proven in test-tube studies only.
  • It’s easy to find. And it costs very little.

Rhonda’s Typical Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Now that we’ve discussed the basic principles in her diet, below are some of her usual meals to get some healthy inspiration.

Scrambled Egg, Sautéed Kale & Garlic with Grapefruit recipe – for Breakfast

Scrambled Egg With Grapefruit

Apart from the ingredients above, you will also need:

  • Salt, mustard powder and olive oil to top the sautéed kale and garlic.
  • Avocado oil to scramble the eggs in, and to sauté the kale.
  • Tomatillo salsa, to make the eggs taste better.

All you need to do is:

  1. Saute the kale and garlic in avocado oil.
  2. Add some spices on top to make them tastier.
  3. Scramble the eggs in the remaining oil.
  4. Add optional tomatillo salsa on the scrambled eggs for extra taste.
  5. Cut a grapefruit in half.

This breakfast:

  • Contains all the necessary food groups.
  • It’s nutritious and filling thanks to the healthy fats in eggs and avocado oil.
  • It’s easy to make.
  • It’s packed with protein.
  • It boasts leafy greens and kale that keep your heart healthy and have anti-aging properties.
  • It has grapefruit, a known breakfast superfood that is supposed to give your metabolism a boost and to accelerate fat burning.

Avocado Topped with Salmon Roe Recipe – for Lunch

Avocado + Salmon

This recipe is one of the simples (like smoothie recipes) you’ll ever try.

  1. Cut an avocado in half.
  2. Add some lemon juice on the two halves.
  3. Place salmon roe (vital choice brand) on top of the two avocado halves.
  4. Grab a spoon and enjoy.

This lunch is:

  • Packed with omega-3 fatty acids in their phospholipid form, which are the easiest to metabolize in your body.
  • Light and nutritious because the healthy fats in the salmon roe and the avocado keep you feeling full for longer.
  • Filled with healthy fiber that regulates your digestive transit, thanks to the avocado.
  • Packed with protein, thanks to the salmon roe.
  • Filled with vitamin K, C, Potassium, folates, and vitamin B6.

Baked Salmon & Greens recipe – for Dinner

Baked Salmon & Greens

She has admitted to eating salmon at least two times per week, according to the American Health Association’s recommendations.

All you need for this recipe is to:

  1. Sprinkle approximately 8 ounces of salmon with some spices you like.
  2. Bake it in the oven.
  3. Put some leafy greens on your plates, such as kale and spinach.
  4. Top them with lemon, lemon juice, or add some avocado.

This dinner is:

  • Low-calorie
  • Nutritious, thanks to the healthy-fats in the salmon and the fibers in the leafy greens
  • Filled with vitamins, minerals, fiber, healthy fatty acids, and antioxidants for cardiovascular, brain, and immune system
  • Packed with healthy fibers for your digestive system
  • Convenient and easy to make

Additional dishes:

Chicken Bone Soup with Vegetables – she makes a chicken soup that has the benefits of the hydrolyzed collagen powder she uses; This soup is high in glycine,  proline, and collagen.

Grass Fed Beef – she has a grass-fed steak a few times per month. Good source of iron, vitamin B12, Iron, and Zinc (Instagram)

Mixed Berries & Nuts Bowl -she tweaks this nuts and berries bowl by adding almond butter, cacao nibs, pomegranate, and flaxseed.

Rhonda Patrick on Coffee and Intermittent Fasting

Does coffee affect the effects of fasting? She explains the relationship between coffee and fasting in one of her YouTube-available interviews.

Fasting means restricting your eating schedule to a certain period in the day.

Coffee ThoughtsOnce you put food in your mouth, your metabolism activates, and it’s better to eat your foods according to your circadian rhythm (at day, in a time-frame of the maximum of 12 hours).

If you add cream to your coffee, this counts as food, so it starts the clock on your metabolic enzymes if you’re drinking it in the morning.

Coffee with sugar or a creamer can’t be consumed after the eating period ends because it has food in it.

What about black coffee? Although there isn’t a lot of research on the matter, Dr. Rhonda Patrick cites a couple of studies where the participants have been allowed to drink black coffee and unsweetened sugar outside the fasting hours.

Fasting still worked for them, decreasing their insulin sensitivity, and even reducing cancer progression.

Benefits of Coffee

Coffee has certain benefits:

  • Lower risk of early death
  • Lower risk of certain types of cancer
  • Lower risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Improved potency and sex drive
  • Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Reduced risk of Parkinson’s

How can you explain these benefits?

  • Coffee is rich in phytochemicals, which are antioxidants, so they reduce inflammation, and all the affections above start with a low inflammation.
  • Coffee has enzymes that regulate insulin and glucose metabolism, liver function, and DNA repair.

Drinking Water & Sleep / Rhonda Patrick’s Recommendation

Rhonda Patrick tweeted a study that shows the majority of global tap water is infested with plastic particles. Although she believes people need to drink 2 liters of water every day, Dr. Patrick also believes it’s important to use a water filter.

She owns a Berkey filter, which is a gravity-type of filter that gets rid of chlorine, pesticides, viruses, and even heavy metals.

That said, She believes it’s important to drink lots of water to keep healthy, energized, and to reduce the negative effects of aging.

Sleep & Drinking Water

Unlike water, coke or soda don’t keep you hydrated, so they can’t keep your cells healthy. They’re also packed with sugar, which affects your insulin sensitivity and your metabolism.

In regards to sleep, Rhonda Patrick states that peak performance is tied to your circadian rhythm.

Sleep influences our metabolism and the effects of aging, which is why it’s a scientist to get quality sleep. That’s easier said than done, considering that most people’s sleep is affected by stress.

However, she shares her personal experience to help you get a night of more quality sleep:

  1. Help establish your circadian rhythm by exposing yourself to bright light for one hour after you wake up.
  2. Stay away from blue light after sunset to make sure your body produces enough melatonin to make you sleepy. She changed all the lights in her house for Philips Hue bulbs.
  3. Stay away from screens two hours before sleeping because these devices increase anxiety.
  4. Don’t eat three hours before bedtime, to make sure your body isn’t busy digesting your food.
  5. Make sure your room is entirely dark at night.
  6. Lower the temperature in your room according to the Sleep Council’s recommendations: 60-65°F.

Rhonda discusses melatonin supplementation as well. Melatonin is a hormone that induces sleep, secreted naturally in our bodies.

However, people who are over 50 years old and people with sleep issues, don’t produce enough melatonin so they might need this supplement to benefit from quality sleep.

Carnivore Diet. Dr. Rhonda Patrick & Joe Rogan – Podcast

On JRE #1054, She talks about the carnivore diet.

At first, she said she dismissed the carnivore diet. Her first concern relates to what attracts someone to try such a restrictive diet.

She notes that a carnivore diet can improve symptoms of autoimmune diseases, and lengthily discusses the mechanism of carnivore diets to reach these conclusions:

  • Carnivore diets lead to eating less and to a natural restriction of calories.
  • Caloric restriction and fasting can reset your immune system and achieve a stronger stress response.
  • Foods rich in fermentable fiber improve your microbiota, which is linked to autoimmunity and brain health. However, carnivore diets are rich in amino acids and have little to no fermentable fiber, so your gut microbiota is not at peak well-being.
  • Unhealthy gut microbiota is linked to depression.
  • Most people who follow a carnivore diet and notice positive results do so for a couple of years max.
  • Carnivore diets may lead to weight loss.
  • Scientists can’t agree on the best diet because the studies have a lot of variables that can’t be controlled.
  • Carnivore diets have certain benefits, but she says you can obtain the same benefits through other means, such as fasting and exercise, which have been more extensively tested.
  • There are no studies for long-term damage of carnivore diets, but not eating leafy greens and vegetables might pose serious well-being issues. She expresses concerns with micronutrient deficiency related to the ketogenic diet but admits that a modified keto diet can be helpful in certain autoimmune diseases.

Rhonda Patrick’s Exercise Regimen


She exercises every day, even if she doesn’t have a lot of time.

The exercises she does combine:

  • Endurance training, such as running, improves her cardiovascular condition, reduces her anxiety, and improves her brain function.
  • High-Intensity Training, such as spin classes, can delay biological aging because HIIT increases mitochondrial biogenesis – the making of new mitochondria, which are the powerhouse of your cells.
  • Strength training to keep her muscle mass toned, and to reduce the results of aging on your strength level.
  • Stretching exercises like Yoga, which keep her flexible and toned.

How Much Vitamin D Can You Take in a Day?

There’s a wide range of vitamin D supplements, depending on your needs, age, and personal history. Some are inexpensive and available over-the-counter. Others are more expensive and require a prescription. Some people may be surprised to learn that there is no one dose of vitamin D that will make you completely well. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, meaning it is stored in your body, but most of your stores are in your bones and a limited amount is available for the rest of your body.

The amount of vitamin D in your blood changes over time. As you age, your body gets less of this vitamin from your food and, therefore, you may need more supplements. Take the Best Vitamin D Supplement Available. You may wonder if there is the best supplement. There are many different forms of vitamin D, but not all of them are the same.


This article has given you a complete Wiki on Dr. Rhonda Patrick and luckily so because there’s no Wikipedia entry for her, except one that’s proposed for deletion.

Dr Rhonda To summarize, She is a passionate adept at studying and understanding all the mechanisms behind the processes she discusses.

She doesn’t like to conclude before researching all sides of a matter, and she can back up all her arguments with a variety of scientific studies.

Although she is a PhD and published researcher, she has a charming ability to explain complex issues to regular people so that everyone can get access to good education regarding their health.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick believes in respecting your body, in the principle of moderation, in staying active, and in the benefits of intermittent fasting.

She believes that everyone can eat and sleep correctly and that many auto-immune disorders can be solved through nutrition.

What do you think of Dr. Patrick? Do you agree with her ideas?

Real Relax Massage Chair Review (2021 ) | #1 Alternative Model

Julia StearnsReal Relax massage chairs have become an affordable line that’s both FDA approved and claims to provide therapeutic benefits.

But are they as good as they claim to be?

After some testing and research, I’ve made my decision which I will layout below…

Below are the result of that: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

It’s important to be aware of everything these models have to offer and see if there is any value for your dollars.

Only by reviewing all the models and by comparing with alternative brands it’s possible to figure out whether you can truly get benefits without hurting your well-being and your wallet.

See my review below…

About Real Relax Company

Their company was founded back in 2015. Their chairs boast of being FDA, ROHS, and CE certified.

RealRelax Logo

But the brand is Chinese even though the company claims to provide the utmost quality for the otherwise affordable chairs.

They claim to use only the best materials and aim to manufacture healthy and comfortable products.

Apart from the chairs, the company also makes pillows and massagers.

Is Real Relax made the best massage chairs?

Let’s find out…

Real Relax Massage Chairs (Review)

2018 New S-TRACK Zero-Gravity Full-Body Robotic 3D Shiatsu Budget Chair

RealRelax S-L Track

An FDA approved Real Relax recliner packs some good features on a budget.

While you can easily customize each massage to your needs and preferences, this model has an S-track design, robot hands that relax you from neck to waist, Full Body Airbag system to help with the whole body massage!


  • Zero gravity
  • Seat vibration
  • 6 preset auto programs
  • Bluetooth audio play
  • Assembled already


  • No body scan feature


With heat therapy and an S-track, this Real Relax model covers the areas of your body well, from the neck to the feet.

It’s an OK value for the price, you can easily use it daily but if you add a few hundred dollars, the Kahuna 6800 model is a better value for the price (3 stages of Zero Gravity, L-Track massage system, Smart body scan technology…)

2021 New SL Track Robotic Zero Gravity Full Body Chair

RelaxChair Sl Track

With a combo of S- and L-track, the Real Relax Robotic also comes assembled in one box but brings a few upgrades to its users that improve the overall massage.

The body scan is an important feature when it comes to a good experience since the chair adjusts the massage to the problematic points of your body!


  • Body scan feature
  • Foot rollers
  • 3 different massage speed
  • Bluetooth audio
  • Space saving design


  • Only 4 pre-programmed massages
  • Heavy
  • Pretty useless manual


This New SL TRack product is a good option for the price; it comes with plenty of features that provide a soothing massage even though the strength of the massage is sometimes too strong for some! To get the better value I would still look into the Kahuna brand 6800 model (more auto massage programs, quieter roller mechanism, but no Bluetooth speakers)

Rosemary’s Full Body (Discontinued)

Rosemary's Full Body Massage Chair

Another FDA-approved massage chair comes with an S-track and is ready to use, assembled in one box.

With heating function and vibration, this chair enables you to detach the top and secondary flap, which is excellent for all, looking for a more intense massage.


  • S-track design
  • Rocking chair function
  • 6 pre-programmed massage options
  • Zero gravity recliner
  • 3y warranty


  • Strong feet rollers

While this chair is currently unavailable, the setup is easy, but we don’t recommend it for anyone over 5’7” if you want the benefit the most from what this chair has to offer.

Favor 02 (Discontinued)

Favor 02 Chair

That 02 model product comes with heat therapy in the seat and leg area, which enhances rejuvenation of damaged tissue along with air massage, and a few other features this chair has to offer.

While this is a problematic chair to move, it’ll provide you with an intense massage you’ll not lightly forget.


  • 50 airbags
  • Seat vibration
  • Heat therapy
  • 3-year warranty
  • Built-in music player


  • Manual too generic
  • Heavy
  • Painful foot massage

With certain features, this model can bring relief to your muscles and your mind when using it.

Still, the massage isn’t the most comfortable you’ve ever had while neck massage is hardly non-existent.

Favor 03

Favor 03 Chair

This Real Relax recliner model may put a bit more pressure on the lower back, but it hits all the points right especially with the zero gravity position.

In any case, this machine can serve you well but remember to read the warranty before purchasing.


  • Lumbar and foot heat
  • Foot massage
  • 4 preset massage programs
  • Customizable massage
  • Extendable ottoman
  • Easy to assemble


  • Lack of neck support
  • Poor customer service


An FDA approved or not; this chair gives a very powerful massage that you may dislike. Overall, it’s a good value for money even though it’s a bit small to accommodate taller users.

Favor 04 Model (Discontinued)

Favor 4 Model

Before purchasing this Real Relax recliner model, you have to know that the massage rollers don’t move up and down like in chairs of a higher price tag.

There are fixed massage points instead but this chair can still rejuvenate damaged tissue and increase blood circulation among other therapeutic benefits.


  • Seat and foot heater
  • Zero gravity feature
  • 8 massage points
  • Comfortable and easy to clean
  • Easy assembly


  • No customer service
  • Not for tall users
  • Remote control issues

While Favor 04 generally has good online reviews, the 3y warranty and poor customer service make this chair not the best choice on the market.

There’s a chance you’ll never resolve problems (even with an extended warranty) if your massage chair stops functioning.

Favor-05 chair


We’ve all been there. You’re looking forward to a massage, you’ve booked it in, but suddenly an obstacle comes up and the magical moment of relaxation is dashed. Fortunately, a chair has come up with a fool-proof way of getting around that – with its massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu.

Think about the massage chair you’ve had in a salon or hotel – it’s been static, with you sitting upright, while they work you over. That’s the whole point. It’s about you feeling how relaxed they are, rather than how relaxed they are. RR has brought that concept to a long-standing favorite of relaxation.

This new version of the chair uses a Zero Gravity full body shiatsu massage chair system to let you recline to your comfort and a therapist can work you over at the same time, allowing for even greater levels of deep relaxation.

There are numerous ways in which this chair is easier to use than a regular massage chair, and we’ve covered some of those here. What you won’t see, however, is a word about the basics – like how the chair and your body fit together. In short, it’s very easy to crash into something. I’m sure that on a day when RR has been in a bad mood, someone will get a wobble and go flying into a wall or lamp, but we’ve not come across that yet – and that’s down to having had a good experience so far.

The Better Alternative to Real Relax Models

Real Relax models are not the worst you can find on the market, but when comparing quality with the price, there are a few competitors that are worth looking into before buying it’s recliner products.

Kahuna Logo

That means you’ll have to raise the budget limit for a few extra bucks, but the comparison in overall quality, customer service, and extensive features is incredible.

In our experience (massage experience), the best model to substitute Real Relax massage chairs is a primary budget massage chair from Kahuna.

Kahuna LM 6800

Kahuna lm6800

Kahuna is a popular and well-established brand with many followers and devoted users.

And it’s easy to see why; we’ll get there in a minute.

Kahuna is also an affordable and budget-friendly option.

Apart from that, it covers many different user profiles; if you’re a tall user, Kahuna should quickly become an excellent fit for your needs.

What’s more, many people believe that Kahuna LM6800 is the best massage chair for under $2000!

Pros And Cons


  • FDA approved
  • SL- track design
  • Quad massage rollers
  • Full body scan
  • Back and calf heat therapy
  • 5 body massage techniques
  • Zone massage
  • Body stretch function
  • Three-level zero gravity
  • customizable
  • Extendable ottoman
  • Space-efficient design
  • Great customer service


  • No MP3 support
  • Tricky to assemble
  • Slightly noisy


Why Buy This Model?

Kahuna Lm6800 is a popular massage chair that can easily replace RR products.

If you’re looking for a customizable massage chair that will provide you with therapeutic benefits on a budget, Kahuna is your recliner of choice.

Not only does it promote deep relaxation and improve sleep quality, but this massage chair also reduces stress levels and helps with overall wellbeing.

Zero-Gravity KahunaIn terms of painful muscles and sore areas, Kahuna has all you need to rejuvenate damaged tissue, boost blood circulation, reduce chronic back pain, and soothe tired legs and feet.

With a body stretch function and a combo of a hybrid track design, Kahuna brings instant relief to pain, calms your mind with a deep tissue massage, and helps you fully relax.

It’s also meant to accommodate taller users, and it comes with an honest 3y warranty without any tricks. Also, it has excellent customer service.

This model is an excellent value for money with features you won’t easily find in massage chairs of this budget.

Where to Buy

There are online retailers where you can quickly purchase your massage chair, with Amazon being one of the most popular.

No matter where you decide to purchase it from, make sure they offer a White Glove Service (especially if you don’t live on the ground floor), as most of these chairs are very heavy and bulky.

Are Massage Chairs Bad for You?

It’s a hard question to answer. Many, many millions of people use massages all over the world, and I think there are still many medical benefits to it,” Dr. Tamar Frankel, an assistant professor of family medicine and public health at Boston University School of Medicine, tells Health. While Dr. Frankel acknowledges that massage does trigger the release of natural endorphins or painkillers, she says these products can have side effects. “People will often find that a massage makes them feel relaxed, but that’s not the whole picture,” she says. “There’s other relaxation benefits, as well as a tension relief. It will also make the muscles more toned. 7 Signs You’re Totally Low On Rest.

With those benefits in mind, it’s unclear if massages really are causing injuries. But they certainly can’t hurt. People should always stretch before they get a massage, so they are aware of where the pressure is directed. Sometimes people are lifting their hips and pulling their buttocks too far forward when getting a massage, so they may experience a pulled muscle,” Frankel adds. Massage can also have the opposite effect—reducing stress—especially if you find yourself experiencing it regularly, says Frankel.

Are Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Worth It?

One of the biggest shortcomings of a Zero Gravity Massage Chair is that you must put on a crash vest. When you do this, you can immediately tell that your mobility will be limited. This is another drawback of this chair that doesn’t necessarily make it a bad chair but also limits its use. If you suffer from lower back pain or chronic pain and are looking to give this chair a try, first you need to know how it works. The chair works by loading the arm and legs into the hips.

Then, there are two springs that apply pressure on your legs and legs only. They also aid in the motion of the chair. Once you get in the chair, the seat adjusts to the correct height and reclines at the proper angle. Once you adjust to the chair, you can move around. You can’t really recline since the seat will push against your chest, but if you need to put your feet up, you can. However, you can still get in and out of the chair easily. Also, if you want to do some heavier workouts, you can bring your knees up. This will still allow you to balance yourself.

Real Relax Massage Chair Problems

The materials for making this massage chair are not created to be permanent and will not be available after the end of the sale. This machine, because of its build quality, does not need to be refurbished after use. The normal motion of this chair will let it put you into a state of relaxation. This chair is designed to make your life more joyful. The quality of the materials will be one of the primary factors when purchasing this chair, and this is going to require your final consideration.

While it is always nice to get great reviews, it is also equally important to analyze the differences in reviews. Usually, reviews differ from one another based on the style of reviews. Most reviews will not be too lengthy, so you will have enough time to look at them and make your decision. Use the 6 Clear Steps to Decide on this Chair: Find the Massage Chair that is right for you Buy the Massage Chair at the Best Price, and get all the other accessories in this list Get The Best Sales Deal. Is your current RR Model breaking down due to age, worn-out material, or other reasons?

Final Thoughts

Real Relax Massage chairs are bargain models that bring some benefits to the table but overall, there may be better alternatives available.

They tend to lack certain obvious or common features you can easily find in more advanced massage chairs.

While the majority of RR chairs are FDA-approved devices, the actual therapeutic benefits are quite narrow.

In other words, if you’re looking for a completely casual massage chair to use a few times a year, this brand may be your choice.

However, if you’re looking for an alternative to serious sessions with a therapist, you may want to reconsider getting a real massage chair with actual rollers and other features that can soothe problematic areas and improve the quality of your well-being.

After research and testing, we’re quite convinced that Kahuna LM6800 is a much better choice than Real Relax. There are a few strong points that easily convinced us.

First of all, Kahuna has a more reliable customer service and a better warranty without any tricks.

Secondly, it’s more appropriate for taller users, and it can comfortably accommodate many different sizes and shapes. Thirdly, Kahuna massage chair has actual rollers and a typical track design that thoroughly massages your back.


It’s customizable and allows users to fully benefit from rejuvenating heat therapy, soothing deep massage zero gravity, and many massage options.

The choice is yours; it all depends on what do you need.

But if you’re looking for a serious massage chair, Real Relax is not an optimal choice and I can’t think of anything better than Kahuna Brand for the same budget.

Top 6 Massage Chairs

Top 6 Massage Chairs for Tall Person (Over 6’2″): Pick the Right Model!

If you are taller than the average Joe, you might find it harder to choose a massage chair that accommodates you comfortably.

If you’ve already given up on your search for a massage chair for taller people, don’t worry because we have got you covered! Let’s go through this article and select the most perfect one to take home.

1. Inada DreamWave

Inada Dreamwave

Inada massage chair DreamWave model is a new, updated version of its precursor Inada Sogno DreamWave.

It is a Japanese model and is recommended for taller people because its Ottoman has an extendable module, which allows the chair to accommodate users in height up to 6’5’’. It is one of the top-rated chairs in my massage chair review guide.

Important Features

  • S-Track Design: It includes quad rollers that follow the curve of your spine; thus offering you a therapeutic massage.
  • 3D Body Scan: This chair locates your pressure points and regulates the rollers accordingly, in order to give you a more localized and extensive massage. The amazing benefit of using the Inada DreamWave is that you can manually regulate these rollers and use them on your pressure points as needed.
  • Zero Gravity Seating: Inspired by NASA, Inada DreamWave offers Zero-G Seating, but only in one position. This seating arrangement provides a reclined posture to the user, such that their knees are elevated slightly above the heart. The maximum bodyweight presses down in this posture and allows for a deeper, more relaxing and more penetrating massage.

The Benefits

  • Made in Japan
  • Extendable Ottoman Module

The Drawbacks

  • No MP3 Support
  • A short length of S-Track
  • Only one Zero-G Seating position.


2. Ogawa SMART 3D

Ogawa Smart 3D Chair

The Ogawa Smart 3D massage chair includes smart features, such as mechanical foot rollers, 3D roller technology, 17 auto programs, built-in quick touch user controls, a Samsung Tablet, a SmartSense airbag pressure control, and much more.

In addition, it is a great recommendation for taller and bigger people since it allows an extension of two inches to accommodate big and tall people of up to 6’5’’ in height.

Important Features

  • Roller Technology: The smart roller technology allows the massage rollers to move in a sophisticated manner, and it also offers 12 effective massage techniques to users.
  • Double Body Scan: The chair performs two body scans to find out the location of the shoulders and the unique s-curve of the user to make certain that the roller moves in all the right locations.
  • Smart Air Compression: The chair includes about 64 airbags that are strategically placed so that they massage your entire body at once. These air chambers also assist the chair to support the body for stretching.

The Benefits

  • Foot extension
  • Chinese made (cheaper), but great quality control

The Drawbacks

  • Wifi connectivity issues
  • No rollers for massaging the arches of the feet


3. Luraco iRobotics 7

Luraco i7

The US made and assembled the chair, Luraco iRobotics 7 is an extremely popular and high-end massage chair. It is the best option for all between 4’7 to 6’7 and can suit all needs of taller people, and satisfy an even more demanding user.

Important Features

  • 3D Massage Roller Technology: 3D rollers allow extensive massages for the lower neck and back where the spine curves.
  • Double Foot Massage Rollers: the chair includes two in each footrest that both offer penetrating massages to the soles of your feet. This feature is great for individuals who are on their feet all day at work.
  • Full Body Heat Therapy: Numerous heating elements are incorporated at the back, on the seat, and on the footrest of the chair to help loosen up sore muscles.
  • Advanced Air Cell Massage: The addition of 80 air cells in the chair makes sure to relax your muscles and ease joint pain.

The Benefits

  • Made in USA

The Drawbacks

  • Relatively low-quality speakers
  • Not good if you are over 6’7″


4. Infinity Iyashi

Infinity Iyashi Chair

The Infinity Iyashi massage chair is geared towards taller and bigger users and has something for everyone!

If you are tall and you suffer from chronic pain, this is the best massage chair for tall, and it will help make you feel better.

Important Features

  • 49’’ Roller Track: It features a 49-inch massage stroke, which is the longest in the market today. It lets the body experience a deep, penetrating, and fulfilling body massage and it alleviates stress, tension, and
  • Zero-G Seating: It is available in two positions and further increases the basic great massage experience for users.
  • Airbag Pressure Massage Technology: This smart technology helps you experience full body massage relaxation and healing by offering a deep, kneading motion in various parts of the body simultaneously.
  • Compact Design: If you are looking for a space-saving design, Infinity Iyashi does the trick as it doesn’t need much space in the room to fully recline!
  • 6 Massage Programs: These best massage chairs come equipped with six automatic massage programs, such as Relax, Recover, Refresh, Extend, Upper Massage, and Lower Massage, and it includes six different massage techniques like the combination, knocking, tapping, kneading, Shiatsu, and synchronic.

The Benefits

  • Great for people with chronic back pain
  • Leading reliable brand

The Drawbacks

  • Weak massage in the shoulders and neck
  • The chair is quite heavy
  • No memory function

5. Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair

Infinity IT-8500 Brown

The Infinity IT-8500 is the perfect massage chair to help with the relief of chronic pain. It will easily accommodate users up to 6’4’’.

The maximum chai massage weight limit for this chair is approximately 265 lbs.

Important Features

  • S- Track Design: The S-Track with quad rollers can track the S-shaped curve of your spine for a precise massage.
  • Body Scan: It traces the pressure points of users and offers a more deep and relaxing massage. It also comes available with a remote to find out any missing massage points and enhances the massage quality.
  • Mechanical Foot Rollers: It comes equipped with three massage rollers that locate the acupoints on the soles of your feet and it offers a thorough tissue massage.

The Benefits

  • One of the best neck massage
  • Best stretching function

The Drawbacks

  • Intense foot massage
  • No electronic intensity control


6. Human Touch Novo XT

Human Touch Novo XT Chair

The Human Touch Novo XT is a great fit for bigger and taller people up to a height of 6’9”. It includes a smart 9 height settings system that offers an extensive and deep massage to users.

It is a luxurious, chic, zero-gravity chair with heat functioning, 34 automatic programs, and many other functionalities.

Important Features

  • L-Track Design: The unique L-track works to massage a wide area of your back, extending from the neck and shoulder area to your thighs.
  • Foot and Calf Massage: Reflexology massage foot rollers offer a rejuvenating massage and much relief to the sore feet.
  • Cloud Touch: It is an air pressure technology that offers an air pressure massage to important areas of the body. You can manually activate one of the Cloud Touch massage areas and regulate their intensity according to your liking.
  • Human Touch Warm Air Technology: It continuously provides heat to the lower back, thus considerably decreasing muscle pain and tension.

The Benefits

  • Can fit someone as tall as 6’9″-

The Drawbacks

  • It lacks memory function
  • Loud airbags


How Long Should You Be in a Massage Chair?

WHETHER or not you use one at your local mall or your office, your back may benefit from getting a massage. But before you decide whether to jump in, there’s a right way and a wrong way to be in the best massage chair. The Express website found that the right way to be in a chair is to sit on the back of the chair, not your knees. If you sit on the back of the chair you can put your feet flat on the floor, or bend your knees. On the flip side, some people just like to sit in a chair and put their feet up. However, we’d suggest at least using a back pillow, to avoid the pain in your back and a sore neck. But before you decide which way is the right way, the most important thing is that you get a professional massage at least once in your lifetime.

Did you know that the ideal length for a massage is 55 minutes? And don’t forget that for a proper massage it’s best to book a masseuse and book an appointment. Linda Jones, senior lecturer in massage therapy at Bond University, said that although massages weren’t the most popular exercise in Australia if someone wanted one, it was best to get it done in a professional setting. She said when someone first comes in for a massage they will usually start with a two-minute exfoliation session, followed by a 60-minute deep tissue massage, which is where the blood flow to the deep tissues is broken down. Ms. Jones said people often asked if they needed an electric chair during their best massage, but most chairs were actually electric to break down any muscle knots.

Can I Use Massage Chair Everyday?

To truly use a massage chair for an entire day, you would need to set a consistent schedule, like a job, and have someone do it for you. That is not an option for everyone. The first thing we did was provide our custom machine, the LaMia massage chair, and a basic setup kit, and gave it to four model-driving, Model S owners to see if they could meet the daily recommended usage for the chair (4,500 miles). The first three did it, the fourth had an unexpected emergency, but overall it was encouraging.

It shows that you can really use a massage chair around the house for an entire day and feel little to no strain after; almost like you have been massaged in a chair yourself. Here is the good news: If you are a Model S owner, or if you know someone who is, you should probably consider purchasing your own massage chair to have on hand for when the need arises. We put the chair through the paces, and you can, too, in the video below. The hardware and motor of the massage chair aren’t quite as good as the hydraulic setup, but the remote and app are fantastic.

Can Massage Chairs Hurt You?

Back pain affects an estimated 25 million people in the United States every year. Surprisingly, most people get through their whole lives with the pain without realizing it’s due to muscle tension, poor posture, or even some healthy habits that aren’t being practiced. We often become so preoccupied with the discomfort that’s gripping our muscles that we never stop to think of treatment. I’ve lived with back pain for years and the conventional treatments simply didn’t work for me.

It was time to think outside the box and try a different way of tackling the problem, so I decided to investigate the role of massage chairs and if they actually pose any threats to the human body. Massage Chairs And Your Back. As massage chairs have become more popular, a new question has arisen – “are massage chairs causing back pain?” People have reported experiencing terrible back pain after spending an hour or two sitting in a massage chair with their back and neck in a contorted position.

Experience the Best Spa Treatments from the Comfort of Your Home!

We hope that these recommendations help you in finding the perfect massage chair in accordance with your height. If you are pregnant, check out the guide here to find out if it is safe to use massage chairs in the pregnancy period.

Keep in mind that these are not just chairs to rejuvenate and loosen after a long day at work, but are highly trained personal masseuses! So, find one that offers you an all-around body massage experience.

Some other good models, not mentioned here are Infinity Presidential, Titan Jupiter XL, Johnson J6800, and Cozzia Qi.

MindLab Pro Review

Mind Lab Pro Review (2021 Update): Science Flaw & [Major Red Flags]

Julia Stearns

Nootropics or smart drugs such as the ones from Mind Lab can unlock your true brain potential, make you live longer or they can mess you up.

It all depends on the product, brand, ingredients plus people and research teams behind them.

MindLab LogoI’ve spent lots of money and tried countless products to find that only a selected few products have some scientific backings behind them, and even out of those backed by science, they are not created equal.

Choosing a good nootropic stack can make or break your life, your performance, and your health.

Here is what you need to know…

Many students, creative workers, and business people are taking Modafinil or Adderall (amphetamine) to increase their performance. Those can have major side effects.

Is this really necessary?

About Mind Lab Pro Company

It is manufactured by a company called Optinutra. Mind Lab Pro company is based in the UK, but the product is made in the USA.

MindLab Pro CompanyOptinutra says it sells “advanced nutraceuticals.” This combination of “nutrition” and “pharmaceuticals” should imply that their nutritional nootropic
supplements are innovative and medically sound.

Opti Nutra targets performance-driven people who aim to improve their health and biological functions.

Optinutra claims it uses high-quality ingredients, made from patented nutrient formulas.

Mind Lab Pro ingredient list is supposed to be purity-tested and fresh.

The company uses innovative technology in its manufacturing process, to render safe and effective products.


Mind Lab Pro offers ingredients that promise to increase performance, give you more energy (and brain energy), and improve brain regeneration. The ideal is to supply us with a Universal Nootropic formula to target as many brain pathways as possible (6 pathways).

It also promises to deliver nootropics in clinical range dosages and helps with both immediate nootropic performance and long-term brain health and function.

60 Capsules MindPro Labs

Here’s the list of Ingredients:

  • 5 mg (125% DV) Vitamin B6 (as BioGenesis™)
  • 100 mcg Vitamin B9 (25%DV) (as BioGenesis™)
  • 5 mcg (125% DV) Vitamin B12 (as BioGenesis™)
  • 250 mg Citicoline as Cognizin
  • 150 mg Bacopa monieri extract (24% bacosides with 9 bioactive) (aerial parts)

Bacopa monnieri is one of the best nootropics according to an interview with Dr. Con Stough.

  • 500 mg Lion’s Mane Mushroom (full spectrum) (fruit)
  • 100 mg Phosphatidylserine (as Sharp-PS Green from sunflower lecithin)
  • 175 mg N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine
  • 100 mg L-Theanine (Suntheanine)
  • 50 mg Rhodiola Rosea (3% rosavins and 1% salidroside) (root)
  • 75 mg Maritime Pine Bark Extract (95% proanthocyanidins)
  • Pullulan (Plantcaps® capsule)


Now let’s discuss them one by one, so you can understand their benefits:


Cognizin, the patented form of Citicoline, has an important role in improving electric impulses sent by neurons, which gives more energy to your neurons (brain energy).

CognizinCiticoline is involved in the creation of a brain phospholipid called phosphatidylcholine, which helps repair neurons.

The studies show that your brain energy and focus are increased by 14% and your brain membranes for 26% faster.

Cognizin Citicoline improves the activity of your brain’s neurotransmitters, which act as antioxidants.

This substance improves your mental clarity, mood, memory, and other cognitive processes.

It’s even said to have anti-aging effects on the brain.


This phospholipid compound has various brain bioactivities and various nootropic benefits.

PS takes up 15% of the brain’s fats, and you can find it in your neurons’ membranes.

Its role is to keep the brain cell membrane fluid, to improve the receptors’ activity, and to make essential neurotransmitters like dopamine.

PhosphatidylserinePS increases the consumption of glucose by your brain, which means brain cell production is accelerated.

This phospholipid seems to have a role throughout your neurons’ lives, from their creation to their repair and maintenance.

PS activates immune cells, which get rid of damaged neurons, so working neurons can thrive.

This leads to a decelerated cognitive decline, sharp memory and decreased risk of depression, and reducing anxiety.

Besides, PS is FDA-approved for its ability to improve cognition.

The patented PS used by MindLab Pro is called Sharp-PS® Green.

This substance that’s made from sunflower lecithin features no GMOs and no soy.

Bacopa Monnieri

The active bacosides in Bacopa Monieri are antioxidants, which protect your brain cells from damage made by radicals.

These bacosides are involved in the creation of various neurotransmitters like acetylcholine, GABA, and serotonin, which improve your memory, mood, and clarity.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnier is involved in improved learning and retention abilities.

Research shows that it can also make you more relaxed and help you think better even under stress.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

This mushroom is the only one that makes your brain healthier.

Lion's ManeIts active nootropics increase Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) according to various animal studies.

This NGF improves your brain’s ability to regenerate neurons and therefore supports neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity is your brain’s ability to stay flexible so that it can acquire new knowledge and memories.

It has been proven effective in human studies for improved cognitive performance and optimizing your mood, giving you a mental edge.

These performances dropped as soon as the people stopped taking the supplement.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract

It features powerful antioxidants that get through the blood-brain barrier so they can effectively fight free radicals.

Maritime Pine Bark ExtractThese antioxidants signal your brain to produce nitric oxide, which improves your blood flow and circulation because it relaxes the blood vessels.

Improved blood flow & circulation to your rain translates into more mental energy (brain energy), faster brain regeneration, brain optimization, and an increase in cognitive function.

Other benefits include improved attention, focus, learning, and memory, along with better memory recall and brain health for the long term.


This amino acid compound is used for the creation of catecholamine neurotransmitters like dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine.

Their role is to advance your mood and improve studying, learning, attention, and memory.

N-Acetyl-L-TyrosineSome animal studies show that L-Tyrosine fights against brain stress.

Human studies emphasize that L-Tyrosine is related to better working memory when you’re multitasking.

This compound can raise your mental performance even when you’re stressed or sleep-deprived.

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine is easier to absorb in your brain, and it’s bioavailable, which makes it more beneficial to your brain than regular Tyrosine.


L-TheanineThis substance increases your alpha brainwaves, which improve mental clarity, creativity, and calmness.

L-Theanine is involved in the production of relaxation-inducing brain neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, GABA, and serotonin.

It can also protect your brain cells from age-related damage, and sharpen your attention and focus.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola is thought to enhance the production of neurotransmitters like norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin, which improve cognition.

Rhodiola RoseaIt’s also believed that it can help them pass through the blood-brain barrier so that they can fight free radicals.

Apart from antioxidant properties, Rhodiola decreases the formation of stress hormones like cortisol so that you can function better under stress.

Besides, I have a long tradition of being used for improved memory, attention, mood, and learning.

Russian Olympic athletes use Rhodiola as a legal supplement to increase their physical performance.

Vitamins B6, B9, and B12

Vitamins from the B-complex improve brain health. B6, B9, and B12 regulate your homocysteine metabolism, to reduce brain degeneration and cognitive decline.

B6, B9, B12The combination of these three vitamins stabilizes your mood and improves your mental clarity.

The patented BioGenesis uses this synergistic trio to fight brain aging and to improve blood circulation to the brain.

This complex is shown as easy to absorb, meaning it can increase your creation of brain chemicals effectively (optimized brain chemistry)

BioGenesis can increase your brain energy metabolism (Busts fatigue, brain fog and support quick thinking and mental agility, and focus) and protect your neurons because it speeds the myelin formation process – the fatty cover that protects your neurons.


This biopolymer is widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industry.


It has low calories and is resistant to digestion, so it acts as a dietary fiber.

Pullulan can be used as a filler, but it also works as a prebiotic, to enhance the production of beneficial gut bacteria.

Is There Robust Clinical Support for Mind Lab Pro’s Ingredients?

Optinutra offers various links to published research in peer-published magazines to prove that it works.

IngredientsMost of these studies took place under optimal conditions, such as double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials.

However, I noticed that some of the research provided by Optinutra features few subjects, around 60 to 100.

Studies that involve thousands of subjects and take place throughout a few years would be more insightful.

But until these appear, the current clinical studies that back up its ingredients have a high degree of credibility because they’re organized under strict quality control.

Upgraded Formula

This review features the new ingredients in the formula, which has been updated in 2017.

Before this update, Mind Lab Pro used pterostilbene and vinpocetine in its composition.

Pterostilbene is a chemical compound with a similar structure to resveratrol – that miracle ingredient in grapes which is thought to delay the aging process.


However, pterostilbene has been shown to increase bad cholesterol levels.

Vinpocetine, extracted from the lesser periwinkle plant, is now prohibited by the FDA for therapeutic use.

Even though it improves blood circulation (blood flow) to the brain, it’s tied to bleeding disorders and a weakened immune system.

As such, it can only be prescribed by your GP and not featured in nutritional dietary supplements.

The new formula has replaced these with Maritime Bark extract, the BioGenesis complex, and contains Bacopa Monieri.

These are safe, natural ingredients and feature plenty of advantages like the ones I discussed above.

Ho MindLab Supplement Works?

Those mentioned ingredients should have a corresponding impact on each other, holistically promoting mental capabilities more powerful than they would be if taken separately. The PS and Citicoline work to increase the flow of acetylcholine, increasing cognitive function and memory, while concurrently giving basic compounds to build cells. The L-theanine, Rhodiola Rosea, and Bacopa Monieri can reduce tension and help to improve your mood. NALT stops your brain from dopamine depletion.

The maritime pine bark extract acts as a potent antioxidant that clears dead cells while encouraging livelier focus, while the Lion’s Mane promotes new, robust connections. The formula appears to present overlying effects that affect all of the primary brain functions in a harmonious and balanced manner. It is also important, unlike another nootropic, MindLabPro does NOT add any stimulants (besides the mild effect of Rhodiola) or artificial mixtures.

Many stacks venture to trick their consumers by filling up their pills with low-quality caffeine or some other trick to make a moderate improvement, leading them to believe it’s “working.” In reality, some of those stacks are not providing you with anything to boost cognition. Mind Lab Pro takes a more complex path, which is more efficient.

Mind Lab Pro Benefits

I already told you guys some of the benefits of Mind Lab Pro when I told you about what each ingredient can do.

But the sexy combination of these science-backed natural nootropics can improve your attention, communication skills, creativity, focus, memory, cognitive processing speed, problem-solving abilities, and relaxation.

Can Improve Your AttentionMind Lab Pro is excellent for people who have to multi-task, work under stress, and want to improve their performance.

I love Mind Lab Pro’s flexible formula because all its ingredients are pretty much the best nootropic stacks, so they improve your mental performance and offer important nutrients for your healthy brain.

These nootropics increase your brain’s energy, alpha waves, and oxygenation.

They’re involved in either the creation, maintenance, or repair of your brain cells, so Mind Lab Pro is a versatile, flexible, and comprehensive nutritional supplement.

How Long Does it Take for It to Work?

Each person is different, but most online reviewers say they see results in a few days to two weeks after they started taking Mind Lab Pro.

Physical PerformanceThe thing is that Mind Lab Pro doesn’t use clinical range doses on all its ingredients, even if it says it does.

Some are well below the line, which means Mind Lab Pro meets this clinical range only if you take a double dosage every day.

This can get a bit expensive, and it’s also misleading advertising.

But what that means is you can take a double dose to increase your short-term physical performance.

Mind Lab Pro won’t work as a true preworkout supplement, as it won’t give you a massive energy boost, but it will improve your mood and confidence.

Mind Lab Pro Side Effects

There are no known side effects of Mind Lab Pro.

The pills are well-tolerated because this product features natural, vegan, quality ingredients, with no artificial fillers, except Pullulan.

This thickening agent has not experienced any side effects or adverse reactions.

Mind Lab Pro Review Summary

So, what have I learned after taking and researching Mind Lab Pro?

There are various pros to take it every day. The product and company have a strong reputation and plenty of positive Mind Lab Pro reviews.

The ingredients are backed by science, and you can read all about the doses and other excellent research on the official Mind Lab Pro website.

The clean label convinced me, as well as the fact that the ingredients are smart nootropics, combined effectively.

Optinutra Brand

This supplement boosts your brainpower and has a smart formula; it’s strong, effective, and fairly affordable.

There are no cons I can think of, except that Optinutra is the only brand that manufactures Mind Lab Pro, which means you can only buy this from them.

Mind Lab Pro vs. Alpha Brain

The Mind Lab Pro and Onnit Alpha Brain formulas are quite similar, and they both feature no caffeine.

Alpha Brain focuses on increasing your brain’s alpha waves (brain waves), which enhance mental clarity and performance, and relaxation.

There are three proprietary blends that Alpha Brain uses for this purpose:

Onnit Flow, a mix of L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, Oat (straw) extract, and Phosphatidylserine, should increase your mental flow and creative thinking.

Onnit Focus, a mix of Alpha-GPC, Bacopa, and Hup-A, help you focus and boost your memory.

Vs Alpha Brain

Onnit Fuel, which combines L-Leucine, Vinpocetine, and Pterostilbene, should support and improve blood flow to your brain and help make more antioxidants that protect your brain.

However, as I pointed out before, Vinpocetine can cause bleeding disorders, and Pterostilbene increases your bad cholesterol levels, which is why Mind Lab Pro removed them from its formula.

Besides, Onnit Alpha Brain uses an AC-11 Cat’s Claw extract, which is unjustly deemed as a nootropic.

However, it can act as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.


That said, Alpha Brain has fewer quality ingredients and a less clean formula because it doesn’t feature just nootropics.

Plus, Alpha Brain targets other people, healthy adults who want to lift their moods and to reduce stress levels.

Mind Lab Pro vs. Qualia Mind

Both Mind Lab Pro and Qualia Mind work. However, Qualia has a less clean formula, with 42 ingredients.

Its nootropic compounds are synthetic, instead of bio-active like those featured by Mind Lab Pro.

There are some extra vitamins featured here, like vitamin C and D, plus a range of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, minerals, and amino acids.

Versus Qualia

Qualia also features caffeine and Pterostilbene – we talked about it.

I have some reservations about how these work separately and together.

For instance, Noopept has some tolerance risks, Pterostilbene increases bad cholesterol, and DHEA has a banned pheromone status.

Combining 42 different compounds might lead to weird chemical reactions and thought-of side effects.


On the other hand, Qualia features more nootropics in its composition and is more affordable.

Mind Lab Pro vs. Lumonol

Lumonol has a brave formula, which revolves around Noopept.

This is a controversial nootropic supplement, with a similar structure to racetam. It’s supposed to improve your memory, mental acuity and it’s slightly psychostimulating.

However, Noopept can make you dizzy, irritable, and give you headaches.

While the ingredient list seems pretty clean, its quality doesn’t stack up to that of Mind Lab Pro’s ingredients.

MindLab Vs Lumonol

For instance, Mind Lab Pro uses Citicoline which is better than the AlphaGPC found in Lumonol.

Lumonol also uses Ginseng, Ginkgo, and L-Tyrosine, but these nootropics appear in a cheap-O form.

Hordenine, another ingredient in the Lumonol formula, isn’t even backed by science.

Besides, Lumonol doesn’t show its dosages on the ingredient list. Mind Lab Pro shows all of its dosages.


I would recommend Mind Lab Pro to anyone and in my opinion, that makes nootropic Mind Lab Pro better and more effective than Lumonol, especially in the long term.

Are Nootropics Legit?

I’ve taken Nootropics for about two and a half years. And I’ve been in the midst of writing this article for the last two months, without any real means of research. What I’ve done instead is read a lot of articles, read a lot of scientific papers, talked to a lot of people, and thought a lot about how they got on these pills. Here’s what I’ve learned about Nootropics and how to get your hands on them legally without risking your safety.

Nootropics Are Legit. Well, sort of. Nootropics are a form of alternative medicine, pharmaceuticals, or what most of us would consider “conventional medicine”. Technically they’re not banned in any way, and their legality is the primary reason they’re often marketed to the public. Nootropics are unregulated and pretty much anyone can buy and take them, with very little scrutiny. Some states have even legalized certain brands. So, Nootropics Are Legit. Well, sort of. Nootropics are a form of alternative medicine, pharmaceuticals, or what most of us would consider “conventional medicine.

Are Nootropics Safe?

When considering which nootropics to take and which ones to avoid, there are several factors to keep in mind. So before taking any of these drugs, it is critical to speak to a doctor first. He or she should be able to determine if it is safe for your body and your mind. Once you speak with your doctor, you will also want to be aware of the risks and benefits of nootropics to know what is right for you. Are there any nootropics that might be harmful? Nootropics come with the potential risk of side effects. For instance, heavy users of Axinell can experience sedation and drowsiness.

However, these side effects usually occur only in people who are already susceptible to the drug. In other words, you don’t have to be a heavy user of Axinell to experience any adverse effects. So what can you do if you want to avoid Axinell or use the drug responsibly? Some other nootropics may be safer than Axinell. What can I do if I am interested in using an enhancement drug?

Is Mind Lab Pro a Stimulant?

Mind Lab Pro has no pharmacological effects at all. The product contains no nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, or any other drugs of abuse. Safety. Mind Lab Pro comes in a standard size bottle, approximately 1.75-liters (37.5-ounces) to start and does not need to be filled. An added bonus is that the bottle makes the perfect and complete vapes for storing your favorite e-juice! The product is made with airtight sealed technology and is guaranteed to be clean and fresh. Is It For You?

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use vape pen that allows you to vape the day away without the dreaded “choking” sensations, then Mind Lab Pro is for you. Mind Lab Pro provides the power of more than 10 liquid flavors. While some flavors may be hot and spicy, you can choose to slow down or control your vaping speed with the battery pack. For the ultimate vape experience, go for high voltage 15 volts of smooth e-liquid every time.

Final Words on Nootropic Dietary Supplement

Mind Lab Pro seems to be an effective supplement.

I tried it for 30 days, and I could see good improvements in my memory and cognitive ability. I feel that I was able to process information faster and better.

Mind Lab Pro is much better (probably the best) than other products I tried, and you can see for yourself how it compares to Qualia, Lumonol, and Alpha Brain.

The best place to buy Mind Lab Pro is the Optinutra official website, where you can also read the research behind it. If you live outside of North America, they provide worldwide shipping options!

Amazon version might also be available, with good shipping and return policies.

However, Optinutra offers significant discounts for bulk buys.

The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.
Kahuna LM6800 Review And Alternatives

Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair Review (2021) | #1 Alternative!

Julia StearnsDo you want to get the most relaxing massage chair that will not break your budget?

Either it is chronic pain that is bothering you or if you just want to relax, my goal is to provide you with all I know to know about the 6800 Model?

Kahuna LM-6800 Model I’ve been researching and providing massage chair reviews for years, talking to physical therapists and chronic pain sufferers as well as regular people who enjoy quality massages.

Generally, affordable products with stellar quality are extremely rare these days.

Let’s find out if  Kahuna LM6800 is the real deal…

I’ve tried it myself and I’ve talked things over a few chiropractors.

But is it a Perfect Massage Chair?

Read my review below…

Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair Review

Kahuna LM6800

The Kahuna LM6800 is surprisingly affordable for such a feature-packed chair. This model is perfect for casual users, as well as people with chronic pain. It can fit tall and short people, it’s inexpensive and doesn’t take a lot of space.

I’ll talk about all its features below, so you can decide if the LM6800 is everything you dreamed of. But first, I’ll tell you about my experience with this chair and from the focus group I organized.

The LM6800 has a beautiful design and craftsmanship because it’s built with the consumer in mind. The massages are exquisite, and you can easily customize the chair, except for one thing: massage duration. All the massages last for half an hour unless you turn off the chair. I would have also liked to see some MP3/ Bluetooth support to make my massage experience more relaxing. But that’s just cherry-picking, probably.



What do many customers value in LM6800?

I’ll discuss all of its features below…

Kahuna LM6800 Hybrid Track

L-S-Track System

The LM6800 kahuna massage chair boasts a hybrid S/L track design, which is very rare at this price.

The S-track follows the natural spine curvature, so the rollers touch all the pressure points on your back.

The added L-track extends the massage to your upper thighs, which means the chair can alleviate hip pain and sciatica pain.

Space-Saving Design


If you don’t have a lot of room in your house, the LM6800 kahuna massage chair requires only 4 inches from the wall when it’s reclined because it pivots from its base.

While the chair itself is a bit bulky, at least you won’t need to place it very far from the wall.

Three Zero-Gravity Positions

Zero-gravity places your knees a bit above your heart level, which means the rollers take most of your body weight.

Zero GravityYour spine will receive a much-needed release, and the massage becomes deeper.

A deep tissue massage is therapeutic and alleviates chronic back pain.

Three zero-G seating positions for this range of price are amazingly unique.

Your legs will be elevated at different inclinations, to place more or less pressure on the rollers.

3D Scan

Many massage chairs offer 3D body scanning.

3D Rollers SystemThe computer scans your body and changes the rollers’ positions according to your shape.

The LM6800 comes with a valuable addition: the possibility to change the rollers yourself, in case you need the rollers to focus on another pressure point on your back.

You can also adjust the massage field width easily, for a customized massage experience.

Airbag Massage

Airbag Massage

With 36 First Generation airbags, the LM6800 kahuna massage chair offers a quality total-body airbag massage.

While First Generation airbags cost less, the massage is effective.

There are three intensity levels for this compression massage, which consist of a series of repetitive squeezing and releasing motions.

These mimic the movements of a massage therapist, to improve blood circulation. Besides, a decent airbag massage is very relaxing.

Options and Techniques

Affordable massage chairs usually offer just basic massage options, but the LM6800 goes all in.

Although there are only five manual massage techniques, Kneading, Tapping, Combo, Rolling, and Shiatsu, the last two are advanced therapeutic techniques for chronic pain.

Options and Techniques

The LM6800 can focus on five various areas of your body.

Combine these five pre-programmed massage areas with the five manual techniques, at three different speeds and three different intensities, and you’ll get lots of options to enjoy.

Fixed Spot Massage

The LM-6800 boasts another feature: the zone massage option.

When you enable this feature, the rollers massage a specific pressure point area, to get rid of painful knots or alleviate tight muscles.

Heat Therapy

Some massage chairs in the affordable range feature lumbar heat, but the LM6800 adds calf heat as well.

Heat Therapy / good for pregnant womenBesides, the lumbar heat doesn’t revolve solely around your midsection but goes all the way up to just beneath your shoulder blades.

Heat therapy improves the massage, and I like that the LM6800’s rollers aren’t just lukewarm, but heated.

It can improve your blood circulation, which in turn makes sore muscles unwind faster.

Heat therapy is truly therapeutic because it can help with various chronic pains, apart from increasing the relaxation factor.

On the other hand, the LM6800 could be better if the lumbar heat could be activated independently from the calf heat.

Adjusting the heating temperature would be another stellar feature, but that’s too much to ask at this range of price.

Yoga Stretch

The LM6800 boasts a terrific body stretch with critical therapeutic benefits for chronic back pain sufferers.

Stretch Yoga

This Yoga Stretch might feel a bit aggressive if you’re not used to it, but its purpose is to relieve the pressure in your compressed spinal discs.

Calf and Foot Massage

What I liked most about this option is the sole massage.

Kahuna Dual RollersBesides, unlike other inexpensive massage chairs, the Kahuna LM6800 uses dual foot rollers along with the airbags for the calf and foot massage.

Two dual rollers will massage each of your feet, which are called “quad rollers” in my book.

Quad rollers are essential for a massage, improving blood circulation in your calf and feet and removing painful knots.

For an added therapeutic benefit, turn the heat on too.

Be advised that the calf and foot massage might feel a bit too intense at first, though.

I lowered the intensity and wore another pair of socks until I got used to the massage.

Kahuna LM6800 Extendable Ottoman

The footrest extension is very user-friendly because it means the Kahuna LM6800 can fit people up to 6’4”.

This chair can fit petite users too, starting at 5’. Again, this isn’t something you see every day at this range of price.

Intuitive Remote

A feature-packed chair requires an intuitive remote that’s easy to use.

Remote Control

I was expecting quite a learning curve with the Kahuna LM6800’s remote, but that wasn’t the case because the massage options are organized logically and are therefore easy to find.

Dimensions & Additional Information

Weight250 lbs
Dimensions66 × 40 × 41 in
Rated voltage110-120 V
Rated Frequency50/60 HZ
Rated Power Consumption230W Max
Dimension (LXWXH)55.5 x 30.0 x 48.5 Inches
Net weight189 Pounds
Gross weight220 Lbs
DeliveryWhite-Glove Service, Standard Curve Side,

LM6800 vs. LM-7000

Now that you’re acquainted with the Kahuna LM6800 let’s discuss another full body shiatsu massage massage chair version from Kahuna: the LM7000.

Both these chairs are made with similar materials, but the LM7000 is a few pounds heavier and a few inches deeper.

I also think its LCD remote control has a more significant learning curve, especially since the icons aren’t as big as I’d like.

Both chairs have the same manual massage techniques, but the LM7000 features more massage zones.

Vs LM-7000

I particularly liked the Shoulders and Arm & Hand massages – these are perfect for correcting poor posture and for unwinding after a long day at my desk.

The LM7000 features the stellar Yoga stretch too, four massage rollers and 36 airbags, but I somehow felt the LM6800’s massages were more intense except for the dual foot rollers which feel pretty intense on Kahuna LM7000 too.

The LM7000 has three zero-gravity positions but boasts a variety of pre-programmed modes like Athlete, Refreshing, Anti Stress, SV-Chiro.

Another improvement is the built-in speakers, as well as the 5-year manufacturer warranty – 2 more years than the LM6800.

Kahuna LM6800 vs. SM-7300

The Kahuna SM-7300 comes with a longer SL hybrid track, with six rollers instead of four.

It targets a bigger area on your back, for a more comprehensive massage.

The remote is easier to use too; I could see various improvements in terms of display.

However, it would have been even better if there was a memory function to save my customizations.

The LM6800 and the SM7300 feature the same massage techniques, but they differ in massage zones.

Versus SM-7300

I would say that the Side Seat massage addition for the SM-7300 is just what I needed to improve my emerging sciatica.

With nine auto massage modes, the SM-7300 offers three more options than the LM6800, so it’s easier to find something you like.

Even though both chairs feature the same number of airbags, the compression massage offered by the SM-7300 is a bit better.

The Acupoint detection system used by the SM-7300 can find sore spots on your body better than the LM-6800’s computer body scan technology, which only scans your body shape.


With similar features like the three zero-G positions, adjustable strength, and speed added to the SM-7300, my final verdict is that this is a better unit than the LM-6800.

However, the Kahuna SM-7300 has just a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Few Words About Kahuna SM 9000 Model

SM 9000 Model

The Kahuna SM-9000 is a therapeutic, sturdy massage chair that can treat chronic back and leg pain.

It is a big, bulky full-body massage chair specifically manufactured for tall, heavy users, plus the leg ports aren’t foldable, which adds to its size.

However, the SM900 has a space-saving design, so it needs about a 4-inch distance from the wall.

Chromotherapy is a beautiful addition to this chair. The soft blue light of the LEDs is incredibly relaxing.

Featuring a hybrid S/L track with six quad rollers that offer a lifelike massage experience, the SM9000 can massage all your pressure points.

Besides, the rollers are heated, which improves blood circulation and relaxes painful knots.

At the same time, the long track goes from your neck to your upper thighs for a thorough massage.

On the other hand, the SM9000 boasts just one zero-gravity seating position, which disappointed me when I thought about the other Kahuna models.

Kahuna SM-9000

Although there are plenty of massage options, I feel Kahuna could have added something more at this price range.

With four basic manual massage techniques and the advanced Shiatsu, I think they could have added another advanced technique.

That said, the automatic programs are efficient, well-tailored to solve specific issues like post-workout pain, stretching, yoga, calming, and quick massage for muscle pain.

The music sync option is impressive as well; I like to synchronize my massages to my favorite songs!

On the other hand, I would have liked the option to extend the time of my massage sessions.

The air massage with over 30 Second Generation airbags is exceptional. I could focus on specific areas as well as the total body, and you can easily adjust the massage intensity.

Heat therapy is another stellar feature of the SM-9000.

I already told you about the heated rollers, but you’ll get some extra heat in the lumbar area thanks to the heated seat pad.

Add calf and feet heat to all that, and the Kahuna 9000 can easily minimize chronic leg pain. However, you can’t adjust the temperature.

Space-Saving Model

I loved the calf and foot massage too, courtesy of airbags and rollers, not to mention I could choose between scraping, rolling, and kneading.

Add soothing heat, and the calf and foot massage can prove genuinely therapeutic. Besides, the aggressive Yoga Stretch is beneficial for back pain.

The SM9000 boasts built-in Bluetooth speakers and Mp3 support, but the remote is poorly organized and needs quite a learning curve.

With only one zero-G, one advanced massage technique, and no way to manually increase the massage duration, the SM9000 is overturned by the Luraco i7 Plus for this price range.

There’s just one particular feature where the SM9000 is better: the aggressive Yoga Stretch, which decompresses your spine better than the Twist & Swivel function of Luraco i7 Plus.

SM9000 Benefits

Besides, you could also note that the i7 Plus features just two basic manual massage techniques, Kneading and Tapping.

However, there are different variations of these techniques so that you can enjoy Variable Tapping, and Percussion Tapping as well.

The i7 Plus has a more intuitive remote, pause and resumes buttons, five memory slots to remember your customizations, plus you can adjust the massage intensity on five levels.

This therapeutic chair is made in the USA, not to mention listed with the CE, UL, and FDA.

The Luraco i7 Plus can accommodate a broader range of users, between 4’7” to 6’7” tall.

With full-body heat, and included heart rate, and blood pressure monitor, along with a three-layer foot and calf massage, the i7 Plus has more therapeutic benefits, which is why I think it’s a better chair.


Is a Massage Chair a Good Investment?

If you are looking for an investment, why would you invest in a Massage Chair? A good investment provides you with great returns. That’s exactly what a massage chair can do. If you’re thinking about investing in a recliner and having it to use at home, you need to take the right steps and think it through. If you are thinking about investing in it and having it to use at home, you need to take the right steps and think it through. The Best Tips for Buying a Massage Chair.

When buying a massage chair, what you need to consider is a few things: How much money do you have to spend? The biggest question you will need to ask yourself when buying a massage chair is how much money do you have to spend? If you don’t have enough money to buy one, you need to know why. If you don’t, then you need to reconsider whether or not a massage chair will be able to provide you with all of the amazing benefits you will get. This is because you may be making a poor investment. You will also need to think about the logistics of having a recliner. You need to get it into your home or a suitable location so that you can use it.

How Do You Disassemble a Massage Chair?

To disassemble a massage chair you can follow these steps. Remove the hardware used to connect the control arms, seat, and base to the frame. Unscrew the seat base from the frame using a small screwdriver or curved edge of a drill bit. Remove the plug used to control the pump and air supply. Remove the control arms from the frame using a hex key or flat-head screwdriver. Unscrew the head of the powerhead to remove the power cord. Remove the power cord with a small Phillips screwdriver. Remove the suspension and batteries.

Remove the speed control and programming unit. Unscrew the wheels if they’re metal. How Much Does a Stuffed Animal Come With a Massage Chair? The massage chair only comes with the manual, powerhead, and optional controls. However, you do need to know how to operate the powerhead in order to use it. When you purchase a massage chair, they generally include a small stuffed animal or two to show off the benefits of the chair and to help with the therapy. Some companies include a stuffed animal as a bonus.

Final Words

Kahuna is a reliable brand, which manufactures quality products.

Kahuna lm6800The Kahuna LM6800 is hands down the best massage chair from this company, in the affordable price range.

However, there are better Kahuna models.

The LM7000 offers a more diverse range of automatic massage programs, the SM7300 is better for sciatica pain and boasts a wide array of auto-programs, while the SM9000 is a more therapeutic model, albeit in the expensive range.

If you have a bigger budget, Luraco i7 Plus is the best chair as of 2021.

Made in the USA, Luraco i7 Plus is a medical massage chair with all the bells and whistles, including a music system and memory function!